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Potty Training Blake

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So, you have a toddler in diapers….

Every parent will discover that there comes a time in every child’s life when it’s time to stop buying diapers and teach the skill of potty training.

Some dread this important milestone but I CANNOT WAIT to get it started. It’s really an exciting thing to witness, especially when you can see glimmers of hope of your child catching on!

Perhaps my methods are a little trial by fire and ‘buck up buttercup’ {especially for the parents}, but my method worked for my kids SO quickly {3 days or less}! Of course every child is different and you have to gage when they’re “ready” to start this process, but I have found these tips and tricks to work well with my two kiddos.

You may have a few awful days and then something will click and lo and behold, your child will catch on!

I promise this process to be: frustrating, exciting, annoying but mostly rewarding!

Your child gets a touch of independence and you get to stop buying diapers! Win win!

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