The Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

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These Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate Cinnabon clone. Chewy, soft, and homemade, you’ll never need another Cinnamon Roll Recipe again!

Ok guys, HERE IT IS, my Homemade Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls Recipe! I’m pretty sure this is the most anticipated recipe I’ve hyped up in a very long time–and for good reason! These Cinnamon Rolls are absolutely heavenly and I’ve been working hard trying to get this recipe as close as I can. To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to and why it took me so long to finally publish this, let me explain my whole process.

Cinnamon rolls

Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Recipe

First I googled the ingredients of the Cinnabon. After a few minutes, I found them. All companies have published their actual ingredients list SOMEWHERE. If it’s not on the web, go into the store and ask. These days, most companies have their nutritional information online. I found Cinnabon’s here. I also found a bunch of ‘cloned’ recipes which had almost NONE of the actual ingredients found in one of these divine cinnamon rolls. Real clone? I think not!

Once I had that list, I shortened it by taking out all the preservatives and things most people wouldn’t have on hand like whey, powdered egg, potassium sorbate, and yellow #5.

Then from here I went through the list again and decided what ingredients were used for what. Flour-goes in the dough, brown sugar-goes in the filling, etc. Also, having the ingredients listed in order from most to least helped quite a bit.

Once I had all that figured out, I just started testing. After 6 huge batches, I think I got a pretty good clone. If you’re going to make a clone, use this recipe! It’s the closest, next best thing using all the same ingredients.

Cinnamon Rolls Ingredient List

Okay, get your shopping list ready because there are a lot of ingredients that go into this recipe. Most ingredients you might already have because they are baking staples. Others you might have to shop around for (like corn syrup or buttermilk).

  • For the dough, you’ll need warm water, active dry yeast (use the fast-acting kind), salt, granulated sugar, buttermilk (at room temperature), egg, canola oil (or vegetable oil), and all-purpose flour.
  • For the cinnamon filling, you’ll need softened margarine (or butter), light brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and cornstarch.
  • For the cinnamon roll icing, you’ll need cream cheese (at room temperature), softened margarine (or butter), vanilla extract, corn syrup, fresh lemon juice, and powdered sugar.

Once you have all of these ingredients, you’re ready to make the best cinnamon rolls ever!

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Yeast Mixture

How to Make Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Start out with warm water in your mixing bowl {not milk like the impostor Cinnabon recipes online.}
  2. Sprinkle some quick-rising active dry yeast into the bowl along with about a tablespoon of the sugar.
  3. Stir it around and let it proof for a few minutes while we get some other ingredients together.

Buttermilk Mixture

  1. Over to the side, measure out some oil, an egg, and… buttermilk–the secret ingredient!

(Out of all the ‘cloned’ recipes I looked through online, NONE of them had buttermilk!! If you search Cinnabon secret ingredient on YouTube, you’ll find the creator talking about her ingredient. She never says what it is, but buttermilk fits the bill of everything she was saying! I’m onto something…)

  1. Whisk this all together to break up that egg.

Frothy Yeast Mixture

  1. Now, after 5-10 minutes, your yeast should be looking pretty frothy and bubbly (see picture above).
  2. Now you can add in that buttermilk/egg mixture, the remaining sugar, and some salt. Stir this around for a minute.


  1. Then dump in about half of the measured flour into the bowl and stir.
  2. Once that is incorporated, sprinkle in more flour in 1/4 cup increments until the dough pulls away from the sides and the bowl looks clean.

(The dough should be sticky but not sticky enough to stick to your fingers when touched. You might use the full 4 1/2 to 5 cups of flour. You might use more, you might use less. Just be sure to look for these telltale signs that the dough has enough flour incorporated.)

  1. Then, turn your mixer on low to knead 5 minutes.

(This dough pictured below is not quite ready. See how it’s sticking to the bottom? I ended up adding about 1/4 cup more flour and it was ready.)

Cinnamon Roll Dough

  1. Once the dough is all kneaded, keep your dough in the greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap and a dishtowel and rise 1-2 hours or until it has doubled in size.

(In retrospect, I would have just greased a bowl and let it rise in there because, after a few hours, things start to pop out and bulge. So, don’t be like me and wrap the dough in plastic wrap, keep it in the bowl.)

