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phil&teds Promenade Twin Stroller Review

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**I was not compensated to write this post. Although I was sent this stroller to review, all opinions expressed are always my own…as per usual.**

Sooooooo, I’m kind of abnormally excited to tell you all about this new phil&teds Promenade Twin Stroller I got. It has so many fun bells and whistles that I kept discovering, plus the design of it was meant to keep babies and parents happy. I’ve been using mine consistently for about 2 weeks now and let me tell you–it is awesome!


The very first thing that drew me to this stroller were all the riding options for the littles. The Promenade Stroller has over 55 ways you can push 1 or 2 babies around in style. Mine are a bit limited because I only have one seat {because duh! I only have one baby}, but seriously click through to see all the ways. Also:


This seat reclines.


And keeps reclining until…….


tada! The seat turns into a bassinet! How brilliant is that? And, if you happen to have two babies, this stroller can accommodate two seats or two bassinets or one of each! It’s perfect.


You can also turn the seat around to face outward which is really convenient come nap time at the mall. I don’t know about your kid, but if Blake sees me when he’s cranky, he won’t want to be anywhere but in my arms. So, if I turn him around, out of site out of mind and he’s out like a light. Then I recline the seat and keep shopping. It’s seriously the best.


Something I also appreciated was this little zippable air vent situation.


This shade not only covers your little one, but gives them lots of access still to fresh air. And looks zipped or unzipped.


There’s also a peek-a-boo window too which I avoid like the plague because my son is starting to get into that clingy phase. #awesome


That bar across the front is also easily removed if you don’t like it or need to take it off for one reason or another.

Some other features I love:

  • The huge, easy accesable basket in the bottom
  • The Freerider stroller board for Brooke that I’m going to order {it’s like a scooter that attaches to the stroller so she can just hold on and enjoy the ride}
  • The adjustable handle. I can make it shorter for me or longer for my husband depending on who’s pushing
  • adjustable foot rest for baby
  • The thick tires that don’t have air! They are super durable.
  • soft comfy seat for your baby
  • really good brakes
  • folds and unfolds easily

If you’re in the market for any kind of stroller, I’d highly highly recommend this phil&teds Promenade Stroller. It’s a smart design that you will fall in love with too!

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  1. KIM A


    I don’t know if you are aware of this or even use these pieces, but there is a recall related to philandteds strollers

    Just an FYI