Portland Guide: The Pearl District

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If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got some sweet new digs! For the last few months, my site has been in a bit of an overhaul process getting designed, redesigned and totally re-worked to be prettier, more efficient and overall easier to navigate. As we make our adjustments over the next few days, please be kind! We know there are kinks and we are working on them as quickly as possible, I promise!!

Hopefully by weeks’ end, everything will be fast, speedy and ready for lots more browsing…and this headache I’ve had {since this new look went live} will go far far away.

But in the mean time, today I’m sharing something else I’ve had in the works for a while…my first installment of my favorite Portland spots! I get SO MANY emails from people either from Portland or people coming to visit Portland who ask me about my favorite spots to go. SO, I decided to work with my friends over at Buck Studios again {the same guys who did my welcome video} to create a web series of videos, featuring local businesses that I happen to adore.

Press play to watch it all the way through and here are all the details of the stops I made.

1. Blue Star Donuts. Amazing amazing amazing! I highly recommend the plain old fashioned buttermilk donut. If you get it warm and fresh, it will change your life.

2. Lardo. Get the fries. Or even better the dirty fries! Also, any sandwich on their menu. Totally Portland. Totally delicious.

3. Saint Cupcake. Get a variety of mini cupcakes, or ‘dots’. My favorites are the coconut cupcake, the carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting and the salted caramel chocolate. I think these are the best in the city. Other stores are good, but these ones are great.

4. Portland Juice Company. Ok, health nuts. This one is for you. A lot of the original flavors are not my favorite, but come summertime, I need an IV drip of either the strawberry lemonade or the Watermelon Lime Mint!! Seriously, so so good! I also really like the nut milks. In the video, I drank the Lemon Lavender.

5. Powell’s Books. Classic Portland stop. I could spend hours here! And I love seeing my friends’ books on the shelves! {Hi Angie and Sally!}

6. Nuvrei Bakery. Passionfruit Lemonade. Macarons. OMG. That is all. {Seriously, though. Best macarons you will ever eat, evereverever.}

7. Hanna Andersson. Cutest kids clothes, and now I’m falling in love with their women’s line of clothing too. It’s all so comfy. My daughter has quite a few outfits from here and actually has started preferring Hanna Andersson clothing other all the other clothing she has BECAUSE it’s so comfortable. Also, super cute!! Check ’em out.

8. Tilt. Get the tots. And any salad. And the onion rings. And pie. You musn’t forget PIE because heavens to betsy they have the best pie crust I’ve ever had ever. You WILL die and go to heaven. One of my family’s favorite places for a quick bite because it’s so crazy amazing.

There are so many wonderful spots to visit here in Portland, so stay tuned for more!! Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 10.01.12 PM


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19 Responses
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  2. Bryn

    This post was so helpful when my husband had to go to Portland on travel several months ago. I sent him the link and he visited many of your recommendations! Thanks for such a thorough post.

  3. Rachelle

    SUCH a cute video! Portland is on my must-see list and I love all your recommendations here. Especially those donuts … yum!

  4. Deborah

    Well, you know I love your video, and it was so helpful when I was in Portland – I got to hit up a few of these!! Now I just need to go back to hit up the rest!

  5. Kimberly @ The Daring Gourmet

    We go to Portland several times a year and I couldn’t agree more with your recommendations! Awesome video!

  6. Ashley

    I live fairly close to Portland. I am SO going to Tilt soon! Hopefully this Saturday if my hubby and I have the evening free. I can’t wait!

    1. Lauren

      YESSS! And you have to report back!! I love that place. Jalapeno tots and their pie are what make my life go ’round. Also: their salads are HUGE.

  7. Carrie @Frugal Foodie Mama

    I was just in Portland at the end of May, but the only one of these that I made it to was the book store. Which was AWESOME, by the way. Now it looks like I need to plan a trip back. 😉 And oh my wow- I am so jealous of your video skills! I was entranced. 🙂

  8. Jennifer

    Great video! Those fries look delicious. We definitely don’t find anything like that here in Italy. I also spotted my favorite travel flats – Tieks!

  9. Joanie @ Zagleft

    My first visit to Portland was for the Indulge Conference (which was fantastic, btw!) and fell in love with the city. I’m planning a trip back with my husband for later this year and can’t wait to enjoy the city and the wine country with him.

  10. Alejandra

    Absolutely love the video! Portland has been on my to-visit list for a while. Can’t wait to try some of these spots in person soon!

  11. Patty K

    What a fantastic day – hopping from eatery to eatery, taking breaks at a book store and garment store, and then continue hopping! My kind of day!