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Molly’s Cupcakes {Chicago, IL}

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IMG_0163The other day, I was dreaming of these cupcakes at which point I realized that I never posted about them! So, here we go! When I was in Chicago just a few short weeks ago, I made my way to Molly’s Cupcakes: a place Amanda recommended to me.

So, being the good food blogger I am brought my baby, my camera and my bestie and documented these bad boys. Can I just take a minute to say the lady behind the counter thought I was nuts? She totally did. “You want ALLLLL of these for HERE?” Yes, I have a ferocious appetite.

Lets dig in, shall we?IMG_0143Hello chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake!
IMG_0180How are you? Mmm…..how heavenly does this look? So dreamy you guys! This one was one of my favorites of the day.

Did I mention all the cupcakes I got were filled-!!!!!! I KNOW. Straight up ridiculous.

IMG_0149Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcake!IMG_0187Filled with creamy heaven. Another favorite, but that’s just because I’m a little OBSESSED with pumpkin right now.IMG_0154Are you guys drooling yet? I think this is the Boston Cream Cupcake.IMG_0219I love Boston Cream anything.IMG_0153Peach Cobbler Cupcake!! I was really hesitant of this one but it turned out to taste *just* like it! IMG_0206There’s that peach filling!IMG_0173Ok, chocolate peanut butter lovers heaven right here. This is called the Ron Bennington cupcake. My husband would have hogged this one all to himself if he was with me. Guaranteed. IMG_0197Does that not look like one crazy good cake? IMG_0145This was another one of my favorites they had. Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, frosting, chunk of toffee on top….IMG_0214and filled with lots of oozing caramel toffee! This was the best photo I could get to capture the goodness. Really sweet, but really good.IMG_0175My last cupcake was this pretty looking one. Looks pretty simple, right?IMG_0201WRONG-O! It’s filled with nutella! Another favorite for sure.

So, basically, I loved them ALL and couldn’t pick just one favorite. If that doesn’t tell you how good this place is, then I don’t know what else to say.

If you’re in Chicago {or New York} be sure to check our Molly’s Cupcakes. You won’t be disappointed.

2536 north clark street
chicago illinois 60614

228 bleecker street
new york city new york 10014

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4 Responses
  1. Honey What's Cooking

    OMG.. I love Molly’s Cupcakes! I go to the one in NYC… and they are like $4 each… and I can’t believe you bought all those to taste, you’re so dedicated Lauren.
    Man, you had so many faves. My favorite is the Cake Batter, it literally tastes like cake batter, and then the blueberry one is really good too. I haven’t tried many others. 🙂

  2. Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking

    This is my fave cupcake place in the city! I have had these cupcakes every birthday for the past three years! You cannot go wrong with anything from here! I love the cobbler cupcake. They also had a berry one in the summer that was amazing!

  3. Melissa

    OMG! We looooooove Molly’s. I am so glad you got to try them! Love them so much we had them for our wedding 4 years ago- it was a fall wedding so we got the Pumpkin Creamcheese and my ALL TIME FAVORITE the Chocolate Decadence. Absolute Heaven! I don’t live in the city proper anymore, but anytime we are remotely close… like within 45 minutes… we will do a drive by and pick up about the same amount you showed here just for 2 of us to share 🙂