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Portland Guide: NW 23rd

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Here lies my 2nd installment of my Portland Guide video series! {See first video here.} This time, I decided to include Gordon because heaven knows I love that man. And also, he loves food just about as much as I do.

Anyways, I decided to feature a different part of Portland where I go pretty frequently: NW 23rd. It doesn’t take forever to get there from my house, I’ve figured out my favorite spots and I even have found a certain parking lot that ALWAYS has spots available. It’s one of my favorite little nooks of this beloved city, so I decided to feature it.

Some fun facts about this video: we filmed on a Saturday, so it was busier than normal but I’m not sure you can even tell. Also, I was 8 weeks pregnant and feeling completely awful! Again, not sure you could tell {hope not!} The only thing I actually liked eating were the truffle fries from Little Big Burger. I had to force everything else down. All in the name of love…..or is it food?! Either way, here are the details on all the spots we visited:

1. Sammy’s Flowers. I love that you can create your own bouquets with the flowers they have on hand OR just tell them what you’re looking for and have them throw something together effortlessly. And of course the flower arrangements always turn out beautiful…a skill I do not possess.

2. Moonstruck Chocolates. Another Portland favorite. Amazing chocolate! Also, the warm salted brownie I had in the video is one of the best brownies I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. The drinking chocolate is also divine. They have a few locations around the city, so be sure to pick something sweet up.

3. Papa Haydn. The dessert menu is longer than the actual main menu….which is like the theme of my life. Everything I’ve had here is ridiculously good, especially their desserts. In the video, I had french onion soup {and salad} and Gord had some salmon. They are known for their desserts so be sure to leave room for something sweet.

4. Child’s Play Toys. Just a fun toy shop that has just about everything my little kiddos could want or ever need. It’s always fun to stop in and play! Also: free gift wrapping.

5. Little Big Burger. Small burgers, amazing truffle fries, everything I’ve eaten here is delicious. That is all.

6. Salt & Straw. This is a Portland must. This ice cream shop just has gotten to much buzz based on their interestingly weird flavors. My very favorite is the snickerdoodle ice cream because it has huge chunks of soft snickerdoodle cookies in it. HOW DO THEY KEEP THE COOKIES SOFT? It is a life goal to figure this out.

7. Pittock Mansion. Completely free if you stay on the grounds {and don’t take a tour.} Also, very well kept and pretty! Amazing views of the city 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.44.12 PM

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12 Responses
  1. Joan Monicatti

    Hi – I love NW 23rd when I visit my son in Portland. Thank you for the Portland posts – I have used them when I am out there visiting.

  2. Gerry

    I live in the Tri-Cities up in WA. I travel to Portland every 3 months to get my hair cut (following my stylist who I started with in Kansas, and she just happened to move to Portland, after I moved home to WA) and I LOVE seeing your posts about Portland and the surrounding areas!

  3. Sherri Hall

    I think you need more of this series! My husband is from Portland, where is where we met 10 years ago. We did a mini self-guided food tour of the city earlier this year when I was pregnant. It was so much fun with so much good food! The only place we went on this list was Papa Haydn for dessert, which lived up to our expectations. 🙂

  4. denise Huntsman

    I filled this out and lost it. Bsp Peterson and Mark Lupkin and wives are coming to dinner on Sunday. Wish you were here to fix it fancy. Love you still!!!!!

  5. denise Huntsman

    Way to go , Girl. I love you still and love your posts. Bsp. Petersen, his wife and Mark Lupkin and wife are coming to dinner on Sunday. Wish you were here to cook it up for us. Thanks for being a sweet memory !

  6. Marilyn Brennan

    What a delightful tour; smiling all the while from here. Loved the masks, and his waiting to eat for you to take a picture of his food.
    Thank you for this FUN video!

  7. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    I love NW 23rd. Been going there since I was a little girl. So many interesting things to look at, eat and purchase.
    I love the restaurant Kornblats. It is a Jewish deli and they have the best Pastrami and Reubens. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
    If you were feeling sickly it didn’t show in the video at all. Good job.