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Lincoln Center

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Lauren and Eddie at the Lincoln Center

Last Saturday morning, between the crazy rain storms and accompanying lightning and thunder, me and the kids darted out to run to the farmer’s market and burn a little energy running around Lincoln Center! Gordon has left the day before for a business trip, so it was just me and the kids.

These are the photos I (or Brooke) snapped during our 45 minute stay. We would have stayed longer but #rain.

It is so so hard to get out the door with three kids, but even harder to get out the door with three kids and then walk several miles pushing them in a stroller to go do fun things. My endurance continues to increase (thankfully!) and besides the rain, we had a great time! We even accidentally arrived right around noon which is when the water show started! Brooke and Blake were amazed and Eddie seemed unimpressed with the entire thing. Haha! We did have a few moments where he pretended not to know us, but also had a great time chasing and being chased.

Even though I fall into bed completely exhausted every single night, I am grateful for the opportunity to live here and have Central Park, Broadway Shows and Lincoln Center all become ‘the norm’. It’s pretty amazing 🙂

And for those of you who will ask, these are the boots my kids have: Brooke’s, Blake’s, Eddie’s. They are great rain boots and double as our winter boots with fleece liners. 

Brennan family at the Lincoln center

Brennan family at the Lincoln center

Brennan family at the Lincoln center

Brennan family at the Lincoln center
Cuties holding hands!!

Blake and Eddie at the Lincoln center

The kids at the Lincoln center
Do you see what I mean? Couldn’t be bothered. Haha!

The kids at the Lincoln center

The kids at the Lincoln center

Eddie at the Lincoln Center
I literally laughed for a good 10 seconds after seeing him chase his brother and sister around and then get bored with it and lay right down on the ground. He seriously just beats to his own drum!

The kids at the Lincoln center

Lincoln center

Lauren and Eddie at the Lincoln Center

Lauren and Eddie at the Lincoln Center


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9 Responses
  1. Mariell

    It’s incredible how often you get the kids out and exploring different areas of the city! Even though you fall to bed exhausted they will remember those days for a long time and look back on them as fond memories when they are adults! You are great mama!

  2. Stacey

    I think you are great, I love your posts that update about your adventures. One teeny tiny plea, and I know it does not undo all that is wonderful about you, please watch your grammar. It’s not me and the kids, it’s the kids and I. There are lots of other examples but I don’t want to be jerky, just please maybe use a program that corrects for grammar (or a better one).

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Lena

    Hi again, you and the children seem to do such fun things together. Eddie is a wonderful little boy, if we only could read his active little boy mind, it would be enchanting I know. Please do not insist he grow up, it seems you are enjoying watching him become independent and do his own things. I applaud you for allowing this and knowing when to gather the children all together to do involving fun things. They grow up so fast anyway, without being pushed to keep up with their peers.
    I love following you and yours. I am far past mid age, the memories are what I have left and you all are a joy.

  4. Arend

    Hi Lauren
    I must just tell you that you have three stunning kids, a good looking husband and then there is mom – beautiful as ever.
    I simply cannot think of anything else that will surpass your entire family.

    We had a good downpour of rain during the night. We are always grateful for rain. It comes when you do not expect it.

    Going through the pics you attached showing the kids in their colorful rain boots, I am just amazed at the smiles. Mommy is definately doing something right. Beautiful picures with them running about enjoying the outdoors.

    Have you been to the Dermatologist? Are you alright after you discovered a lesion in your mouth? Sorry for the questions but it stays worrying things. You are still young and therefore must look after yourself with regular checks.

    I have so my things to share with you. I have tried several recipes from you and made notes of my failures and successes. I made a macaroni and cheese dish which tured out a winner. The rest I will keep on trying and will keep you informed of my progress.

    Hope you are still going to the gym for your excersise. Hubby joyned you yet?

    You must have a wonderful day.


    Arend (the Eagle)