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Pregnancy Update {weeks 30 & 31}

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Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 9.14.32 PMGood news! I have nothing to report this week! Nothing scary or traumatic happened involving the hospital, doctors or bleeding. Hallelujah! In all reality, I do have stuff to report, but it’s really minor compared to all that shiz I had to go through a few weeks ago.

-Baby continues to grow. You don’t say….ย He’s picking up steam and is apparently gaining 1/2 a pound a week until delivery. #yikes

-Along with the baby growing, his movements have changed. He’s not partying anymore and doing his daily Taebo….he’s totally getting crammed. Instead of big movements, it’s more small, slower movements–almost like he’s trying to stretch out his legs and arms and back all at the same time. I don’t blame the poor kid. My uterus is only so big. #truth

-Some lovely ladies at my church threw me a baby shower. It was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Got lots of fun goodies for the baby and definitely made me feel grateful. Not just for gifts, but for the love, support and comfort they bring to me and my family.

-And while we’re talking gratitude, man, how thankful I am that this little guy is healthy, that the damn clomid worked {finally!}, that I have a healthy body to turn food into a baby all while keeping my own body healthy. When you can’t get pregnant and feel hopeless for so long, it really makes you appreciate what you have once things start going your way.

-We’re finishing up the nursery and gathering the last few items we’ll need. Just yesterday we got our carseat and stroller! That made me really excited….I know I just need to enjoy the ride until the very end so this baby is healthy, but ohmygoshimsoexcitedtoseewhatthisbabylookslike!!!!!!

-Also, I’m really hoping this baby is good to his momma and starts sleeping longer stretches at night sooner rather than later. Breastfeeding and all the other stuff that comes post pregnancy was cake compared to the lack of sleep.

-If Brooke is as good to her baby brother as she is to her baby dolls, then we will be set! She is going to be a wonderful big sister! Already, she asks what she can do if the baby cries. And, now that we have the carseat, she has her babies in there all the time, clicked in with blankets and pacifiers! It’s really fun to watch.

-Baby still hangs out in my lungs. It’s uncomfortable.

-Taking it easy still as best as I can. We stay home a lot, but will occasionally roam stores that I know have couches and chairs we can ‘test’ {aka–I need a break}. I know I waddle and walk slow which is annoying to the shoppers around me, but at this point I could care less.

-Only 8 weeks to go! We’re getting excited.


Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.04.48 PMQuestions for you all knowing readers:

-I’m not sure if I asked this one already but whatever: I’ve been eyeing this awesome rocking chair from Pottery Barn Kids. You can see it here. Anyone know where I can get it or something similar to it for like 80% off? $1100 is a little too much for me.

-How long did you all stay at the hospital after having your babies? I stayed 48ish hours after my first, but think I’m going to try to get out as soon as possible. I remember feeling overwhelmed at the hospital, but coming home and feeling so much better about everything.

-I had baby blues for maybe 3 days after the baby?! {I think a big portion of that was it being my 1st and spending so much time at the hospital after delivery.} Anyone know what to do to keep baby blues at bay? There is a bit of biology involved {significant decrease in hormones after baby will make women weepy…or so I read.} Any tips to get over this quick would be appreciated. My nurse the first time was wonderful and let me sit in a jacuzzi tub at the hospital two days in a row while my husband held the baby in our room. That was really nice.

I think that’s it for now.

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19 Responses
  1. Jen

    I’m about a month behind you pregnant with my first baby (also a boy) and in addition to checking out your tasty recipes, I love seeing and hearing about what to expect next with this pregnancy! Hope the remaining weeks go by quickly and easily for us both ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Megan

    I had my third little boy in August, and one week later, my oldest started Kindergarten (so, pretty crazy time!). After my second little boy, I had bad postpartum (for a good chunk of his first year). I vowed to not go through that again. What worked for me was cocooning. I stayed home as much as possible! The baby could nap, I could get work done, and there was usually time for some rest. I also made sure to eat super healthy. I have felt amazing this whole time and have really enjoyed my three boys!

    God bless!

  3. Loretta | A Finn In The Kitchen

    I had our baby at a birth center, so we were back at home within 6 hours!

