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My Gorgeous Canyon Creek Cabinets

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IMG_0121Incase you haven’t heard, our kitchen renovation is complete!! I am soooooo in love with everything about my kitchen I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. BUT, I’ve decided to go in chronological order. So, first up: my cabinets.

I ended up working with Canyon Creek Cabinet Company {based out of Washington State}. I was looking into different companies and it was actually a co-worker of Gordon’s who linked us up with Canyon Creek. We ended up meeting with them a few times before finalizing all the details. Roy, who we worked with on this job, knew just the right kind of cabinets that would fit our needs and look amazing in our space. We ended up getting the Katana Frameless Cabinetry with the Sabre door {shaker style} in painted white for the cabinets on the walls and a stained ebony for the island.

Starting out with a pretty wide open space and a pretty boring canvas made it hard to see the finished product in my mind, but Roy put my fears aside and kept saying it was going to look great {which it does!!}

IMG_0065So, from the beginning, here’s one of the ‘before’ shots I took back in January when we moved in. My little ham of a daughter refused to get out of this picture! Ha!

IMG_0304This is what our kitchen looked like when I got home from the hospital with our newborn. Every new mother’s dream! LOL!

IMG_0093But, just a few days later, everything was in and installed and I absolutely love how everything turned out!


IMG_0308Here’s another before…..

IMG_1119during installation….


IMG_0119and after!!


IMG_0105Now to talk specifics. Here are some of the features that I love about my Canyon Creek Cabinets: {1}I love that they are made from REAL wood and that all my cabinets are painted or stained. It makes a big difference just looking at them. You can feel the difference too when comparing my old cabinets to the new. Also, I love how the crown moulding looks at the top of the cabinets. Something Roy told me I should get. So glad it’s there!

IMG_0136{2} I love all the drawers! I swear, drawers are so much more functional for me than cabinets with doors. And I’m pretty sure all my drawers are deeper than the ones I originally had.

IMG_0138{3} Speaking of drawers, all my cabinets are impossible to slam shut because they have something called a ‘soft close system’. Basically, you give them a nudge and they will close automatically and quietly on their own.

IMG_0141{4} This garbage pull out makes my world go round. Hidden garbage cans are wonderful! And this means I get lots more space under my kitchen sink for other things.

IMG_0146{5} Ok, back to the drawers for a minute. These super deep drawers are amazing! I can put SO much stuff into them.

IMG_0150See?! 3 sets of nesting and mixing bowls just in one drawer with a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff around them. Be still my heart…..

IMG_0155I also like this extra wide drawer to the left of my stove. It’s the perfect size for all my costco-sized ziploc bags, plastic wraps, etc.

Overall, I don’t think I could have picked a better cabinet company for our needs. I’m looking forward to these being in our kitchen {and never wearing out} for years to come!!

For more info on Canyon Creek Cabinet Company, check out their website or visit their showroom if you’re in the area. And of course check out their social media channels as well.

Thanks Canyon Creek! I adore my new cabinets!

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company
16726 Tye Street SE
Monroe, WA 98272
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.canyoncreek.com

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17 Responses
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  2. John

    My cabinets from Canyon Creek are not painted on the bottom. They began to delaminate a few weeks after installation. This was fixed with some trim pieces. Other painting problems can’t be fixed with trim. These are not high end priced cabinets. They are mid range. I’m fairly disgusted with Canyon Creek. I didn’t do my homework but I assumed they would be painted on the bottom. My old 1941 cabinets were.

  3. Casey Schoepflin

    Love your kitchen! How is the finish holding up on both the white and espresso? Also granite name? Handles? Backsplash?

    1. Lauren

      All the info is here: https://laurenslatest.com/my-new-kitchen/ .

      Cabinets are holding up well. One side of my island {with the darker cabinets} looks like its worn a little more than the other parts, but its because I feed my son on that side and I have to constantly wipe the cabinets down because he throws food…lol! Other then that, they look perfect!

      1. Katy M.

        Do you happen to know the name of your backsplash tile? You can’t order off of their website, and I can’t find anything on the internet that large.


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  5. Becky w

    I absolutely love your countertops. I have been thinking of installing marble because I have not found a granite I like. Yours are beautiful. Is there any way you can tell me the color or pattern name. I have the same plan with the subway tile as backsplash. Thanks so much!