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Lake of the Woods, OR {Part III}

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Lake of the Woods Mountain Lodge & Resort SignOn our trip around Southern Oregon, I’d say that this was one of our favorite stops! We love being outside, we love camping, we love boating, we love food….this place was basically Mecca and we are planning a trip back soon.

The Lake of the Woods Resort is sort of in the middle of nowhere {according to my standards} which basically means about 45 minutes from Medford, so not too long of a drive at all. Just follow the signs and you’ll find it no problem.


Once we got there, we were brought to our cute little cabin! How cute is this?

Cabin Deck

We even had a porch and a deck with Adirondack chairs with a fire pit in the back!

Cabin Interior

These were some photos that my husband took with his phone from the inside of the cabin. We had our own little living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with a tv! Of course, our little one thoroughly enjoyed her huge sofa bed all to herself.

docked boats in the lake

After getting settled, we decided to walk around and check things out.

chairs looking out to the lake

I loved seeing all these red chairs surrounding the lake!

Lake shore

Because we were there in September, it wasn’t busy at all. We loved it!

Brooke and Gordon Walking

There were some cute little paths along the water that leads to a gazebo {which you can sort of see in the above picture}

Brooke and Gordon at the lakes shore

Of course, our little one was enthralled with all the rocks! She kept picking up handfuls and tossing them into the lake. Gord is a rock skipping pro, so that’s all he did for an hour before dinner.

Once we did end up getting hungry, we headed over to the Lake House Restaurant.


I loved these water glasses/jars. Totally old school.


To start, I had a fabulous salad {with really yummy Italian dressing}


and Gord had some beefy looking soup.

Chicken Pot Pie

Then we got our main courses. We shared a chicken pot pie


and this vegetarian creamy pesto pasta. DIVINE!!

A sunset over a body of water

Just as we were finishing our food, we walked back to the lake for the sunset. SO pretty 🙂

A sunset over a body of water

Lake of the woods is surrounded by mountains and gorgeous scenery! Of course it looks 1400 times more beautiful if you add a sunset.

A sunset over a body of water

Goodbye sun!

People on a dock in front of a body of water

This sunset is what broke the camels back and made us say “we NEED to come back”.

A body of water with a mountain in the background

The next morning started pretty early because we went on a fishing trip with Roe Outfitters. I had no idea what my 3-year-old was going to think of the life jacket, the worms, the fish, and everything else that fishing involves.

Fish in hand

Little did I know, this girl takes after her father and had no problem playing with the worms.

Brooke holding a worm

Or reeling in the fish with her Dad.

Brooke and Gordon fishing together

Or just reeling them in herself.

Brooke Fishing

We ended up catching 6 fish within the 4 hours we were on the lake.

Brooke holding a fish

And this little stinker caught the biggest fish of the day!!

Brooke driving the boat

And then drove the boat back to shore. Ha! What a show-off!

Cooking Fish

As part of the whole fishing experience, we went back to shore and our guide cooked up some fried potatoes, baked beans, sauteed squash, and the fish! He coated it in flour, cornmeal and lemon pepper and fried it in lots of butter. We were all good friends after this meal.

Brooke and Gordon

And to top it all off, we got to make s’mores with some jumbo marshmallows. This girl was a happy hot mess. Needless to say, we all had a pretty good nap when we got back to the cabin.


After our nap, we took another walk and ended back up at the restaurant for some burgers. We were told that they were THE THING to get, so that’s what we did! Man oh man were they good. It was dark in the restaurant, so excuse this photo for not doing this burger justice. I had the regular burger and my husband got this double bacon cheeseburger. It was a mammoth of a meal and so amazingly good. And then we got a berry cobbler. Just because we could. And we heard that it was baked fresh right then and there.

Needless to say, we went to bed very full! And woke up full too! We were sad to leave Lake of the Woods, but had to head to our next stop! {Stay tuned…}

And if you missed our last two stops, here they are:

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 *Thank you Travel Oregon for sending us on this adventure!!

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  2. Bonnie Ryan

    Thanks for sharing! Can I use these for our Travel Southern Oregon FB page? Just a few shots of the lake and the Lake of the Woods sign?


  3. Wanda Padgett

    We got married at the gazebo on Lake Of Woods 8/19/2012. What an amazing job LOW did just a perfect day.We spent two days in cabin and loved
    every minute. Our favorite spot in OR after moving here from AZ and it helps it’s only 30 minutes from our home in Keno.

  4. Karly

    I am so jealous of your trip! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

    And, seriously? Could your daughter get any cuter than that? I love all her crazy expressions!