Photo Dump {scenes from my phone}

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I take obscene amounts of photos with my phone. This is seriously a week in my life.

1. I think he liked the Chicken Enchilada Bowls



2. The Husband got glasses. Also, a bit of a beard.



3. #babyabs are coming along. I think I look stronger from the side. Also, we have no closet doors. We had closet doors but they were old and ugly so we took them down. #ghetto



4. Speaking of abs….omg. Muscles are made in the kitchen. Salads are my friend.



5. This was on my Facebook the other day. This is my brother’s page. Bing = life made.



6. We’re working on sippy cups/whole milk drinking. It’s not working.



7. Photo taken 2 days ago at 7 am. She wanted to go out and play with the worms before breakfast. Ew.



8. Taken at Target during nap time. I got him a toy and a pillow. Life was good for the both of us.



9. How we roll at Costco. Also, just realizing the monkey/sasquatch on top of the bananas. Lol.



10. These were taken 3 seconds apart. I have no idea what happened from A to B. Whatevs.

Today, I’m:

  • going to the gym
  • celebrating Blake’s birthday
  • painting the outside of our house (kill me)
  • testing macarons
  • taking one loooooong nap….at least that’s the plan

Have a great day!

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11 Responses
  1. Amy

    I thought my daughter was the only crazy little girl with a thing for worms. It just started three weeks and I have no idea why.

  2. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog

    Such a great post! I take soooo many photos with my phone too, but yours are hilarious, love that you snapped a picture of your daughter playing with the worms, and dang girl, those are some awesome abs!

  3. beth chernick

    i love you!!! i so enjoy reading your blog and waiting for your recipe every day!!! i love your sense of humor! keep it coming!!! thanks you!!!