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Hi friends! After literally months and months of testing and re-testing mascara, I’ve gotten the results and they are GOOD. Of course my results can vary from your results, based on what we prefer for mascara, but generally, I was wanting a thicker looking lash without clumps and one that would remove easily. All my thoughts are listed below. Is your mascara on the list? Would love to get your thoughts 🙂

Also, I think its important to note that I use this serum on my lashes to help strengthen them and get them as long as possible. It worked SO SO well when I was pregnant and now has gone back to working slow and steady. That’s how I get and keep long lashes.

Diorshow by Dior in color 090– This mascara went on so so smoothly! No lumps or clumps. Amazing formulation that I was immediately impressed with. You have to definitely give yourself a few coats to make your lashes look thicker and darker and this doesn’t by any means give you volume or lift or curl. It’s basic, but its GOOOOOD. Removes like a charm. Would I re-buy? Yes. Absolutely.

Better than Sex by Two Faced in color black– A tiny bit clumpy but not terrible. Loved the brush for application. Gave a great amount of thickness to my lashes. I loved the look in the morning. Didn’t love removing it because it came off in flakes and speckles. Actually, by the end of the day, it started to flake off in specks under my eyes which is not the look I was going for after 12 hours or wear. Would I re-buy? Probably not.

Hypnose by Lancome in color 011 deep black-Goes on thick, and had to use a spooly to separate my eyelashes out. Not the worst mascara I’ve ever used by any means, but hard to remove it completely by the end of the day. Even after a day or two of not wearing makeup and washing my face 2x per day, I was still using eye makeup remover to get rid of the black speckles/circles accumulating under my eyes. Would I re-buy? No.

Kush Mascara by Milk Makeup-loved the packaging and metal tube it came it. Slightly slightly chunky upon application, but really great at thickening lashes after 2 coats. A bit hard to remove, but not as bad as Lancome. Applicator was pretty decent too. Overall it was fine, but not in an overwhelming way. Would I re-buy? Probably.

ILIA Limitless Lash mascara– promises buildable, flake-free and 99% natural. –love love love this mascara. Comparable to diorshow with how clump free and easily it’s applied. Love that the lashes stay separate. Applicator brush is great. Easy to remove. Would I re-buy? YES!

Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara in blackest black –went on a tiny bit clumpy, but could comb it out pretty simply with the applicator brush. Removed pretty easily, but by the end of the day I had a few speckles underneath my eyes. Would I re-buy? No, because there are so many other options. Perfectly fine, but there are better.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Mascara in Eccentrico–did not think I was going to like this one because in times past, a skinny applicator brush has gone on super clumpy. But, this one was amazing! Gave me lash definition with great wear all day. Didn’t flake off and removed easily. I used this for a few days thinking I was going to hate it, but it ended up being way way better than I thought. Would I re-buy? Absolutely. One of my favorites.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara–great definition! Went on super smooth, no clumps at all. Removal was alright…still had some residue left over when I woke up the next morning, but overall a pretty decent mascara. Would I re-buy? Yes.

Caution Extreme Lash Mascara by Hourglass–buildable, but after the first few coats, it looked clumpy and didn’t apply smoothly. Removal was a nightmare! Chasing black little speckles all over my face and woke up looking like a racoon. Lashes looked volumized for sure, but it wasn’t worth it to me. Would I re-buy? NO.

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara by Marc Jacobs– holy clump city batman. This one definitely gave volume, but man was it hard to control the clumps and the amount of mascara on the applicator brush. The time it took to get all the clumps out versus how good my lashes looked wasn’t worth it to me. And removal was a real pain. Would I re-buy? NO NO NO.

Naturally Glossy Mascara by Clinique–definitely an all natural looking mascara. Goes on great! No lumps or anything. Slightly buildable but won’t really give volume which is not something you necessarily want when you’re going for an all natural lash. These looked like dyed real eye lashes. A really great option if that is what you’re going for. Would I re-buy? Yes, if I wanted an all natural looking lash (which is a sometimes.)

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara in Black-This applied like a natural mascara. Got great definition in the lashes…just not a lot of volume added. It was buildable, but I had to do three coats to get it to where I like it. If you’re going for an all-natural look, this is a good option. Would I re-buy? No. The Clinique all natural mascara is better.

Monsieur Big by Lancome– I really like the finished look of this mascara on. It gives that thicker, longer looking lash. But man oh man, after that first coat, it doesn’t apply smoothly AT ALL! Removing it is also a bit of a pain (speckles everywhere!) but was something I was willing to overlook, based on how good it made my lashes look. Funnily enough, when I would wear this mascara, I’d get the most compliments about my lashes on instagram. Would I re-buy? Reluctantly yes, just because of the compliments. Ha! It does a fine job, I just hate that you can’t apply a second coat very easily and it pulls at your lashes.

They’re Real by Benefit– More of a separating, all natural looking mascara. I remember liking this one back in the day, but after trying this among the masses, it just didn’t hold up. It was perfectly fine, but compared to some of the other all-natural ones, this one is easily forgotten. Would I re-buy? No.

Lash blowout by IT Cosmetics-went on quite chunky and clumpy. Not sure if it was my bottle or wand that was messed up or if they all come like that?! Regardless, after I got the clumps out, it was a decent mascara and gave me a thicker looking lash which I liked. Kind of hard to get off which wasn’t the best but was definitely decent. Would I re-buy? Probably not just because of how chunky and gloppy it was.

Mascara Volume Effect by YSL– So, let me first say that I LOVED this masara but HATED the curved wand it came with. Again, a little too chunky for my liking. But it went on relatively smooth and stayed all day. Gave the volume and thicker dark lash I was looking for and I got some compliments about it on instastories too! Came off great as well, so that is always a plus. Would I re-buy? Probably…if I can get over the terrible wand. Haha!

So there you have it! Currently, my two favorites that I’m currently alternating between are this one and this one though I clearly have a whole bunch to choose from that I really did like, tucked away in a drawer that I’ll be pulling out over the next few months.

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5 Responses
  1. Meg Belen

    After trying many many brands including many of the ones you reviewed above, Thrive is my absolute favorite!!! Give it a try sometime – I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them!!

  2. Tisha

    I love Lancôme hypnose mascara! I don’t use it on its own tho, I put Lancôme’s clis base on lashes first and then the mascara. (1 coat, 2 coats). Thickens and lengthens, o always get compliments about my eye lashes and it’s totally the mascara. You wouldn’t know I had eye lashes if I didn’t have mascara on. So maybe try it with the base?? It’s the one makeup item I spend good money on. Doesn’t flake or five raccoon eyes through out the day. And I’ve never had an issue removing, I use simple brand face wipes. Seriously the clis base with hypnose is the best combo!!