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O’ahu, Hawaii

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A group of palm trees next to a body of water

I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to edit all these photos from our Hawaiian vacation! I published the first half of our trip to Maui here a few weeks ago, but for whatever reason couldn’t get around to editing the rest of my 1200 photos!

So, these pictures are from the first few days on O’ahu. We were lucky enough to stay at The Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko’Olina. Our suite was so so gorgeous and we felt completely at home there. Our children especially slept really well {except for Eddie who was a little all over the place with his sleep schedule} and loved every part of the hotel…so much so that they were complaining when we had day trips planned to other parts of the island! Ha!

I have nothing but good things to say about The Four Seasons and we really do try to stay at that hotel whenever we’re traveling. Like to Las Vegas. Or Seattle. After showing my kids these photos, they are ready to go back again!

As usual, if you want all the details of this post, scroll to my list at the bottom.


Walking into our suite was a foyer with a bathroom to the left a closet to the right and then a mini bar straight ahead.




So, this was the living room in our suite. That couch turned into the bed that Brooke and Blake shared.


The beautiful view from the balcony off the living room.


So, upon walking into this gorgeous master suite, Gordon was like “Take pictures of everything! This is what we want our master bedroom to look like!” Haha! So believe it or not, we are on the hunt for wall sconces, night stands with usb ports built in and light switches with buttons that control every light in the house.


Their roll-away crib was the sweetest thing ever! And my kids just about died over their stuffed turtles.

Opposite the bed in the master bedroom.



Master bathroom.







These two didn’t waste any time getting comfy at right at home. Robes and slippers for them!! Too cute!







The evening we arrived, we just ordered room service and ordered a movie. Totally low key and just what we were looking for. So while the kids watched Find Nemo, Gord and I were able to enjoy the warm weather and the sunset just a few feet away.




The next morning, we went downstairs to the breakfast buffet at the Four Seasons which was amazing…so much so that we went there twice! The caramel french toast and all the fresh fruit was so so good.






A group of palm trees next to a body of water











That evening, we were lucky enough to get reservations at Aulani and had such a fun time there too! Since The Four Seasons is right next door to Aulani, we were able to walk over, have some food and walk right back! Super convenient.

Family photo at Aulani. I wish were all in focus…womp womp.


After Aulani as we were getting our kiddos in bed, fireworks started! Blake freaked out because it was super loud because they were RIGHT there, but the rest of us enjoyed them from our balcony.





More details on our trip:

Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko’Olina–probably one of the best hotels you could stay at on O’ahu; will start taking reservations in the Fall!
92-1001 Olani St,
Kapolei, HI 96707

La Hiki at Four Seasons–amazing amazing breakfast buffet, same address as above

Makahiki Bounty of the Islands at Aulani— the kid food options were great! The bread pudding and lava cakes were amazing. A little pricey for our buffet, but very fun for the experience. Our server was wonderful.
92-1185 Ali’inui Dr,
Kapolei, HI 96707


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32 Responses
  1. Sally Whitman

    I’ve just started to look at Hawaii possibly for our next vacation, and this definitely gives me more to look into! The Four Seasons looks lovely! Love the tub art 😊

  2. Tami Lyon

    Hi, It looks like you and your family had an amazing time in Hawaii. My best friend and I want to go there. Hopefully next year. Love your posts!

  3. Krystal

    My family and I will be traveling to Oahu in 3 months! I am so excited and hope to try some of the food and activities your family enjoyed!

  4. Tara Bodenstab

    I was lucky enough to visit Oahu in 2005 when my best friend lived there. Her husband was stationed at Schofield. She took me to the man made lagoons at Ko ‘Olina. I LOVED it there. I always said one day I am going back, maybe on my honeymoon. Thanks to your post, I am going to look into the Four Seasons! Your pictures definitely make me want to be there now!

  5. Terri courtney

    Always wanted to go to Hawaii. I remember dad was stationed there a few times and after he got out of the Air Force, he wanted to live there and mom said no, so we lived in Indiana. Hawaii is very beautiful

  6. Lori Bradshaw

    I am dreaming of going to Hawaii again. We went about 10 years ago but it poured rain almost every day that we were there. Hopefully, we can plan a trip soon. Your pictures just make me want to go so much more!!!

  7. Krista S

    I sent the link to this article to a friend looking for a fall getaway to one of the islands. The Four Seasons and Oahu look amazing! We have all been to Maui and the Big Island but this looking like an amazing trip!

  8. Elissa Stewart

    I decided the next time I want to punch someone in the face, I’m going to come to this exact blog entry and visually immerse myself in the spectacularness of your trip. And I’m going to imagine myself in one of The Four Season’s suites, watching an epic sunset as it dips into the majestic blue of that tropical beach, all from my balcony. And then my dog will bark and I’ll realize I am not in Oahu, and I’ll be really sad, but at least I’ll no longer want to punch anyone. Sigh.

  9. DeeAnn

    Your entire trip looks amazing!! I’m super jealous! I wish the next hotel I stayed at would leave me bathrobes and stuffed turtles!

  10. Janette

    Wow! What a great looking resort and vacation! ! My favorite part, beside the food of course, were the cute little turtles in the baby bed… what an adorable touch! You looked like your family got to relax and have such a wonderful time. Makes me want to visit Hawaii. …never been!

  11. Karen H

    Tyler and I started watching Hawaii 5-0 (the new version) and it has made me want to go visit so badly. Your pictures make Oahu seem absolutely dreamy. One day we’ll get there!

    But for real, your hotel looks amazing. I can totally understand why your kids wouldn’t want to leave.

  12. Jenny B

    That Four Seasons looks gorgeous! Love those personal touches, and I gotta agree with your husband, design your room like that master suite!!

  13. Rachael Gregson

    How gorgeous! Vacationing to Hawaii is definitely on our to-do and now Four Seasons is at the top of our list. ????

    1. Lauren

      Yes, it was totally manageable but I think that’s because my husband is a rockstar!! I wouldn’t have been able to do it all without him!

  14. Platt College

    I went to Maui years ago. Have to go back and see how it has changed in the last 15 years. Really loved the cuisine!

  15. Becky W

    What fun photos! We were in Hawaii around the same time you were, so I totally know how you feel about organizing the photos. We took over 4100 and I am still in the process of organizing them haha. Excited to see what else you post about from your trip. We had a great time on both Oahu and the Big Island.