Proofing Dough

Filling and Cutting Rolls

  1. In a small bowl, measure out some brown sugar, corn starch, and cinnamon. Stir this all together and set it aside.

(I know cornstarch is a totally weird ingredient, but it helps hold the filling in the cinnamon roll instead of oozing out all over the place. It still oozes, but not nearly as much. Cinnabon actually uses some sort of chemical/food gum to help it not ooze which is REALLY appetizing I know…)Cinnamon Sugar

  1. Before you start rolling, get some baking pans ready by lining them with parchment paper and lightly greasing them with margarine.

Lined and greased pan

  1. Roll your dough out on a floured work surface to be a 20×30 inch rectangle…or as close to it as possible. Don’t sweat if it’s 1-2 inches shorter. I ended up cutting a section of dough off one end and patching it into the other end–no biggie.
  2. Spread some really soft margarine over the dough, leaving a 1-inch strip of dough plain and untouched.

Margarine on Dough

  1. Dump the filling onto the margarine and spread it around to create an even layer. As you can see, we still are leaving that 1-inch strip of dough completely alone. 
  2. Lightly press the sugar into the margarine with a rolling pin.

Cinnamon Sugar on Dough

  1. Then roll up the dough as tightly as you can, ending with the plain dough on the bottom of this log.
  2. Slice the uneven ends off and get out your measuring tape!
  3. Score the log of dough every 2 inches, then slice it to ensure even rolls.

Rolled and Scored Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Then prop them up in the prepared pan, cover with plastic wrap and a dishtowel and let them rise, at room temperature, on the counter.
  2. An hour or two later, you should have some pretty darn perfect rolls.

Unbaked Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Don’t forget to take the plastic wrap off before you bake! That would be bad…
  2. Bake at 350 degrees for 17- 20 minutes. You’re going to want to watch these like a hawk!!! DO NOT let these overbake! Once the tops start to brown, they are done!

Proofed Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Roll Icing

Sweet blessed cream cheese frosting. I used a tiny little food chopper for mine, but feel free to use a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

  1. Start by mixing the softened cream cheese and margarine together.

Cream Cheese and Margarine

  1. To this, pour in some corn syrup, vanilla, and lemon juice.
  2. Blend this up, scrape the sides and blend again.

Cinnamon Roll Frosting

  1. Now dump in all your powdered sugar and mix.
  2. Scrape the sides and mix again until everything is smooth and delicious.

(If you want your frosting to look more like Cinnabon’s, whip it 5-7 minutes or until it lightens in color.)

Cinnamon Roll Icing

Assembling Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Once your rolls are freshly baked, pull them out of the oven and give them a healthy slathering of icing.
  2. If your icing isn’t finished once the rolls are done, pull them out and cover them lightly with foil. You don’t want the tops of these getting hard!

Baked Cinnamon Rolls

  1. You’ll only end up using about half the frosting right away and that will melt right into the rolls. Then once they have cooled off a little more, feel free to go back and re-frost them.

Do these not look incredible?! Picture perfect rolls….and my house smelled amazing!!

I dove face first into this entire pan and ate every last morsel. TO.DIE.FOR. Super sweet, chewy, light, fluffy, cream cheesey. Mmmm….heaven!

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls Pro Tips

Over kneading. Kneading dough in a stand mixer is a great way to make this enriched dough, however, there is a tendency to add in too much flour. Be sure it’s sticky, but not sticky enough to stick to your fingers. Knead by hand is a great way to ensure the dough doesn’t get over kneaded.

More Yeast. Because this is such an enriched dough (sugar, oil, eggs, etc..) the yeast has a harder time rising as fast as maybe we’d like. Of course, adding in too much flour can prevent dough from rising too. If this is a concern to you, add in an extra teaspoon or two of rapid rise yeast. It’ll work wonders!!

Rolling. Roll your dough relatively tightly so they maintain their shape, but not so terribly tight that the dough can’t rise. Practice makes perfect!

Cinnamon Rolls

Why do you use margarine?

Because that is what Cinnabon uses. Of course, you can use real butter in place of the margarine.

Can I make Cinnamon Rolls ahead of time?

Yes, you can!  Follow the directions up until letting the dough rise after filling and rolling them. At this point, you can store them in the fridge overnight if you are making them ahead of time.

To make them the next day, bring them up to room temp and let them rise before baking. (After I took the pan out of the fridge, I let them rise 4 hours. It takes a while to take the chill off.) After that, prepare the icing and follow the directions as normal.

Do I have to use the corn syrup and corn starch?

No! The corn syrup adds a nice shine to the frosting and the corn starch helps hold the filling in place.

The Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Why did my rolls not rise?

Well, this could be caused by a number of reasons. Your yeast was not fast-acting, your yeast was old, you kneaded in too much flour, your kitchen was on the colder side, etc. etc. If you’re really concerned about it, simply double the yeast to have some extra insurance. These rolls are made with a very enriched dough (buttermilk, sugar, oil, eggs, etc..) which make it a slow rise. This is totally normal! Again, if you’d like to speed things up, simply double the yeast.

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So, there you have it! The Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! Hopefully, you’ll all find a few hours to make these! They are TOTALLY worth the wait! 🙂 Have a great day! 🙂

4.95 from 227 votes

The Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

These Cinnamon Rolls are the ultimate Cinnabon clone. Chewy, soft, and homemade, you'll never need another Cinnamon Roll Recipe again!
servings 15 rolls
Prep Time 6 hrs
Cook Time 17 mins
Total Time 6 hrs 17 mins


for the dough-

  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast use rapid rise (*see notes below)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk at room temperature
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup canola oil or vegetable oil
  • 4 1/2-5 cups all purpose unbleached flour

for the filling-

  • 1/2 cup margarine softened (or butter)
  • 1 1/4 cups packed light brown sugar
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch

for the frosting-

  • 2 oz. cream cheese at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup margarine softened (or butter)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tablespoon corn syrup
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 1/4 cups powdered sugar


Make the Dough-

  • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, pour in water, yeast and 1 tablespoon of the granulated sugar. Stir and proof 5 minutes. 
  • Once the mixture looks bubbly and frothy, pour in remaining sugar. Stir on low for 15-20 seconds. In a small bowl, measure buttermilk, oil, and egg. Whisk ingredients together until egg is incorporated to other two ingredients. Pour contents into the water and yeast mixture. Stir another 20 seconds in the mixer. 
  • Pour 2 cups of flour and salt into mixer and stir on low until incorporated. Sprinkle flour in by 1/4 cup increments until dough cleans the sides and bottom of the bowl. **You may not use the entire amount of flour to get to this stage. THAT'S OK! When the dough is tacky but not sticky enough to stick to your hands when touched, it's perfect. Once it has reached this stage, knead for 5 minutes. 
  • Remove dough from bowl, grease and replace back into same mixing bowl {since it's practically clean anyways.} Cover with plastic wrap and a dish towel. Rise 1-2 hours or until the dough has doubled in size.

Filling and Cutting Rolls-

  • In a medium-size bowl, stir brown sugar, cinnamon, and cornstarch together until combined. Set aside. 
  • Punch down dough. Flour a large clean table liberally with flour. Lightly flour dough as well. Roll dough out to be a 20x30 rectangle {or as close to that as possible} while moving dough around to ensure it's not sticking to your work surface. If it's a little short or uneven, feel free to cut off the edges to even it all out.
  •  Spread softened margarine over dough, being sure to go right to the edges leaving a 1-inch strip untouched on one of the longer sides of dough. Dump brown sugar mixture onto the middle of the dough and spread with your hands, creating an even layer over top of the margarine, still leaving that 1-inch strip of dough untouched. If you have any filling that falls off the sides of the dough, use a bench scraper to replace. Lightly press the sugar mixture into the margarine using a rolling pin.
  • Roll the dough up into a tight log, finishing with the plain dough on the bottom to seal the entire thing together. Cut off the uneven ends to even out the log. Score log every 2 inches and then slice your rolls using those marks. Place onto parchment paper lined, margarine greased pans. 12 into a 9x13, 3 remaining into a loaf pan, or 8x8 with the small ends. Cover pans with plastic wrap and dish towels. 
  • Let rolls rise another 1-2 hours or until they are touching and have risen almost double. If you are not using quick rise yeast, have added too much flour or are working in a chilly kitchen, it may take 3-4 hours for your rolls to rise. 
    My rolls always spread out more than up, so just be aware that they will most likely spread out more than up. Bake in a preheated 350 degree for 17-20 minutes, or until tops start to brown. Watch them carefully!!

Cinnamon Roll Icing-

  • While the rolls are baking, whip cream cheese and margarine together. Stir in vanilla, corn syrup and lemon juice. Scrape sides and mix again. Pour in powdered sugar and stir slowly until it starts to incorporate. Then mix on high for 5 minutes or until frosting starts to lighten in color. Scrape sides and mix again briefly. 
  • Once rolls have been removed from the oven, frost using half the amount made. Then after they have cooled a few more minutes, frost again with remaining frosting. The first frosting will melt down into the rolls and the second layer should stay put. Serve warm.


