Labor Day Weekend 2013

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IMG_1241Every Labor Day, the Brennan’s head to the coast. Here are some photos from our fun long weekend! Also, why can’t every weekend be a long weekend?IMG_0234We ended up renting a beach house in Oceanside. I love these crazy windy streets.IMG_1226I was able to go running on the beach twice. Holla!! The weather was a little funky, but thats ok. Clear in the morning {when I got my runs in} and then grey and cloudy in the afternoons.IMG_1227These three photos in a row were taken from my phone. Pretty gorgeous morning! IMG_1228You can sort of see the rocks through those clouds over there.IMG_1232I posted this pic on Instagram a few weeks back. So pretty!IMG_0169Back at the beach house, this little girl had a ball hanging out with her cousin Kelly and playing games with grandma.IMG_0178This little dude slept and slept! Well, sort of. He ended up in our bed a few times so we all could rest together. IMG_0205Of course we had to head over to the Tillamook cheese factory and get some ice cream!  IMG_0197My favorite flavor they had was the cinnamon roll kind, but when I got up to the counter, to my shock and horror they told me it was one of the discontinued flavors. NOOOOOOO! So I settled for chocolate peanut butter.IMG_0195Gord got a bunch of kinds….I think s’mores was involved in one of them somehow?! That was a pretty dreamy flavor.IMG_0204This little one got chocolate chip cookie dough! Another stellar choice.IMG_0224Ahh, love these three!IMG_0225This little dude is getting really really good at spitting and blowing bubbles! Rascal!IMG_0218And here’s my cute family! This was the best picture we could get!! You should have seen the outtakes. Holy moly. They were all pretty unfortunate looking. Obviously there was something to my right that was suuuuper fascinating that Blake couldn’t keep his eyes off of. Cutie pie.IMG_0238Goodbye beautiful coast. Until next year!

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