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Nerium Review

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1556381_490483884395625_1376501580_o*I was not paid to write nice things about Nerium. I just got a bottle to try and these are my results. Please excuse the no make-up and clogged pore situation on my face.*

Have you guys heard of Nerium before? I never had until I asked on Facebook what anti-wrinkle creams were the hardcore ones I should be using. There was an overwhelming response and the majority of you folks recommended Nerium. So, I decided to try it…and you all were totally right! Check out my results:

IMG_2444This was at the end of November. Not a whole lot of wrinkles, but definitely visible. After 2 weeks, I really couldn’t tell whether it was working or not. Even after looking at this photo again and again I couldn’t tell.

It was only after the third week I really started noticing changes. Check out this photo! The wrinkles around my eyes were slowly becoming less and less visible and my overall complexion was evening out. And, as an added bonus, I noticed that some acne scars on the sides of my face were starting to become less visible too. I mean, they’re still there, but having a much more even skin tone really helps hide them. I think technically they can’t claim this stuff will get rid of scars, but that’s just how it worked for me.IMG_2948A few more oddball things I noticed:

-you’re supposed to use 4-5 pumps of the night cream mixed with a little warm water to make more of a mask that will dry on your face before bed.  4 pumps was simply too much for me. I just used 3 pumps and still had extra, so I rubbed it into my neck and the back of my hands.

-I read that some people don’t like the smell because is smells like ‘nature’?! or something like that. I didn’t mind the smell. At first it was a little funky, but not bothersome. I’m used to it now and it’s no big deal.

IMG_3003And, even better, check out this passport photo I had taken just yesterday! I’m barley cracking a smile and you can’t see wrinkles under or beside my eyes. Yes, I’m wearing makeup but typically you can’t hide wrinkles with makeup. You can see 2 tiny ones on my forehead, but besides that you can’t really tell. HOT DOG! I’ll take it.

So, overall I’m pretty pleased with the results I got. If I can keep up with these results and stay on top of getting wrinkles, hopefully I will keep a young looking face into my 90’s! Lol! I wonder if blogs will be around in 2080?

I think I’m going to jump on board to getting the Nerium Day cream as well as the night cream. You can get the day cream for free if you sign up to do automatic payments for the Nerium night cream {I think}. I don’t really know. Lol!

I went through a girl named Kelly. Her Facebook page for Nerium is right here as well as a few more links for other fun Nerium stuff. Please contact her for any specific questions that you can’t find the answers to online.

I did end up signing on for the automatic delivery of the night and day cream and unbeknownst to me became a brand partner….SO, if you want to sign up to try Nerium through me to give me a little discount on my next shipment of night cream, you can do so here.

It worked for me and it might work for you too! Get your own bottle of Nerium to try HERE.



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10 Responses
  1. Kelly C

    Honestly, I have been a brand partner for over a year….after putting in TONS of work I get a few dollars here and there and have several BP’s under me who don’t sell at all. Aside from the massive amount of SELLING you have to do (I say it like that because they feed you the line “We don’t sell, we SHARE *gag*) they want you on conference calls and events nearly every day of the week EVENINGS and WEEKENDS! This after they throw you the line “I have time freedom to do what I want and be there for my family”…oh really?? In my home, evenings and weekends are family time. If you don’t go to all these cult like events they pretty much shun you!!
    Now, to the product. For many months it seemed to be amazing! Right around the one year mark I felt like I looked terrible. Crows feet and other wrinkles back and deeper! My sponsor said “probably a faulty batch. Try a new bottle”. Still nothing. In desperation I went to my medspa for botox (which really DOES work miracles!) before the holidays. I spoke to my doctor there pretty extensively and he explained that it may work great for quite some time due to the irritating effects of oleander. It can often cause swelling which will make it appear that wrinkles have magically vanished. After awhile though, you build up a tolerance just as you would to medication and it’s less and less effective.
    Do yourself a huge favor, and your bank account too, and don’t bother with the product OR the business. They’re all brainwashed zombies anyway.

  2. Jennifer

    I’ve been using Nerium for 3 months. I saw a big difference in one week. To those criticizing the differences in lighting or poses in the before and after pics, it is very hard to get them exactly the same. I tried very hard to get mine the same. Took them in my bathroom with the same lights and I don’t have a window so there are no natural light issues. I couldn’t get them exact…..it’s dang near impossible. If you doubt it works, try it and see. Take your own before pics and see the difference. You’ll be surprised. I never would’ve believed anything would actually work. Very pleased.

  3. Kristen

    The lighting is different in the before and after, and his head is tilted at different angles. Who do you think you are kidding?

  4. Steffi

    I think it would be better if the before and after pics had the same look. I mean when I look down and then open my eyes a lot like you did in the second pic I have no wrinkles as well. Without any product. It is just nature.

    So please consider that in your next review cause then we can see the real effect of a product.

    1. Kelly Hamilton

      Steffi: Here’s a link to a before/after photo that’s taken at the same time of day, in the same room and with the same “pose.” This is my husband. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about Nerium. It’s the real deal!

  5. Kelly Hamilton

    Thanks for this Lauren! I hope you’ll post future “after” pictures periodically. . . . it’s a great product and an amazing company! Happy New Year everyone!

  6. Meagan @ A Zesty Bite

    YAY! You know I am excited for you! It’s the perfect time to join as well because so much is happening this year with it going International and the launch of a new product.

    1. brandi rich

      Yay! I use this product an have good change. I look at 10 years younger. Wrinkles get burned off with rash. Face hurts but gots in wrinkles.