*I use Red Star Platinum Yeast (rapid rise kind). Feel free to double the yeast in this recipe to ensure a good rise, especially if you're working in a drafty kitchen.
-See step by step photos for more details.
-If your frosting isn't quite ready after you pull the rolls out of the oven, cover with foil so the tops don't dry out and get crispy.


Calories: 432kcal | Carbohydrates: 67g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 16g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 15mg | Sodium: 290mg | Potassium: 105mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 35g | Vitamin A: 485IU | Vitamin C: 0.2mg | Calcium: 48mg | Iron: 2.1mg
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: breakfast, cinnamon roll recipe, cinnamon rolls, Easy Cinnamon Roll Recipe, how to make cinnamon rolls
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  1. Jennifer | Mother Thyme

    What an amazing recipe! You really researched this, great job! I haven’t had a cinnamon roll in a long time but these are looking so good that I may need to give these a try!

  2. Laurie {Simply Scratch}

    Oh my… these remind me of 8th grade home-ec class! I need to make me some of these asap! Holy deliciousness Lauren!

  3. CouponClippingCook

    I have just one word…Perfection! (ok more the just one word)….Love the idea of using parchment paper. I’m for sure doing that next time I bake. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. So glad you ran out of those “tasty” chemicals in your pantry when making this!

  4. Janette

    Margarine! I had no idea . . . . I have never even bought margarine. How is that does that cook up different from butter? Great recipe though, I am going to try it out this weekend! Thanks!

    1. Lauren

      It bakes up the same. The only difference is margarine is whipped oil and chemicals and butter is real. I think margarine is used in the actual cinnabon because it’s so inexpensive. I’d use butter next time around because it’s what I always buy.

  5. Thank you for doing the detective work and figuring out an awesome clone recipe. I love cinnabon but I feel horrible eating them – not because of the butter and sugar but all those ingredients I can’t pronounce. These look fantastic. Well worth all the hype. Bookmarked! 🙂

  6. Andrea

    Hi just wondering if that is a wooden board or your counter top? I am trying to find a good board to roll doughs on. Hope you can give me an idea for a board thank you!

  7. Andrea

    You have made my 17 yr old son the happiest guy in the world. I made these yesterday and he inhaled 2 of them and then told me to throw away my other recipe! Thanks!

  8. Kirsten

    Holy sugar rush! I cannot *wait* to make these!I admire your patience–I totally would have dove head first into the hot cinnamon rolls, and chased every bit with a spoonful of icing.

  9. Nicole

    I’ve never had a cinnabon so I can’t compare but I did make these for church & everyone told me that they were great. I like this recipe better than my other one. Great job!

  10. Sheena B

    hi Lauren, I made these today (just came out of the oven 30 minutes ago) and they were divine! I used butter instead of margarine and divided my dough in half for easier rolling, yielding slightly smaller buns (22 instead of 15). I also doubled the frosting quantity – since I had more buns. Since I’m planning to take them in to work tomorrow as a treat for my co-workers, I only did the first layer of frosting so they can add their own second layer after warming the buns in the microwave.

    Thanks so very much for all the recipes you share – every one I have tried has been a resounding success! Hope to someday see a cookbook published by you!

  11. Susan

    My “clone” CB recipe lets me use my bread machine and they are wonderful but I want to try this one ..what do you think about using it for this recipe?

  12. Laura

    I made these earlier this week and had every intention of sticking some in the freezer because I didn’t think the hubby and I could eat a whole pan. Let’s just say that they never made it to the freezer…not even close! They were AMAZING!!! These are definitely on my bake again list (but next time I better make them when company is here so we don’t eat all of them ourselves)!

  13. Donna English

    These look amazing. I think I will use real butter instead of margarine though. I never buy anything but real butter for baking. 🙂

  14. Katie

    5 stars
    I made these over the weekend… they were fantastic!!!! It was my first try at making homemade cinnamon rolls and they turned out great. When my husband took a bite he said “these are the best cinnamon rolls ever! even better than Cinnabon!” without knowing that they were made to duplicate Cinnabon’s. I would highly recommend this recipe!

  15. Charlene

    5 stars
    Been wanting to make cinnamon rolls for many years..this recipe was worth the wait. I don’t own a stand mixer so follow it by hand. They are just to die for! Thank you!

