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My munchkin.

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IMG_0272 I have a daughter. I think we all know this. She likes to get into trouble and then be really cute afterwards.
09-17-10_1029 Some say she’s beautiful. I for one am the first to say she’s the cutest most beautiful child ever because, duh, I’m her Mother. Of course I think that. So does Gord and many of our family members. There are lots of other cute children in this world, of course, but no one is quite like my Brooke.
IMG_0047 So with me having this mindset all the live long day, of course I jumped at the chance and entered her in a beautiful baby contest.

Oh don’t give me that!

You know you’d do the same thing.

Well, this darn contest is all about getting people to vote. Curses! I hate contests like that. Except, I have 3700 facebook friends in my back pocket {that I need to pull out and use at this very moment.} So, if you all would do my a favor I’d be forever grateful! Find this photo of my sweet little one HERE and click the like button. That’s it! You just have to like this photo on THIS facebook page.
IMG_0018 Simple enough, right? I thought so. If I win, I get a free photo session with this photographer that I love.

Oh, and there are people ahead of me, so spread the word like wildfire.

Thanks, you wonderful people!

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