Pregnancy Update {weeks 18 & 19} + Boy or Girl??

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Lauren pregnant mirror selfieHey look! My belly is getting bigger! Apparently, that’s totally normal for pregnancy. The baby is the size of an heirloom tomato this week {19}. I’m doing this update a little sooner than the last one because I’ll be going in to get an ultrasound of the babes’ parts and wanted to take a vote to see what you all think! BOY or GIRL? I sort of already know but of course they weren’t 100% positive and are doing a 2nd one to be double sure…and will be measuring every body part of the baby to make sure he/she is healthy and growing well. Technology is amazing, yes?

Overall, I’m feeling fine. I’ve been feeling the baby move here and there. Mostly at night. And it’s mostly big fatty movements. Nothing small or ticklish about it. Like, one night the baby was hanging out in my upper left quadrant in my abdominal cavity trying to gnaw it’s way out through my spleen. I kid you not. I never felt like this with my first pregnancy. And, come to think of it, nothing about this pregnancy resembled my first except for the fact that I’m growing a fetus. No matter the gender, this baby is going to be really different from the first.

Still tired.

Still hungry 94% of the day.

Thirsty a lot.

My back hurts from time to time.

I’m sure there’s much more to tell you but can’t think of a thing. #pregnancybrain

Anyways, be sure to leave your comments and I’ll pick a winner next week! 🙂

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  1. Donna E

    I vote BOY! And congrats again on the growing tummy. You look mahvelous dahling, just mahvelous! -Deliberately misspelled so you would pronounce it correctly. 🙂