  16. mojgan.MM

    dear Lauren. hi. I am very glad to watch ur is very useful for me.i am from Iran and living in Iran.
    I want to ask u that could I translate some of ur recipe to my language. Many of my people dont know english so they cant use the recipes and i want u to know that i only use the translation in my private blog.not in book or magazine ..I will be glad if u permit me to translate some of ur recipe.thank you. pls answer me asap. thanku fr ur help.

  17. Nina

    4 stars
    Hi Lauren!
    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I made these last night and thought the flavor was spot on. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but cinnamon/sugar oozed out of the buns and created a hard, crystallized bottom of the rolls. Do you have any suggestions or ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it? Lower temperature and longer cooking time? Bake on a higher rack versus the middle rack? Thanks!

    1. Lauren

      Well, mine do that a little bit, but the corn starch should help keep the sugar in the rolls. Did you omit the cornstarch? And, did you roll the rolls tight?

    2. Laura B

      If you roll the dough too tight, the filling will end up on the bottom of the pan. The trick is to roll them securely, but not tightly. Try a couple more times, and you can always scoop the filling on top of the rolls before it cools and hardens if it happens again.

  18. heidi

    5 stars
    so i made these tonight, and keep in mind i live at 6500 ft and was afraid they wouldn’t rise properly. although I had to add about an hour to both rising times, they turned out delicious!! i made one batch of the cinnamon rolls, and made another batch that i put homemade peach/raspberry jam with a little lemon zest in. Heavenly!!! well worth the time and i will make these again and again and again…..

  19. sean

    5 stars
    Great recipe! Way to go for all the hard work! most people don’t realize the sour/acidity of buttermilk usually makes a BIG difference.
    I substitute butter in the dough vs. veg. oil
    yet again butter on the dough once rolled out instead of margarine
    (margarine is usually salted and i prefer to limit the salt in the dough)
    Also, starting with a small bit of cultured sour-dough (starter/poolish)
    gives the buns a little more stretch/chewy texture.

  20. Maria

    5 stars
    I had to tell you I made these for a second time to bring with me on my visit to see my daughter in college.She has always loved cinnamon rolls. I took one out on the plane to eat myself and I could feel my seat mate staring at me, that cinnamon smell is awesome! I haven’t even tried them with the icing yet. It’s now our family favorite!

  21. Terri

    5 stars
    Wow – I made these today and they turned out fantastic. Couple notes…. I did not have margarine; butter worked fine for filling and frosting. Nor did I have corn syrup to add to the frosting, but the frosting is awesome regardless. I used buttermilk powder mixed with water for the buttermilk (King Arthur’s Flour). The dough was very stiff and was a little bit difficult to roll–it wasn’t sticky, just very dense and hard, sort of. I ended up cutting the dough in half and making two separate rolls, just because it was a little easier to handle this way. Overall a “10” for taste! They really are incredibly good and taste just like the famous Cinnabons. Thanks for doing all the legwork and sharing your recipe.

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  23. Barb

    We are having an Easter brunch and these are NOW on my menu. Since, Easter is church first and then a house full of guests I do try to do as much as possible the 2 days before. Can I make these, and freeze or refrigerate up to the point of baking. and if so, then do they have to rise again. any tips would be of great help.
    thank you

  24. Jaaamster

    5 stars
    I just finished making these. It is now 2:01 in the morning and I started at 8pm… I am the only person awake and I can’t understand how people are sleeping through the ridiculous smell that is in this house right now. THESE ARE DELICIOUS. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! My family is going to have a great breakfast in a few hours :]

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  27. Eddie

    Wow they really look like the real deal!. I want to make them this weekend. I have a question when you mention warm water, what will be the right temperature?

    1. Lauren

      If you wanted to get technical, 100-115 degrees is the optimal temperature for yeast to rise. I just stick my hand under the faucet and when it feels warm like baby bath water I measure it out and go to town! Hope you like the rolls 🙂 Have a great weekend, Eddie!

  28. Sam

    5 stars
    I’m 15, and I made these a few weeks ago. PERFECT. my family and boyfriend went absolutely insane. i didn’t have cream cheese so i just made a powdered sugar glaze to put on when they were hot, and then a brown sugar glaze that i drizzled once they cooled. thank you so much!

  29. Mel Meister

    What about the molasses? Would that be used in the filling? I see you didn’t use it.

