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Pregnancy Update {20 weeks}

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone a pregnancy update, so here she blows 🙂

The biggest news I have to share is we found out a few days ago that we’re having another BOY! We are so so excited for Blake to get a little buddy close in age and for Brooke to get another brother. Since the beginning, Brooke has said that she has wanted another brother so that is what she is getting!

How have you been feeling?

Semi tired, semi energetic. Depends on the time of day which is super weird. I have noticed that my body is responding completely differently this time to pregnancy than any other. Like, my ankles are swelling a lot earlier instead of just during the third trimester. I get achy a lot in my sides. I get weird pains that come and go in random places. This past weekend was my right wrist acting funny. Also, I thought I had to get my appendix out because of some awful shooting pains in my lower right abdominal region that made it hard to do anything. But just like all these other aches and pains, it went away after a few hours. Totally mysterious.

Weight gain?

I think I’m up about 17 pounds?! Something like that. My doctor uses a different scale to weigh me every time, so I’m totally not sure where I’m at. I know it’s getting up there. Oops?! I figure if I can hold steady, I should be able to stay around a 30 pound weight gain. Too bad the majority of that is in my butt, love handles and apparently boobs. This pregnancy has been SO different than my two previous ones. {TMI: my boobs have even started ‘producing’….if you know what I mean. That NEVER happened to me THIS EARLY before!! Its so crazy.}

Exercise? Yay or Nay?

Still trying to get SOME exercise in. I’ll do 1-2 weight classes a week. And all the other days, I do the elliptical machine or recently I’ve really liked the rowing machine. I want to start swimming, but I need to find a better swimsuit that doesn’t look like a bikini.


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Sometimes I’ll crave soda, but besides that, no cravings or aversions to food. The other night though, I could have killed someone for a baked potato. Sooooo, that’s odd. Also, salad made by me sounds disgusting. Salad made by someone else sounds delicious 🙂 Funny how that works. Trying to get in as many fruits and veggies as I can, but most of the time I just don’t crave ANYTHING. Working on getting more iron-rich foods and water into my body. I really need to up my water intake. Part of the reason I like going to the gym is because I guzzle tons of water down. Oh wait. I thought of an aversion: scrambled eggs. If I have to make them, I want nothing to do with them. If my husband makes them, then I can stomach them just fine. Basically, I need a chef to come cook for me.

Baby Movements?!

Oh my heavens, this little boy moves like crazy!! And I’m feeling more and more movement everyday. Gordon has even felt the baby too 🙂 That’s also something that is totally different about this pregnancy than all the rest. I started feeling movement at around 14 weeks. I actually thought something was wrong with the baby because the baby felt so close to the surface! But the doctor said everything was completely normal. Also, on the ultrasound, this little rascal kept moving around and was breech! So head up. He also had his hands clasped together in front of his face and his legs crossed! His profile also looks just like Blake’s profile did when he was a newborn…so I’m so excited to see what this little guy looks like in person!

Other miscellaneous thoughts:

I thought this little boy was a girl for the longest time! And now that we have verification that this little girl is in fact a boy, I’m having the hardest time thinking of baby names! None of the boy names I’ve found sound the least bit appealing. Thankfully I’m only half way through this lovely growth period and we have 20 more weeks to go. Hopefully we can come up with something cute!

We are so grateful to have gotten a full report on the health of our baby and even more thankful that everything appears to be well and just as it should be. It’s a struggle for me to get pregnant and this little man just sort of showed up unannounced unbeknownst to Gordon or I. So just finding out that I was pregnant in the first place was such a huge blessing, but to then get the good news that everything is normal and baby is thriving?! I just am so grateful to God that he has blessed us with a third child. We cannot wait to add another sweet son to our family.

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12 Responses
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    […] Harold and the Purple Crayon–my husband introduced me to this book. It’s a really cute book. When Eddie was in utero, Gordon called him Harold because his profile was just like Harold’s!! Proof here. […]

  2. thefolia

    I recommend this to all mamas-to-be, it has been a blessing for me with my last two births and I wish I new how the “lift” worked with my first one. Back Labor No More, by Janie McCoy King. A must read but remember to be in the place where you want to give birth and the baby has to be in the right position and you will have a baby in no time!

  3. Lora

    Congrats on another boy! You are looking fantastic and I’m glad to hear that everything is a-ok with the baby. (And why, oh why, are your posts not showing up in my feed reader -feedly – I have so much to catch up on!)

  4. Rachel J

    You look great Lauren! So happy to hear baby boy is doing great and everyone is excited. Tech question- I’m no longer getting your posts on feedly. The last update was July. Do you have any idea if something funky is going on with feedly and your site?

  5. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    You will so love having two boys. It is a blast. Gross a lot of the time but a blast. It will be good for Brooke too. After all, she will marry a boy someday and growing up with two will help explain a lot.

  6. Jessica Cali

    You are 20 weeks? Holy cow you look awesome! I swear when I was 20 weeks with my last 2, I was HUGE!

    Found your blog via pinterest thanks to your cheesy chicken spaghetti & I am making that for dinner tonight!! Woot!

    I will most definitely be a returning reader!

    1. Lauren

      From the side I look cute and pregnant but from the front I’m really wide!! Like, things are spreading….it ain’t pretty. Glad you’ll be returning! I’m happy to have lovely, kind readers 🙂