Pregnancy Update {week 15}

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Lauren mirror picture

Here lies the first installment of many Pregnancy Updates I will write for this little fourth baby of mine! A part of me doesn’t think it’s even real because we got used to the idea that maybe a fourth baby wouldn’t be in the cards. But, surprise!! God had other plans and I’m so glad that he did. We are thrilled to get another little one to enjoy. You can read about the first few weeks of the pregnancy and the story of how I got pregnant here.

Weight Gain?

I haven’t really been weighing myself because it seems to fluctuate 5 pounds day in and day out. Like if I work out and drink a half gallon of water, I will weigh more. But ballpark, I think I’m about 12 pounds in. I do tend to gain a bunch at the beginning with it slowing down in the second trimester and then picking up again in the third. Not really *that* worried about it, but trying to stay healthy and hit the gym more often then not.

How have you been feeling?

I am so happy that I’ve been feeling great! No throwing up, hardly any nausea whatsoever and have had a decent amount of energy. Only a few select days do I feel exhaustion catch up with me, but its hard to say whether that is pregnancy related or just regular city living. Most of the time, I hardly feel pregnant, except for not being able to fit into my normal pants anymore. I’ve been able to hide it pretty well up to this point and have been layering my clothes a ton. Still going to the gym 3-4 times a week which has been great! No pain at all anywhere. I do feel a touch of round ligament pain here and there, mostly when I wake up in the morning and am getting out of bed, but the rest of the day things are great. This baby is taking it so easy on me! I’m convinced this is a calm little spirit of a baby that will come out as perfect and serene as can be. Maybe wishful thinking, but Eddie was my hardest pregnancy and became my hardest child to parent thus far sooooo……yeah. Not saying there’s a correlation, but I kind of am. Time will tell!

How are you sleeping?

Just fine! My head hits the pillow anywhere between 10p and 12:30a and I fall right to sleep. Gordon is such a rockstar and gets up with the kids every morning so I can sleep an extra 30 minutes. He needs sleep, but not nearly as badly as I do, so he’s happy to get up a little earlier with the kids. Seriously, what would I do without him? He’s the best.


I work out with my trainer 1 day per week and the rest of the time I alternate between the elliptical, stair stepper and rowing machine. I get out of breath easier now, thanks to my increased blood volume, but once I get going it’s totally fine. Again, doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant, but can’t exactly push myself either. So, I just take my time and watch the Food Network as I go. It’s a nice break. If only I could stop eating those Cadbury Eggs.


Hardly anything to report here! I craved onion rings once a few weeks ago and V8 for a few days and that’s about it. Oh and a Caprese salad at one point too. Nothing really that crazy. I feel very satisfied after eating french fries and vinegary foods (but I totally did before I was pregnant?!) so, who knows?

Can you feel the baby moving?

Not yet, though I can press around my belly and feel the length of the baby just under my belly button. The few ultrasound photos we’ve gotten, we’ve seen that this baby does like to move and suck its fist. In the next few weeks when the baby becomes stronger, those feelings will come, but for the time being, I’m just happy this baby is healthy and thriving.

Porter ultrasounds

Other random thoughts

We have more footage of this baby than any of the first three combined! After seeing the baby’s profile, both Gordon and I were smitten. I just keep looking at it and thinking this kid needs a name as cute as s/he will be. But Gordon and I don’t see eye to eye on names. Of course we have lots of time to figure names out, but there is no name cute enough for this baby. I’m also assuming this one will come on its due date like the first three and either be a bald blondie like Blake or a hairy brunette like Brooke and Eddie. (Hairy as in come out with lots of hair.) If I had to guess, I would say blonde just to even out the numbers, but who knows. Genetics are weird. Brooke has brown hair like me but straight hair like Gordon. Blake is all Gordon. Eddie is all me. Such a toss up. Are there any other possible combinations?

Regardless, I’m so excited to have this brand new baby and hold it in my arms and just stare thinking “of course this is what you look like!”. It’s my favorite part of having a baby, next to getting my full lung capacity back.

Anyways, we will have an actual nursery for the baby which I’m thrilled about in this new apartment and we’ll probably get a bassinet or a mini crib to save space plus a comfy rocking chair to nurse the baby in/fall asleep in. I had a GREAT one in Oregon for Blake and Eddie, but we ended up getting rid of it in the move. So I’m on the hunt for a not-too-expensive-but-comfortable-rocking chair. If you have a good recommendation for one of those, that would be awesome! Leave it in the comments below.

I think that’s it for now! Can’t wait until September 17!

PS-for those asking, this is the top I’m wearing in the photo and it is so so comfy. Jeans are old and non-maternity (and tight!!) and the shoes are awesome flats that go with everything, found here.

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6 Responses
  1. Valerie Ernhofer McCallum

    Hi Lauren, Congratulations on your wonderful news . You look wonderful and sounds like you are feeling well too. You’ve had alot on your plate lately. But sounds like you and Gordon have it all under control. Love and hugs to you all, Auntie Valerie

  2. Ashley

    Congratulations, you look great! I’m 13 weeks and I haven’t bought any maternity clothes yet, but I’ve been looking ….have you found any leggings or jeans that you would recommend? With warmer weather coming, I dread the full panel ones, but can’t find any that I want to take a risk and buy!

  3. Denise Fond

    Lauren, so glad you are having a healthy pregnancy. I was only with you through Eddie, but it seem like your exercise level is much higher, living in the city. Where you previously lived, you didn’t need to walk as many places as you are walking to now. Even if it doesn’t impact your weight gain, you will definitely be in good shape. The new little one is due on my brother’s birthday. Stay healthy.

  4. Lena Boyd

    You sound so delighted and wonderfully happy and feeling well. This is a wonderful experience for the children also, think how their little faces will look when they see this new baby and touch it. Oh how thrilling for all of you. With loving thoughts for all of you, counting down the weeks .

  5. Mary Lotempio

    Thank You for sharing this wonderful, and blessed experience. I remember doing the same thing with Eddie.
    Watching him grow from an infant to now , and doing it all over again with this preciouses baby is truly wonderful.
    And I thank you again for the honor.