Pregnancy Update {week 16}

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Here’s my first pregnancy update! Yippee! I just had a doctor’s appointment a few days ago, so I don’t have a whole lot to report, thankfully! Here’s the latest and greatest.

Weight gain?

I’m up 12-13 pounds, depending on time of day. I mostly see the weight gain in my midsection and caboose. Clothes are definitely feeling tighter. My pants still fit, but they are uncomfortable to button. So belly bands, elastic waisted skirts and maternity pants it is.

How have you been feeling?

The further along in this pregnancy I get, the better I seem to feel. My emotions are definitely all over the place, but physically I feel pretty good. Sometimes, I get very tired by 4 pm and if I’ve been testing recipes and in the kitchen for 3+ hours, my ankles start killing me. Like, I can’t walk. Same thing happens if I overdo it at the gym. So, have to keep an eye on all that. I’m assuming my peak of pregnancy enjoyment will be 20-25 weeks and then we’ll start heading downhill again.

How are you sleeping?

So much better! Like, the bigger my belly gets the better I seem to sleep. Now, if my 2 1/2 year old would hurry up and start sleeping through the night again so I could too!! Sleep regression is real, people.


Still trying to make it to the gym, but that seems a bit tricky to do with my daughter going to some day camps and work deadlines. All that in addition to my husband not being here for this entire month lets me get to the gym about 4 times a week. I figure I can pick it up to 5 days once Gord is home again.


Nothing really to report this week. I’m still having trouble portioning out my food to be smaller in size, so I end up tossing a lot of cereal and other stuff that doesn’t keep. I’m working on it. Also, if I eat one bite too many, I’ll feel sick for the rest of the day. It’s weird, but whatever. Growing a baby is weird.

Can you feel the baby moving?

Yes! And a lot! Especially after I work out and in the evenings as I’m falling asleep. My belly bulges and baby tries to push its way out! When he/she does this, I am able to feel every part of the baby’s body! I have never ever been able to do that before with previous pregnancies this early. I asked my doctor about it {because to me this seems totally abnormal} but he said that it’s totally fine for me to feel movement and bulges and such. More movement means healthy baby. So, all good things happening on the baby front. I sometimes forget that this little human inside of me is REAL and just because I can’t feel every single movement doesn’t mean the baby isn’t thriving or doing well. But when I DO feel little movements here and there, it gets me really excited for the future. January can’t come soon enough!

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Things that have SAVED me during this third pregnancy
  • Essential Oils: mostly the DigestZen and Peppermint for nausea. It obviously didn’t take it away completely but it was a good start to make things bearable. {I have and use doTerra oils.}
  • These pajamas. My husband originally got me a pair of these for Christmas 2 years ago and has since gotten me more and more every holiday because I love them so much. The bottoms have elastic waists and the tops are so loose and flowy! They are the most comfortable pajamas I’ve ever had.
  • Handy Cleaning Service: this is an inexpensive cleaning service that has promotional codes and deals all the time so it’s affordable for me and my cheapskate ways! So I got these nice ladies to come to my house to clean it for me when I couldn’t clean it for myself then entire first trimester. It took me 2 cleanings to find my DREAM house cleaner last year {she’s fast, efficient and super sweet!} and now, I just book her every time. {Hi, Eva!! You rock my world.} They are in a ton of US and Canadian cities, so check them out if you need your house cleaned top to bottom.
  • Plated: I’ve mentioned this one before, just last week! This is a food delivery service that brings you preportioned ingredients to create delicious meals. Grocery shopping with 2 kids while feeling weak and nauseous is like torture. So, picking out what we were going to eat and then having everything delivered to our door was a life saver!
  • My overall lack of caring what I looked like: When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so so excited and had lots of energy. But by week 5, I was feeling SO awful that I just stopped looking in the mirror. Problem solved! If I was going out in public for more than an hour, then maybe I’d try to wear decent clothing. But changing into casual clothes means having to change back into pajamas. And putting on makeup means having to take the time to wash it off. So, I wear less makeup now, but at least I can go to bed right after I brush my teeth.

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Basically, baby is healthy and well! And I can’t wait until my husband comes home from his damn military trainings!

Some Questions for you

Have you felt the baby bulge thing so early on in your pregnancies? I thought it was weird, but apparently it’s a.o.k. And now that I know it’s normal, I think it’s kind of cool.

What are your favorite maternity stores? I’m having little luck with Target and H&M.

Do you think I’m having a boy or girl? We get to find out a few days after Labor Day!

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12 Responses
  1. Shivonne

    I’m also in my sixteenth week of pregnancy, and my husband is in the military. We are preparing for his unaccompanied PCS to Honduras in October. This is my third child, and I too was surprised that I can actually feel the baby moving. I’m luckily thin, and my husband was able to press into my abdomen and feel the baby movements as well. Totally exciting and unexpected. This is the first pregnancy that I suffered from nausea the entire first trimester. No, not just morning sickness but full out all day nausea. We went to Ross for maternity clothing, and I was actually able to find quite a few things I liked and that were affordable (the most I spent on a single piece of clothing was $15.99!). There are nine years between my youngest and this one, so I don’t have anything from the last go-round. Good luck!!

  2. sandi

    DIL is due 9/6, so I enjoy reading pregnancy stories. Best wishes. I will be a first time grandma!
    PS–maybe twins or a big baby for you!

  3. Maryanne W.

    I have been looking for comfy pajamas, so I may buy these that you like! How is the sizing on them? True to size, or not? Let me know, thanks!

  4. Morgan Wuergler

    At first I was against shopping at Motherhood Maternity because their clothes seemed so expensive but lately they have great sales and their clearance sections have been BOGO free. Even their website has the sale items! You should definitely check it out.

  5. Carly

    I love Kohls for Maternity clothes, but always make sure I have a 30% off code. You can always try on-line. I too shop the clearance/sales there. (We’re not cheapskates, we’re thrifty). No matter what, I wish you the best! Good luck!

  6. melissa

    1. I felt my baby more and quicker with my third. I think I noticed it more because I knew what it felt like. The further along I got though I only noticed him moving at night. That could be because I was busy during the day with my six year old and 2 year old.
    2. I kept all of my stuff from my first pregnancy and used it for all. Most of my stuff came from kohls I believe.
    3. I think it is a girl ( but I am horrible at guessing so its probably a boy!)

  7. Lauren

    I have been going to the Motherhood Maternity in Cascade Station WAY too much. They always have things on sale, and my first time there I got a bunch of coupons and freebies. I can’t seem to find anything anywhere else so I just keep going back there!

  8. Hannah

    Stitch Fix Maternity!! I used them all through my pregnancy this spring/summer and they were fantastic! I didn’t have any luck with Target or really any other place. They sent clothes that were super cute & flattering to a growing bump. Also, request the Kut from Kloth Denna Maternity Jeans if your in the market for a solid, comfortable, and styling pair of jeans!

  9. Roxana

    Hey Lauren,

    Yes, this is my fourth munchkin and I felt the baby early! Even faint flutters at around 13 weeks. And one night I could literally feel baby stretching in there and I was only maybe 16/17 weeks. I’m “old” so we had that new blood work done at around 11 weeks and we know what we’re having, but since I’ve never experienced this test we’re going to wait to tell everyone after the ultrasound next week. My doctor told me that since I’ve been pregnant before it’s easier for me to identify baby movement sooner and I guess I did with #2 & #3, but it seems like every time your pregnant it’s a familiar yet new adventure all together. 🙂

  10. Katie

    Old Navy all the way for maternity clothes! Also check out some consignment websites like Twice and ThredUp. Glad you are doing well, you look adorable!