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Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza

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OREO Spider Web Cookie Pizza

Do you love OREOs as much as I do? I have quite a few recipes on my blog using Oreos. They’re versatile, easy to work with and delicious in anything you decide to throw them into.

So when my friends over at OREO contacted me to see if I wanted to work with them for their new “Play Up Dessert” program, I totally jumped at the chance. For Halloween, I was sent this cute little box of goodies.

Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza Ingredients

This prize pack included a festive apron, a Halloween themed spatula and plate, Halloween sprinkles, cupcake liners and a package of Halloween Oreos! The recipes for Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake, Oreo Candy Corn Cakes, and Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza were all included as well.

Brooke with instruction booklet

My 3 year old decided that the “cute spiders” were what we should make, so that’s what we did. It was a super simple dessert to whip up and we all enjoyed this sweet treat as part of our little family night. {Side note: she LOVED all the recipe cards. Like a little too much. Like, fold them up and store them in her purse with her ballet shoes. Haha :)}

Brooke holding instructions manual

I tried to get it back from her, but she was kept teasing me.


And then she gave me attitude. I’m positive she’ll thank me for this photo when she’s 16.

Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza

{PS-this spider with the orange eyes is my little one….because she can actually make her eyes look like that…don’t ask.}


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213 Responses
  1. Gretchen

    Oreo spider web cookie pizza!! Going to make this weekend. Thank you for all of the great ideas! Love the pics too- your daughter reminds me of mine a few years ago. The expressions are great ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jeffrey

    After checking out the other recipes I think my family would have the most fun making the Spider Web Cookie Pizza. My 6 and 9 year old boys would have a blast with this!

  3. Diana

    Ahh!! Those spiders are so stinkin’ cute!! Your little helper hose a good one! I think I’d try my hand at the pumpkin pull apart bread, though!! I’ve been itching to bake with pumpkin and chocolate!! ‘Tis the season!

  4. Melissa

    Hey, that OREO Cookie Pizza looks yummy! I’d probably make that, oh my I love oreos WAY too much!! Especially the holiday themed ones, so festive!

    BTW your daughter is too precious!!

  5. Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    I’m a newly converted pumpkin lover, sooo the one that caught my attention was the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake! Sounds like a ton of fun!

  6. Lucia A

    we love Oreos here in this household and I think my children would agree with me that if we won we have to make the Spider Web Cookie Pizza because it is so cool looking and it has the word PIZZA in it :D…. yes I have all boys and they love the scary friendly looking stuff :D. This would be a cool dessert I can make with my children I love to include them in baking stuff because it is so much fun!

  7. Adriana M.

    How fun!!! And delicious!!! I would love to make the OREO Spider Web Cookie Pizza. I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚ My little son would love to make this with me.

  8. kelaynes

    Oreo. Double Stuff. Pretty sure I would make both Oreo pizza and Oreo pumpkin pull apart cake. Thats if there were Oreo’s left after I have some with milk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ellie C.

    I would love to make the Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza!! This would be a great dessert to bring into work and share with my co-workers. Or maybe just gobble up at home, but I would be sure to take a picture to share first!!

  10. Katherine

    Super Cute. We are heading over to my sister’s house for pizza after trick-or-treating so I would love to make the spiderweb pizza to bring along.

  11. Kristin Duffy

    I would LOVE to make the Spider Web Cookie Pizza. My daughter turns 3 on Tuesday, and loves all things Halloween, so this would be perfect!

  12. Alyssa

    I love cupcakes, so I would make the Oreo Pumpkin Pull Apart Cake!

    P.S. I have your blog bookmarked & I love trying new recipes from it! Every one Ive tried has been delicious!