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Links and Love

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Hi Friends!

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions on Instagram over these past few weeks about the different products I tend to plug again and again. I thought I’d make it easier for ya and put them all in one place. There are all sorts of things I’ve linked to though the lifetime of my blog, but these are going to be the ones I’ve been talking about for the past month or so 🙂

And incase you’re wondering, yes, I am starting to feel more comfortable and at home in NYC. I think school and a schedule has really helped. I also think my attitude adjustment has really helped too, which is in large part to my Happiness List. It only took me 7 months of my husband being gone and away for me to get it figured out!! Haha! Oh dear. Change is not my strong suit. But, now that we are settled and have our little lives somewhat together, it has gotten a ton easier. Plus a gratitude and self love journal has really helped too! I’d highly recommend both! It’ll work wonders in your life.

ANYWAYS, lets get these links rolling.

(Some affiliate links below)

All photos in this post were taken by Sarah, my awesome and talented photographer.

A woman walking down a city street

My mascara that I’ve been using these last few months is this one. I bought it after I got my eye lash extensions removed and it helped me get longer lashes! That may have just been my genetic makeup…to grow lashes fast…hmm, I’m not sure. Either way, I’m pretty in love with it and haven’t found a better one since!

I hate lipstick, but LOVE tinted lip balm. These are my favorite top three: one, two, three. I use all of these (plus others!!) nearly every day. Seriously, give them a whirl. They all are perfection for the mom who wants to look natural but still with some lovely color on her lips! No muss no fuss!

I swear by these jeans. Actually, all the Paige Verdugo jeans fit really really well! They are stretch and the cropped work really well for us shorties. I have a black pair that I love too!

My mom bag/backpack that I’ve been using since we got to the city can be found here. I don’t use purses when I have kids to wrangle, especially going shopping or taking the subway anywhere. I need both hands!! So, I thought this was a cute option.

A woman walking down a street

I have this workhorse of a stroller and I LOAD IT UP. So expensive, but so worth it especially for city living. I use it literally everyday for carting kids to and from school, groceries and big loads to Goodwill. We have this wheel board on the back for Blake.

The shoes I wear the most in the city are these ones (pictured in this post) and these TOMS. Flats, ya’ll. I’m no fancy or stylish New Yorker running around in high heels. I’m a practical Mom who tries to be cute at least 50% of the time. (It doesn’t always work.)

Because I know you’re going to ask, these are the gloriously comfortable pants I was wearing in this post, this is the shirt, this is the purse and these are the sunglasses.

A woman walking down a street

And because I love ya, here are some links to the meals that are on my menu this week!

Caprese Salad

Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake (with a new filling I’m testing!)

Garlic Chicken Kale Spaghetti

Crockpot Italian Chicken Pasta

Roasted Jalapeno Queso (to hide in the fridge, just for me! Mwahahaha!)

Morning Glory Muffins (testing this as a paleo recipe)


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Lauren on a bridge

A person walking down a city street

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13 Responses
  1. Links and Love | Lauren's Latest

    […] would make more sense, but for the time being, these posts will have to do! You can refer to this first Links and Love post I posted last […]

  2. Jennifer F.

    I think you are adorable and I definitely don’t think the products that you talked about and linked are expensive. I mean it was like a $100 purse. She isn’t carrying around a Chanel. And even if she was, who cares? We all have different budgets ladies, if it doesn’t fit in yours, that’s ok, no shame, but no need to be mean about it. I find it frustrating reading a blog or seeing a picture and not knowing where the product came from. I am still trying to find the sunglasses that Melanie Trump was wearing when she toured Texas after Harvey. So if y’all know, help me out! LOL! Point bring, don’t let jealousy bring you down. If something doesn’t appeal to you, move on.

  3. rick

    Hi Lauren love your web sit. It’s to bad jealousy has a way of rearing it’s ugly head with some people. Keep doing what you do and enjoy your life to the fullest. I think you and your family are awesome.

  4. Leah

    I’m with Laura and the others, these seem like really big expensive purchases that are unrealistic. I’ve been a reader for years and used to love all the recipes and stories with the posts, but lately it seems “salesy” all the time and I struggle to find recipes that works – I’ve had several recipes fail lately and they used to all turn out perfectly, I keep trying to come back and give these recipes another try, but I’m starting to question coming to this site. It’s hard to relate when it seems like all that’s happening is luxurious traveling and sharing of everything amazing when my biggest struggles is trying to get a meal on the able that my family will eat!

  5. Courtney

    These are great links,, my stepdaughter has those sneakers your wearing and she LOVES them. They are her go sneaker. She is on the shorter side, I will have to look into the jeans for her. Thank you for always being honest about how your life in NYC is going. I have enjoyed watching/reading your journey, especially with the this week at the Brennan’s posts.. I am not the biggest fan of change either and commend you for all that you have had to do this year. You could definitely use that vacation and know doing all the moving yourself, with 3 kids, across the country could not have been easy for you.

  6. Sara

    Lauren, don’t listen to the haters! People get jealous when others can afford more then they can. I love when you post links to things you wear. If I can’t afford them, then I don’t buy them, I don’t get on and comment about how you post pricey stuff. You guys are lame! Keep on posting and keep on being you, we like you!

  7. Rachel

    You are so stinkin’ precious!! I’m so glad you’ve found your way and are lovin’ where you’re at!! Love all the pics, and will have to check out the links to your favs <3 xoxoox

  8. Deb

    Agreed with Laura! Seems you always try to appeal to all of us with your words and then post links to items that most of us cannot afford so you can make extra money! That fits into your cooking blog how? Used to like your site a lot more. All just for what it’s worth

    1. Lauren

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Like I mentioned above, FTC guidelines require by law that I disclose any relationship I have with a brand…meaning I need to tell my readers when I get something for free or when I am getting paid to post about something. Because there is no statement on my post, you can assume I am not getting paid to link to all these companies, which I am not! I have paid for all of these products on my own.

      I get lots of emails, comments and Instagram messages every day about where I bought many of the things I’m wearing, my kids are wearing or products I’m using. If I have a place for my readers to go with resources, then great! Win win! I also do not get paid when people purchase items I’m linking to either. I DO get paid a couple of pennies every time you visit my site, however.

      Please keep in mind I have purchased a lot of these products over the course of 1-3 years and I am NOT made of money. I live on a budget, I save for vacations we take or larger ticket items and now that I live in NYC, I definitely have to count my pennies twice.

      I’m not sure how long you have been a reader (thank you for reading!!), but after I gave birth to Edward, I knew I would have to post one less recipe a week because I just didn’t have any extra time to devote to recipe development. Three kids take up a lot of time! Instead of posting an extra recipe, I started posting more family and lifestyle posts to try to make up the difference. Maybe you have enjoyed them, maybe you haven’t. Regardless, I hope you will continue to follow along. (New recipe coming up tomorrow!)

      Have a great evening,