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Hi Friends!

I’m finally FINALLY getting around to posting some of my photos from our trip to Hawaii! We had such a great time, especially in Maui. Since I literally took 1000+ photos, I’ve been having a hard time narrowing them down! But here are a few that I took for the first 5 days we were on this family trip.

A little background: We left Portland on a Saturday afternoon and arrived in Maui at our hotel around 6, which is 9pm our time. After a few google searches, we decided to stay at the Sheraton Maui. After I initially posted our first Hawaiian Instagram photos, I didn’t realize how many of you have stayed at this Sheraton and gave this property glowing reviews! Like, I got emails and comments galore! So, we were thrilled to be staying in such a beautiful place, and it really was so beautiful! My kids were in heaven, as you will see.

These photos are mostly of what we did in Maui {swim, swim and swim some more}. I’ll be doing another post with a lot more food with our eating guide 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.02.58 AM
This was the view from our suite. {For those of you familiar with the property, we had an Ohana Suite.} Blake was pretty fascinated by it. Just being able to see the pools, the ocean, the palm trees and the boats all at the same time made him so excited!

For dinner, we went to Teppanyaki Dan. We were all exhausted because it was 10pm our time, but holy smokes, was that meal delicious!! And of course Brooke and Blake were mesmerized by all the tricks and flames. And so was Eddie too, apparently:
















We spent at least 3 hours at the pools Gordon and I would trade off being in the water with the kids. The water slide was a highlight of the trip.




















So in the pool at the Sheraton, there was a really shallow area for Blake, and then a deeper {but still shallow} part for Brooke. So we were able to keep an eye on both of them very easily. It was such a good set up for our kids and their ages. Brooke felt like she had a little bit of independence, while we were monitoring her closely {because I’m paranoid}.



One of the views from the lobby. Amazing!!

I spy my handsome husband.


We had such a fun and relaxing time in Maui. I could get used to that laid back lifestyle reeeaaalll quick.

Thank you Sheraton Maui for hosting us. We had such a lovely time and are reminded daily by our kids that we NEED to return. Hopefully soon!!

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21 Responses
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  3. Leah Gagne

    I would love to go to Hawaii with my kiddos. We have three boys who love to swim. My mom loves Waikiki and tells them about it all the time.

    My youngest is named Eddie just like your little guy. His name is Edison, but we call him Eddie!

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  5. Gina B

    Beautiful pictures. Especially love your pictures of the kids they are so cute The water is so blue and clear. What a wonderful place for a vacation. Now I want to go to Hawaii.

  6. Jerri

    Loved Maui at the Whaler. Beautiful photos of such a magical place. Would never have thought to use peanut butter cups for s’mores. Didn’t think it was possible to make them better!

  7. Rhoda Snyder

    I agree, that coconut syrup beats anything! Thanks for sharing your trip to Maui. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon an absolutely loved it!

  8. Jenny Ledford

    I love your posts Lauren and the kids were sooo cute! Especially Eddie eyeing the chef at the grill, hilarious. I love your recipes too, so simple and most of the ingredients I already have on hand which makes it doubly good!

    1. Lauren

      On Snapchat today, you said how important husband and wife time is…..wholeheartedly agree!! When we go back to Hawaii, this will definitely be a husband and wife trip only!! It was totally fun with kids, but limiting.

  9. Michele {Delish Dishes from Michele}

    Gorgeous pics! Looks like you all had fun! Precious pics of the kiddos too 🙂 By the way, hope you got your vehicle fixed! I understand auto trouble. It sucks!