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Pregnancy Update {week 20}

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Lauren with Eddie and flowers

Feels so good to be half way through this pregnancy!

Things keep trekking along. Most of the time I am blissfully unaware that I am pregnant, but these past few weeks, it’s been getting harder and harder to move, making me VERY aware that I am growing a child. Not that it’s a bad thing to realize that I have a baby boy cooking away in there, but it’s a little frustrating to start to lose the stamina, flexibility and energy I once had.

Besides that, still so grateful little one seems to be thriving!

Weight gain?

I don’t know. I haven’t checked since before Easter because I’m scared to see that number. I’m probably up 17 or 18 pounds at this point which my OBGYN isn’t too thrilled about but I DON’T CARE. This is my last baby and I’m just trying to get through this. I keep telling my husband amongst the complaints “I’m so glad this is the last time I have to do this!” That is my saving grace, not just for weight gain but for all pregnancy related ailments that seem to befall me.

How have you been feeling?

That darn round ligament pain has found me again and my body is revolting. I don’t remember it hurting quite this badly when I was pregnant with Eddie, but maybe it did and I blocked it out? That is my main complaint as of now. I mentioned it at my last appointment and my doctor was like “yup, normal. Especially for a fourth pregnancy.” So, that’s good?!

It mainly hurts when I walk, so that’s awesome…living in NYC and having to walk everywhere. Ha! Once I get going it’s not SO bad, but when I stop and then have to start back up again, that is brutal.

I guess the really good thing about all these pains is baby is obviously growing and stretching out my body. Hooray for this being the LAST time I have to do this 🙂

How are you sleeping?

I guess alright, but it’s getting worse, thanks to that round ligament pain. I get woken up every time I turn from side to side. I either fall right to sleep and get woken up from the pain every time I move, or I can’t get comfortable and it takes me hours to fall asleep. There were two times this past week alone I didn’t fall asleep until 2am. Guess I better get used to the lack of sleep?


I haven’t been to the gym since before Easter and haven’t really cared or made the effort to go to the gym since this round ligament pain has gotten worse. My trainer keeps texting me and I keep ignoring him. Ha!

But, I will say I generally enjoy the walks I’ve been doing at least 4 mornings per week after I drop my older two kids off at school. I’ll push Eddie around in the stroller around Central Park for 2-3 miles and then walk home. It’s low impact and once I get going the pain goes away. After I get home, that’s when it starts back up again, but at least I can take the tylenol and deal. Doing my best to stay active.


Tomatoes and more tomatoes! I’ll drink V8 when we have it and will throw tomatoes onto anything. Recently, I made this pico de gallo and have been eating this nonstop. It’s so good in breakfast burritos! (Tortilla, scrambled egg + a few extra whites + melted cheese + pico. HEAVEN!)

I wouldn’t say I have a huge craving for them and I will hurt people if I can’t have them, but fresh tomatoes are the only thing that will really hit the spot.

Have you felt the baby move?

Yes! Not very much but that is picking up steam. The larger he gets, the stronger he gets, the more obvious those movements are becoming. I feel like this is late for me to be feeling the baby move, but I’m not sure my other babies were always facing my spine. I’ve had so many ultrasounds and every time he’s facing my spine. At night is when I feel him move the most because I’m not doing anything else.

Other random thoughts

I am thinking of getting another bassinet or possibly a mini crib for the baby. I’m still deciding. We thankfully have room for a full size crib but I think I’d rather use that space in baby’s room for a comfy rocking chair. Have any of you used a mini crib or have recommendations for a nice, heavily padded rocking chair? I want to be able to nurse the baby while I sleep in it. Looking for something like this, but cheaper.

Also, if you have any cute baby boy names, lay them on me. Through all the ultrasounds we’ve had, I know this baby is so so cute. I need a name to match his cuteness. Looking for short and sweet names that don’t end in ‘n’.

Thanks, friends! Can’t believe in 6 1/2 weeks, I’ll be in the 3rd trimester. Baby day is coming up fast!

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45 Responses
  1. Mary Beth Crowley

    I love the name Michael. It comes from Hebrew and
    means …He who is like God. I can’t think of a better name for a child.

  2. Jeanne Schaedler

    Hunter, Ellis, Evert and Miles. Here are four I really like. To me they represent good strong character and mind. Hope all is well and you are in less pain. Good luck.

  3. Andie

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. That breakfast burrito sounds delicious!

    As for names- I have always loved the names Caleb and Lucas. I absolutely love the name Hudson., but due to my last name (that is a body of water the “The Hudson…”, ) it was nixed indefinitely. lol But of course it ends in “n” so won’t work for you either. (which I understand)
    Sidenote- When did Eddie get so BIG?!! I swear he was still just a little guy and I then skip a few posts and BOOM! Hes like a big little kid.
    Wishing you a remaining safe and healthy pregnancy.

  4. Natalie

    Clark, Davis, Garrett and Parker are my biased favorite (with Logan too, but that one’s out for you). Good luck in the second half! You look adorable!!

  5. Courtney

    I remember you having that round ligament pain with Eddie a lot too. It definitely sounds like its worse this time around. I think in keeping with the first two starting with a B maybe the second 2 could be E’s. Like Eli, Eric, Elliot or Elijah? Hope you start feeling a little better. How excited is Eddie to be a big brother?