    I’m assuming the ascorbic acid is the lemon juice.. Would that be correct?



    1. Lauren

      I didn’t use molasses because I couldn’t figure out where it was used. And yes, the acid is the lemon juice!

  30. marjs

    The recipes I saw here all looks so great and delightful! Try to visit the Gourmetrecipe, Everything-bread, Everything-cake and Gourmandia. This site can give you uprights recipe that you can enjoy! The recipes in this site stretches the cooking recipes that you’re looking for!

  31. Roni

    Lauren, I had a question for you. I was wondering why margarine and not butter? I really don’t like using margarine, I bake a lot and try not to use it. It has so many chemicals and junk, but I was wondering if you use it because of how it kind of holds up in recipes a little better than butter. I just like the real taste of actual butter. Have you tried it with butter? What were your results if you did? If I need to use margarine to make the recipe turn out right, I will but I was just wondering why you used it and if it would turn out the same if you used real butter?
    Let me know what you think! Thanks, Roni

    1. Lauren

      I used margarine because that’s what the folks at cinnabon use. I was trying to replicate it as best as I could. The butter should work just fine if you wanted to sub out the margarine.

  32. Pam

    5 stars
    Lauren, these are AMAZING! I followed your recipe exactly as written, and could not believe the results. Before this, I used to use the “Clone of a Cinnabon” recipe on, but it doesn’t even compare to yours! My whole family loved them and is practically begging me to make more. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

  33. K

    5 stars
    I’ve just made my second batch of these in 4 days! The first lot were gobbled up in record time, my 6-year-old son declared them ‘cinnamo-licious’ and wants them for breakfast every day (no chance!). This second batch have just gone, unrisen (is that even a word?) & unbaked, into the freezer with the idea being that I take them out the night before to allow them to thaw and rise before baking the next morning. That’ll require organisation and forethought, so we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, really just wanted to say thanks for the delicious-ness!
    PS. Shame on you for putting ideas of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ into my head! I dipped in and out of it when it was first aired but now I’m enjoying it far more than a woman of 40 should!

  34. Mercedes

    5 stars
    Thanks so much for this… I made these with my 2 little girls tonight. A little time consuming but they taste AMAZING! The best icing I have ever made, love it so!!!!!

  35. Lauren Harriss

    5 stars
    These are SO YUM! I decided to make them yesterday on my day off and they were incredible! My boyfriend said he couldn’t tell the difference between these and the ‘real’ ones 🙂 Thank you so much Lauren, for going to the effort of putting together a recipe without all of the preservatives etc. To those who have commented below saying that want to make them, I highly recommend it! You do need a bit of time but it is definitely worth it.

    A few notes:
    I don’t have a stand mixer nor an electric beater so I kneaded the dough by hand and mixed the frosting ingredients using a hand mixer. A little extra work required but nothing too laborious .
    I also didn’t have corn syrup for the frosting so I used 1/2 TBS of brown sugar instead.
    I made a little extra frosting to completely coat the rolls so that they didn’t dry out (and they were just as nice the next morning!)

    I will definitely make these again! Thanks 🙂

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  37. Helen Tan

    5 stars
    Hi Lauren! Thanks for sharing to us these Cinnabon Rolls recipe. I make 1 batch already & it was so good & my family loves it very much! I just got one question for you…The stand mixer your using can hold hold how many liters? Mine is Kitchen Aid 5 liters, but from what I observed when adding the other half of flour in an increments of 1/4 cup (the leftover 2 1/2 cups), I find my mixer kinda hard to knead the dough, it did not come out a smooth dough as yours, what I did is i manually kneaded it for letting it rise in a greased bowl. Hoping to hear your reply soon coz I want to improve it further. Getting ready for the holiday season 🙂 Thanks & more power to you!!!

    1. Lauren

      I have the kitchenaid 7-quart. It’s HUGE. Kneading it by hand works great! Do what you need to {or ‘knead to’…haha get it?} to make these happen. Totally worth it! 🙂

  38. Russell Wright

    5 stars
    I made these today for my daughters, wife and some friends and they were a hit! I used real butter. I’m guessing the Cinnabon folks use margarine because it’s less expensive. My only mistake was I didn’t roll them out as thinly as you did. That would make a difference, so I think I need to try again. 🙂

  39. ShalonI

    Can we use this dough recipe with the pumpkin maple rolls ? Like incorporate the pumpkin purée somehow in this dough recipe how would I do that? Thanks Lauren