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Lauren’s Latest heads to Chicago!

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Lauren and friendLast Thursday, I went to Chicago to meet up with some of my best friends from college. These girls are awesome and I love them to pieces! We all met freshman year in the dorms and just got along so well. After that year, we were inseparable. We have been through thick and thin. I sort of fall in the middle of these ladies: I was the second one to get married, second one to graduate and second one to have a baby. We all went our separate ways living our lives but we still make time to get together, have girl time and catch up. That’s the beauty of a good friendship. No matter how much time we spend apart, we can get together and pick up where we left off. I have never stayed up so late, laughed so much or had as much fun. We had a blast! So, here are some of the pictures from my trip, just like some of you have been asking for!

Probably the most exciting thing we did was go see a taping of Oprah! This photo was taken at 6:45 am of us waiting outside to get into the show. It was cold and rainy! We were hoping to win a car or something, but the show was about child abuse! All three of us cried through the whole thing. The show airs April 15th if you want to watch to see if you can pick me out in the audience. I was wearing purple! 🙂

Lauren and friends

Here’s the Harpo sign!

A close up of a sign

This is us after the taping and after we hit up the Oprah store! I got a shirt and an Oprah picture frame that I’m going to put this picture in!

Lauren and friends in front of a sign

My friend took this picture of me taking a picture. I liked it, so I posted it!

A person standing in front of a building

After we were done with Oprah, we grabbed some lunch and headed to the magnificent mile. Luckily it stopped raining but it was still cold and windy.

A traffic light sitting on the side of a building

A view of a city street

We love to shop!

Lauren and friend

On Saturday, we spent a good 4 hours at the spa! To say we were pampered would be an understatement. We got manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. I’ve never had that much ‘work’ done before at once, but I could definitely get used to it!


Lauren and friend getting pedicures

Then on Sunday, it reached almost 80 degrees! It was beautiful! Just like old times, we headed over to Sonic for ‘Sonic Sundays’! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this post here.

Lauren and Friend

Overall, I had a wonderful girls weekend! It was incredible! I missed my husband and little one at home, but it was certainly a nice break! We’ll be back to normal on Friday with a new recipe for  you all! Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

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