  6. Karen

    I saw someone said Eli. If you have a Brooke and Blake and Eddie then Eli would go great. I have a Cody and Wesley. I liked names that ended in “y’s”. Good luck!

  7. Julie

    Two boy names I love are Finley and Gale…Those were some of my top contenders that my husband vetoed for our little. Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck with that round ligament pain!

  8. Lana

    My son and his wife named my grandson Robert. They said it is a name for all seasons. As a little guy, we call him Robby, when he is in high school he can be Rob. As a grown man in business he can be Robert, and down the line he can be Grandpa Bob.

  9. Lauren

    I got this chair and LOVE it. We still use it a ton for reading and rocking since my daughter is 19 months.

    It was incredibly easy to put together and has held up so well. I couldn’t be happier about it!

  10. Richelle

    No cute boy name for ya but I feel your 4th baby pain. My first 3 pregnancies were girls and were a breeze. The 4th was a boy and man did it hurt. I could barely walk by the end…therefore causing weight gain in the third trimester. I would turn around on the scale and asked the dr not to tell me. It was my last baby too and I didn’t want to stress about it.
    I recommend an osteopath sooner than later for the pregnancy pains. I still have back problems from baby #4, 4 years after.

  11. Anita Sharp

    I’m happy that your pregnancy is going so well! It’s fun following along on your adventure.
    Regarding the chair, I saw one similar to your picture on Wayfair.com….I’m looking at one myself for a sitting area in my bedroom!
    Good luck!

  12. Cheryl

    I love the name STEIN for a boy! I have a grandson with the name, and unique and REAL. Not made up..I think it has Swedish and German origins.
    Also Xaver…..Jude……Vin………Wyatt….and Livingston! (Liv.) There now you have some great names to consider.

  13. Nicole

    So happy for you!

    Name ideas: Clark, Jonas, Reid, jesse (means gift), Asher (means gift), Adam, Andrew, Connor, Wes, James

    1. Shelli Bender

      Just curious why not ending in “n”?
      I love the name Luke, I see many suggested it already lol. I had a girl, call her Toni girl❤️
      Good luck momma ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Katrina

    Have you gotten pregnancy support band for the round ligament pain? I had sciatica and round ligament and the belly band did wonders!

  15. Joyce

    I am sure glad you are in good spirits. I like the name Kyle or if you do not want one with a K I like Eric I can not wait to see the little boy he will be darling for your other 3 kids are darling

  16. Heather Ferraro

    Half way already!!! Beau, Emmett, Bennett (Ben for short) and Ephraim were on the top of my list! But we had a surprise girl, who’s name is Paityn… that could be used for a boy too!!

  17. Karen

    Our baby boy will be Asa, due in July. Short, sweet, old fashioned and not common. I’d love there to be a few more Asa’s out there! 🙂

  18. Ashley

    Lately I’m loving the name Theodore or Theo for short. Love following your blog and your beautiful family!

  19. Brandy

    So exciting to hear all the baby news. I’ve got three girls and two boys, 9 and under. My boys are Josiah and Malachi. 😍Congrats!

  20. Valerie

    You have tons you be thankful for. My hubby and I can’t have any children, which is heartbreaking for us. Concentrate on all you have and so blessed to be having a fourth child and don’t complain about no exercising lately, not sleeping well, tired, no energy and ligament hurting now amd then. HA, I could complain about all of them too, but no baby in my arms in the end!!! Just be grateful, like you are, and concentrate on the positives…. Wishing you all the best that life can bring you.

  21. Lena Boyd

    So pleased you are doing well. Loss of sleep can effect you in so many ways, so a lie down, even tho you do not sleep will probably be very helpful to you. Maybe the older children could be with Eddie after they come home from school and you could take a rest before dinner.. Take good care and time really is going by quickly,

  22. Danielle

    I have 4 boys! Logan and Owen don’t fit your criteria but I have a Luke and Will as well! Good luck with the 2nd half of pregnancy!!

  23. Mary

    Two boys in our neighborhood are named Caleb and Gage. They are both fabulous kids so you couldn’t go wrong with using them as a namesake! 🙂

  24. Barbara Blacklaw

    Lyric is my grandsons name and it doesn’t end in n. We get so many compliments on his name and have never met another Lyric.

  25. Jan

    Oops something happened, Jack, Henry, were some I mentioned prior. I just like names that seemed would be great adult names, however my husband named all 3 of our kids, Tina Lee, Jeffrey John, Sarah Jo, all after someone he knew or pieces of family names. He taught school for 34 years, 3rd grade n like easy names for kids to learn to spell…

  26. Jordyn

    We have two girls, so I never got to name a boy, but here are some of the names we considered before we knew the gender: Liam, Cole, Kai, Luke, Colt, Reid, Luca, Cade, Sage, and Eli. 😊

  27. Megan

    I have 3 boys, and 2 have shorter names, Kade and Kyler, just trying to help a sister out! My older sons name is Konnor…see that “K” theme going on, that was not purposeful with the first 2, but we definitely just decided to go with it with the 3rd baby boy! Good luck and thanks for sharing your life!