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Hola friends!

I am back again this week with another video, this time talking about pregnancy related allergies {whaaaat?} the book Me Before You and the best pork jerky in all the world! I know, totally random.

Incase you missed last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0AAqBywHEo

Or the week before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLhPv8IAQWg

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4 Responses
  1. Catherine Smith

    Do not let anyone talk you into reading Wicked! Goodreads seems to love it as well. And I couldn’t adore the Broadway play any more!! Popular is like…well it’s the best song ever besides Defying Gravity. Anyway – back to the book – don’t read it. it’s the most foul and disgusting thing ever put into print. Definitely not child appropriate either. So disappointing! Anyway, LOVE your videos and hope your allergies get better!

  2. Kjirsten Flores

    GAH! I just wrote this whole big thing and then the internets ate it.
    SUMMARY!- I love this video because it feels like authentic LoLo–and I love that 🙂

    Sorry about the allergies. A drug free happy nose thing I use is a neti pot. Have you ever used one? They’re a little weird to get used to, but OH MY HEAVENS it’s sweet sweet relief for me and my nasal passages. If you can–try and find one like this–it comes with a squeeze bottle, and saline packets. Youtube some tutorials just for some general DIY (pro tips; use warm water, breathe OUT of your mouth, do it over the bathroom sink) http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=142205&catid=59915&aid=338666&aparam=142205&kpid=142205&CAWELAID=120142990000072055&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=15436301653&CATCI=pla-106866899533

  3. Michele {Delish Dishes from Michele}

    The allergies could very well be from pregnancy! I know I had major sinus problems when I was prego with my little girl. But, it could also be because you moved. Your body may not be used to the new atmosphere (not to sound all doctor-ish; totes not a doctor! LOL). But anyway, our girl struggles with allergies and we use a humidifier at night while she sleeps. That seems to help her. Also, nose spray and vapor rub help open up those sinus cavities!

    And Jerky – YUM! I need to try that kind! My husband and I recently bought bacon jerky (YES!) from an online store called Pork Barrel BBQ: www.porkbarrelbbqstore.com. It was SO GOOD! Saw them on Shark Tank.

    I love all the snack ideas you’ve had in the last 2 videos – keep them coming! I’m always looking for new, healthy-ish snacks my family and I can share.

    Thanks for another fun video! 🙂