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Our Living Room Built-Ins!

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living room fire place with built-ins

Well Hallelujah! I never thought I’d see the day when these darn built-ins would get finished, but eureka! They’re done and we’re just so thrilled to not have tools and dust all over our living room anymore!

I added two before photos to show you what we were working with before. A corner fireplace and a bit of a dark wall color. Actually, we have a lot of medium to dark paint colors in this entire house that really makes the whole place seem darker than it actually is. So, we are in the process of painting our way through, room by room. Since the living room is one of the most used rooms in the house, we wanted to get that done pronto. And by pronto, I mean 6 months. HAHA!

dark living room with corner fireplace
dark living room with corner fireplace

We had a contractor move the actual fireplace, a plumber move the gas line and an electrician (a neighbor friend; hi Rob!) help us with the electrical. Then Gordon built all the shelves and drawers from scratch. I did the majority of the painting and after a quick 5 months, we got it done. Lololololololol. Ah, the joys of homeschooling and having no time.

I’ll try to leave all the sources I have for the room, but honestly, I probably will not be much help. If you have any other specific questions that I don’t answer below, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I’ll have Gordon answer!

  • The paint color we used for the actual fireplace (mdf shiplap boards) was Sherman Williams Black of Night.
  • The paint color for the open shelves and drawers was Sherman Williams Whitetail.
  • Our wall color was Sherman Williams Fleur de Sel.
  • Our drawer pulls were from Wayfair, and a steal of a deal if I say so myself.
  • I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our Samsung Frame TV. It is wonderful and we love it! It came with some preloaded artwork which makes it look like hanging art, but it’s actually a TV! The TV automatically comes with black edges but you can buy magnetic edges to frame out your tv to look like more of a picture frame which is what we did. We got the “beige/light wood” color and thinks it looks great.
  • We have run out of spots to put that darn piano and while I don’t love it in the living room, we have no other spot to put it!
  • Our rug is from Amazon. We had several of this same rug in our NYC apartment in smaller sizes, and loved them so much that we jsut rebought it in the 10×12 size. (Anyone know how to prevent the corners from curling up? I want to get some rug tape, but from what I can gather, that is just for rugs on hardwood floors.)
  • I still would like to get some sitting chairs, curtains and we will eventually add new carpet (or potentially new hardwood if I can get Gordon on board!) but for now, I’m just glad the build-ins are done!
living room white built-ins
living room fire place with built-ins
living room fire place with built-ins

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