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Hola, peeps.

Here we go again! Another Stitch Fix box for the records…this is my 23rd fix! I can’t even believe it. Let’s not tell my husband how much money I’ve been spending, shall we? Kthanksbye.

Also, I threw out my receipt telling me exactly how much each article of clothing was, so please forgive me! I wasn’t thinking clearly when I got rid of it all. Womp womp.

PS- excuse my wet messy bun on top of my head. Sometimes that is was I consider ‘doing my hair’. –>I have kids. #reality

Here’s what I got:


#1-Market & Spruce Ivy Crochet Back Tab-Sleeve Blouse. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this shirt at all because I like more fitted pieces on top {to make up for the overall large bottom I have} but I liked it. 


Mostly because of the details in the back. You could wear this shirt with no tank underneath, but that is not my style. But even with the white underneath, I still liked it. So KEEP.


#2- Gilli Ace Dolman Knit Top. Kind of loosey goosey. Wasn’t sure if I was going to like this either because I hate the extra fabric, but I didn’t mind this one so much based on how the fabric ended up draping itself on my body. I also really liked the coral and grey. So, keep 🙂


#3-Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt. This I was completely puzzled by. It’s summer, right? RIGHT? But then I checked the lovely note I got with my box and saw that Layla {my stylist} was checking Portland weather and saw it wasn’t completely warm here yet. OMG, what? I had no idea! So then it all made sense. And I tried this on and thought “ok, yes. I can see the appeal.” Also, super comfy! Kept this sucker.


#4- Gilli Shayne Maxi Dress. This was also a “Meh. Don’t know if I’m going to like it.” but then tried it on and was like “ok, I’ll keep it.”


The back situation was a little sketchy for me because I typically keep myself covered hence the white tank top you see peeking through this dress {which you’ve probably noticed I’ve had on underneath everything I tried on}. But it didn’t bother me too badly, and it fit so darn well that I decided to just bite the bullet and keep it.


#5-Moda Luxe Brooks Crossbody Bag. This was an interesting keeper for me. I first saw it and hated it. And then I kept looking at it over the course of a few days and it totally grew on me!


I don’t know if it was all the zippered the pockets, the perfect size or the comfy strap that did me in, but whatever way you look at it, I kept it.

So, there you have it! 5/5 items KEPT! That hasn’t happened in a while.

What do you think of the items I got? Do you like the dress as much as I do? What about the bag? Is it too boho chic for me to pull off? Also, any other thoughts are welcome. I always get to self conscious about these posts, so your comments are *typically* always helpful in reaffirming my choices to keep/give back.

Thanks! Have a Happy Memorial Day 🙂

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix styling service check it out here.

And if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check this first post I wrote here.

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37 Responses
  1. cookie

    I just received a crossbody bag in my fix and had the same reaction that you did:) At first I thought it was a bit big for my taste but it is growing on me. My daughter and friend both liked it too. I think I am going to keep it. Its a great neutral color, soft and I like the compartment in the flap. All of these pieces look great on you. I agree with Sandy, you could rock the bare back!!!!

  2. Jeannette

    that dress! <3
    perfect to go with that bag!!
    also, i also like to keep covered up so i have found that you can buy these cute bralettes (like a bra but with extra material at the base) and wear them underneath. they come in a ton of colors and are perfect for this because they don't bunch or rise up (which is not super cute when you can see where your cami ends on your butt through the dress ;))

  3. Alissa

    I think the dress looks great on you! It really shows what a small frame you have, lucky you! I think you could wear it without the tank and it would be fine.

  4. Courtney

    I love the 1st shirt you tried on. As soon as I saw it, I thought I would love to have that in my closet. I like how the 2nd shirt fits you as well because it defines your waist (does that sound right?!) And that dress looks super comfortable and love the color! And the bag looks like a nice size too, because with kids you never know what will end up there!

  5. Kathryn

    That sweater looks so unbelievably comfy (and super cute)! All you need to complete it is a campfire under the stars.

  6. Cindi

    Everything looks great on your cute little frame….but I would have passed on the dress. If you could find another color for the T-shirt underneath that would match the dress it would look better than the white. To me, the white looks like the top of your slip (underwear). The dress does fit you well….but like another poster said, the striped pattern doesn’t match up at the side seams, and that bothers my OCD!!

  7. Kathy

    I live the dress and the first top. The colors are great on you!

    Everything else is also nice, but the other two are my favorite.

    You look great in all of them!!!

  8. Lori

    Lauren, that dress looks awesome on you! I think it would be super cute w/o the tank too! It fits you beautifully!


  9. Karen

    Love everything and they all look great on you. You look beautiful and young, and glowing. I don’t do stitch fix because of the cost….my husband already complains about how much I spend at gap and old navy…he really has no idea.

  10. Marilyn Brennan

    I always love your fashion show when your box comes! I like/really like almost everything here. The styles you receive in the mail are so varied and so interesting! I am impressed. My favorites are the dress and the first top. My least favorite is the grey and coral shirt. But seeing a picture and knowing the feel of it on are two different things. I’ll bet you are sending some people to Stitch Fix…’s definitely tempting.

  11. Jean

    Lauren – you are so cute and tiny… anything would look good on you. This box of goodies – all of them – look great. Keep them.

  12. carol kaufmann

    Love the dress on you. It looks fabulous! I have given up on Stitch Fix. I swear they never read my comments and keep sending me clothes I dont like.

  13. liz

    Ok. As a seasoned second opinion giver. I think your two best looks are the teal top and the bag. Although the dress fits well, I think you could find a better look for you since the front material pattern doesn’t look as well as the back. I would have said ” winner” if the front pattern was consistent with the back. The grey top also fits well, and you mentioned comfy, but again your money could be better spent. The grey coral top doesn’t flatter your hard earned figure , and even though the coral is the color for summer there are lots of coral tops out there to be found that will flatter your cute figure. I know not everyone agrees with me, and that is ok. But my daughter loves that I am really honest because she always agrees with me when she finds something better and figure flattering at a great price . We save so much and she gets tons of compliments ! She says she was always tempted to get things because they fit or because of the color being in season or because her friends tell her it looks good and then finds people tend to agree with you even if they don’t really like it on you . So she asks me to please be honest. Hope this helps, If it didn’t……they all looked great on you !

    1. Gina

      Love your honesty. I would love to go shopping with you too! I hate it when people say things look good and they don’t and then you waste your money!

  14. Bonita Siberry

    I thought they all look very good on you, I try and keep the rule that if 5 outfits stay 5 things I’m not wearing have to go…(even shoes & purses) it really helps me & my closet…Bonita

  15. Kristie W

    Love the dress on you! The shirts are also really nice, love anything gray and the detail on that first one is neat.

  16. Shelly Parker

    Love the dress, the green shirt AND the purse!! About how much total did you spend, do you know? I would love to do Stitch Fix, but I’ve got such a weird shaped body, I just don’t know that someone else could pick out clothes for me! LOL. However, I love seeing what you and several other friends who use Stitch Fix!

  17. Sandy Manning

    All of those look great on you but the dress REALLY looks great on you! I think you can rock that little bare area on your lower back too.