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My New Kitchen!!

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IMG_0054When we bought our house back in January, we knew we were going to be remodeling the kitchen. Because I was pregnant though, I didn’t want to jump into anything too quickly, especially with baby being due somewhere in the middle of all the work.

However, when KitchenAid wanted to work with us on finishing our kitchen, we jumped at the chance–even if it meant planning the kitchen around the baby.

Here are some before photos. As you can see in the first photo, we busted out some walls and built things up a bit to make the kitchen flow how we needed it to.

IMG_0057These were somewhat newer cabinets, but you could tell that they were cheaply made and had a lot of wasted space. I could have lived with this kitchen for a few years because I know it’s not THAT bad, but the cabinets were already starting to show wear and tear.

IMG_0065Also, the kitchen was a huge room with nothing in the center. Again, sort of a waste of space. So we planned our kitchen out and I forged ahead, trying to get cabinets, counters, appliance installers and everything planned around my due date.

Turns out babies don’t wait for anyone, even kitchen remodels, so we had the baby a few days before everything got installed and thankfully my husband was on paternity leave to not only help me but keep us organized and on schedule.

And voila!! Before we knew it, our kitchen was installed 🙂

IMG_0121One of my favorite things in my new kitchen in this KitchenAid duel fuel range. It’s so gorgeous!! I almost don’t want to use it because it’s so pretty. Except, I totally use it all the time. My Mom was the first one to use it making me lots of meals for my freezer 🙂 Thanks, Mom!

IMG_0105I got some amazing shaker style white cabinets from Canyon Creek Cabinet Company. When we were talking about getting all new cabinets from CCCC, they were all about maximizing space–something we wanted to focus on. I’ll talk a lot more about the cabinets in a later post. Basically, I LOVE them.

IMG_0110Over by the window is our HUGE Moen sink and shiny faucet. One of the first things we did once the sink was installed {besides all our dishes} was bathe our little one 🙂 It’s the perfect size for him, and will probably be that way until he’s 2! It’s seriously so huge.

IMG_0111To the right of the sink is our KitchenAid dishwasher and fridge. This dishwasher is the quietest thing in the world. I thought it was broken at first because I could hardly hear a thing when I turned it on.

IMG_0089Opposite the dishwasher and fridge is this Microwave-Oven from KitchenAid in our…..ISLAND! We’ve waited a long time to get this in and I LOVE all the counter space. I also love that we chose white cabinets for the wall and black ones for the island. We still did the same shaker style, but in a stained black ebony. It turned out so great. And, I love the silver handles on the black cabinets with the granite.

IMG_0119Here’s another view to give you an idea of what everything looks like. We got these bar stools from Ikea.

Oh, AND before I forget–our granite we picked out is from Oregon Tile and Marble. Once we picked out our slab from their show room, we worked with Elite Granite and Marble to get it cut and installed.

IMG_0124I love the finished look of the granite on the white and black cabinets. I originally wanted cararra marble but my husband wanted something that would be a little more practical and last longer. Darn husband…..

IMG_0093Overall though, I love the look that we achieved. Our backsplash was also from Elite Granite and Marble that my husband and Dad installed just the other day! That was the last thing we had to do to finish the kitchen!

Thank you to KitchenAid, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company, Moen, Oregon Tile and Marble and Elite Granite and Marble who helped us make our dream kitchen a reality! We love it!

For updated blog posts on each separate item in my kitchen, click through here:

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47 Responses
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  5. Jennifer

    Beautiful! I love it all, but my favourite is that stove…do I see SiX burners? Heaven!

    Congrats on baby & kitchen!

  6. Nicole Lindstrom

    Love love your gorgeous kitchen! Don’t you just love your Kitchen Aid products! We bought our home a couple years ago and bought all new appliances with 90 percent of them being Kitchen Aid. Love them all! Your oven and stove top look amazing! The back splash is beautiful as well. Enjoy!

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  8. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    Gorgeous! I swear it’s like a bunch of the white kitchen’s I’ve pinned – put together.

  9. Honey What's Cooking

    Lauren, this looks amazing. Love everything, I especially love a white kitchen, it’s just so summery/Californian. Congrats on the baby!!!

  10. Nikki @Seeded at the Table

    It’s beautiful, Lauren!! Now I wish I needed a remodel so I could switch out for all KA appliances. 🙂 I do need a new dishwasher though… hmmm… 😉

  11. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    CONGRATS! Lauren, it’s stunning. First of all, I thought your old kitchen in the leadoff pic was your new one! i would be thrilled to even have that. We live in a small urban condo and my kitchen is so small you’d confuse it for a hotel minibar. I would give my right arm for your kitchen. It is stunning. The colors, the crispness, the clean lines, the SPACE. The storage space. It’s gorgeous!!

  12. Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction

    Your kitchen looks wonderful. Congrats! I wish my Kitchen Aid dishwasher was a quiet as yours but it’s 15 years old and pretty loud.

  13. Haley W.

    I love it! It’s the perfect clean, cozy, tranquil kitchen. You guys did a great job with all of you selections. Its a tiny detail, but the subway tiles for your backsplash are my favorite part… Well, that, and the AWESOME appliances!

  14. Lynn

    A DREAM kitchen!! I would be cooking all the time! All that counter space, just makes me want to prep! Congrats Lauren to you and your family!!

  15. Stephie @ Eat your heart out

    I am peeing myself with jealousy. {is that even a thing? Is is now.} GORGEOUS!! I can’t wait for the day when I no longer live in a tiny apt with a kitchen with 9 sq ft of walking space….And when I do, this is totally going to be inspiration!

  16. Karli

    Serious kitchen envy happening right now. I love your backsplash. I’d kill for an island. AND the appliances—I dream about gas ranges and hoods! Someday. But for you–enjoy!

  17. [email protected] ThousandStoryKitchen

    Oooh, I LOVE it! My favorite is the subway tile backsplash that is thinner than regular subway tile, so it’s slightly different…and um…I’ll definitely take that kitchen aid range too. Thanks. 🙂

  18. Amy @Very Culinary

    Just beautiful! In our old house, we remodeled the kitchen and put in a big tub sink…the house we currently own does not have that *sadness* It’s all just so lovely – I bet every time you walk into that space you get goose bumps.

  19. karen

    That is one beautiful kitchen! Congratulations…I’ll bet your daughter would even fit in that sink. When we installed our faucet someone suggested we put the on off handle to the front of the faucet instead of to the side. This prevents drips on the counter and looks sleeker…..so glad we did 🙂 Enjoy all the new things you have…baby included! lol

  20. Ashley

    So, so jealous! What a beautiful kitchen. Out of curiosity, are the subway tiles white and just showing a reflection? They almost look like they have a slight iridescent gloss to them! Love it all!!

  21. Danielle Clouse

    I LOVE It! Can you tell me which model your stove/oven is? I’m looking at getting kitchenaid appliances in my new house later this year!