Pregnancy Update {weeks 28-31}

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30 1/2 weeks
How have you been feeling?

Well, compared to how exhausted I was in the second trimester because of all the traveling, I’m feeling pretty good. But the third trimester seems to bring a whole new level of….how should I put this….pregnancy annoyances?! This round ligament pain I’ve been having off and on is now consistently ‘on’. I never had this with my first two kids, but this little dude is ensuring that I will feel his wrath.  Also, I’ve started feeling contractions {Braxton Hicks 99% sure} and an overall aching in my pelvis area where my round ligaments are causing me grief. It is no bueno. I’ve tried taking tylenol, rubbing this and this on at night, stretching, cursing and generally moving less. So far nothing has really made it go away, though all of this has helped to a degree. I’ve heard that NOTHING can take it away, but giving birth sooooo that’s cool. I’ve looked into going to see a Chiropractor because they can allegedly help with this?! Any other moms and/or Chiropractors out there that have experience with this?

Weight Gain?

I’m around 25 pound so far but am not monitoring this number super closely, mainly because the scale at my house and the scale at the doctor are both 5 pounds different! From here on out, I should be gaining 1 pound a week assuming I don’t eat all the Christmas cookies I plan on making. I’ll probably end up around 35 pounds gained this pregnancy when all is said and done which is a HUGE success considering I gained 60 with Brooke and 50 with Blake. I wanted to stay under 40 with this pregnancy and so far so good! Lets chat after the holidays though….

Exercise? Yay or Nay?

I’m kind of limited to the exercise I can do because of this round ligament pain, but I still seem to make it to the gym 3 times a week. If I get moving, the pain fades away and I’m able to stretch really well. But it always comes back. I refuse to stop going to the gym because I’m 84% sure that’s why my weight gain has been several pounds less than the first two pregnancies. Hooray for healthy choices!!

Belly Button in or out?

I held on for as long as I could, but alas, it’s poking out. Outie until January and then I’ll be back to an innie real soon after that.

How are you sleeping?

I’d say so-so. Whenever I roll from side to side, that round ligament pain zaps me awake immediately because of its shooting pain. Besides that whole mess, I’m sleeping just fine. I can never seem to get enough sleep these days, but that’s kind of normal for the third trimester, I think. If I get about 9 hours, I seem to do ok, but I’d love a nap!!

Do you have a name picked out yet?

We think we do unofficially but 94% officially have a name for our baby boy! We chose 1 family name from my husband’s side and one name from my family’s side…and no B names 🙂


This green juice that my husband makes. It is so beyond delicious. Also: salads, burritos and taco salads seem to be right up my alley. I really am into more salty snacks than sweet. I’ll take a bite or two of desserts, but generally, it’s the savory items that I want to snarf.

Baby Movements?

Lots of kicks, jabs, rolls, stretches and punches happening. This poor boy is running out of room and is making it very obvious to me. His most active time of the day is in the evening, right as I’m trying to fall asleep. He likes making me uncomfortable, but I’m sure he’s just as uncomfortable 🙂

Other Miscellaneous Thoughts?

I had to take my glucose test a few weeks ago which I barely failed, so I had to take another glucose test but on an empty stomach {also called a fasting glucose test}. It was awful!! I was supposed to get my results a few days ago but never heard anything, so I’m assuming no news is good news. Fingers crossed!

The baby’s room is also almost completely finished. I just need to find a dresser that can double as a changing table and we’ll be good to go! I also wanted to get a few prints/artwork for this little guy’s room too, but those aren’t as important.

Only 61 days left!

31 1/2 weeks

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13 Responses
  1. Sarah

    My hubby is a chiropractor and we have 2 boys. He was a LIFESAVER during both pregnancies. Round ligament pain is the worst! Lol, all pregnancy pain is the worst! Chiropractors can definitely help! Look for someone certified in the Webster Technique– that means they’ve got experience with pregnant women 🙂

  2. Vicki

    Please take me off Lauren’s pregnancy email. I am 65 years old and could not ave a child. I don’t want this email, please
    Sincerely Vicki

  3. diana burke

    Sounds good sorry you are feeling uncomfortable I AM 77 YRS OLD and things were a lot different in my day. All you young folks know so much more and can learn so much on the computer. all want say is may God bless you and hope you have an easy delivery with a very healthy baby Boy I love your web sight and learning about you and your family Thank you

  4. lynn

    Try lying down and curl in a ball, or as much as you can, to.relieve the tightening of the round ligament. When your legs are straight you are maximizing the pull on those ligaments.. hope this helps. I am a labor&delivery RN.

  5. Kimberly Jones

    I have totally experienced what you are talking about w/your pregnancy. If you have not found a good Chiropractor yet or a message therapist that can help you this Chiropractor can and has helped and seen lots of pregnant women. Dr Zchon Jones; pronounced Shawn, his dad served a mission in Brazil & liked the Brazilian pronunciation. He’s at Chiropractic Auto Injury Clinic 10555 SE Washington St Portland, Or 97216 503 284-7838 Stefanie, is an awesome,intuitive massage therapist that should be able to help you as well. I hope this helps. If he is too far away from you he may know of someone else in your area. You’re thinking correctly that a Chiropractor could help I would just add a message therapist that is very intuitive and good. Not the feely, good,vacation massage therapist type of people. Also you might consider an acupuncturist.
    Best of luck to you.
    Love your blog

  6. Marlene Maginski

    Hi Lauren…. Love your pictures. The best of luck to you and the new baby.I just wanted to let you know that I made the pumpkin cobbler, and was disappointed. Too much seasoning.It drowns out the pumpkin. It could use more pumpkin. Also, this is more like a pudding cake, than a cobbler. I love the idea of it, but it needs tweaking. I’d love to see what America’s Test Kitchen would do with your idea.