    Also, I didn’t do it, but I know that you can get your placenta encapsulated and that helps tremendously with post-partum depression. Seems a little crazy, I know, but I’m planning on doing it if I am lucky enough to have another.

  4. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    I was in the hospital for less than 48 hours and i would have appreciated a longer stay. I had my son at 10:58 pm on a Thursday and was discharged on Saturday afternoon. Apparently if you have a baby close to midnight, that counts as your first night, even if you don’t get to your room and get settled until 4am. With a vaginal delivery you get two nights in the hospital (or at least with my insurance). Our son was in the NICU and luckily they let us take him home. While being in the hospital is full of interruptions, I still would have appreciated more time to get to know our baby with support from the hospital staff, especially since our son went straight to the NICU and remained there until discharge. Oh well… it’s all good now! It was nice coming home and having more space and privacy.

    Sleep deprivation is not a game! I think the first 8-10 weeks were horrible, but after that it got better overnight. I don’t even remember our son’s newborn days because I was so sleepy. How do these people do photo shoots and all that stuff? I couldn’t even figure out what day it was.

    I think I felt a little baby blues for the first month or so. It wasn’t horrible and I realized that I was being irrational at times, so I would just ask people to watch the baby so I could take a nap or watch something stupid on tv.

    Breastfeeding was hard for me for the first two or three months, but now that my son is 7 months old it’s so easy! I’d actually rather nurse than offer solid food… but I have to do solids, so I do.

  5. Alice (@mumsmakelists)

    Lovely pics.

    I think I was scared to leave hospital but so wish I had got out of there much quicker – everything so much better at home.

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Baby Shower a linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby – Alice @ Mums Make Lists xx


  6. Laura Neff at Savory Sweet and Satisfying

    I know Babies R’ Us carries that type of rocker and does not cost as much as Pottery Barn.

    As for hospital stays. My first I was there for 4 days, due to a c-section and some other troubles. My second I was there 2 days.

    Good luck with everything!

  7. Brooke

    I had the same rocker dilemma. Here’s what we did: http://ekoorbsnave.blogspot.com/2013/02/nursery-projects-deets.html

    Also, I had the same concerns about the baby blues. I’m planning on having my placenta encapsulated. I list some resources for that in Portland here:

    I’m due tomorrow, so I hope to have an update on the encapsulation soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Charlyn

    I don’t know if you have a Buy Buy Baby store around you but I am pretty sure that I have seen something similar there when I went to one. Or you might be able to try Babies R’ Us/Toys R’ Us. I tried looking on Buy Buy Baby’s site but couldn’t find what I was looking for but I know I have seen some chairs in their actual store that looked like the Pottery Barn ones. Hope this helps!

  9. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    Glad everything is going well! The ‘damn clomid’ made me laughed. Hospital stays went like this for me 48 hours with our first (I think?? It was so long ago), 24 hours with our second because we wanted to get home and 48 hours with lil man. If you have a natural (i.e. non surgical) delivery than typically you can get out in 24 hrs with girls, if the dr gives a green light … since you’re having a boy… if your lil man has any snippage you’ll likely have to stay for 48 hrs.

  10. Lindsey M


    I was also drooling over the pottery barn kids glider…. But there was no waaaay i was going to spend that kind of money on it.

    This glider from target is BEAUTIFUL. super comfy, perfect for nursing. I think there are other colors on there too…

    And it is the only one i found that was upholstered in cotton! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Megan

    With my first baby I was in the hospital for 36ish hours and with the second just 11 months ago I was there for no more then 24 hours it all depends on how your delivery goes and if they will sign you off early cause you have no problems.. So that is just my experience.

  12. Lauren

    I haven’t had a baby yet, but my sister-in-law just did and they kept her for 48 hours too. My husband’s in medical school and he says that they like to keep you for that long now, but who knows. Maybe your hospital will let you out earlier ๐Ÿ™‚ It probably depends on their policy

  13. Mom24_4evermom

    That glider’s gorgeous! Sorry no idea of a clone, but lots of empathy on wanting it. I was in the hospital 5 days with my oldest, 24 hours with each of my next 3. For me, it was much, much better being home. My hubby took a week off when each of ours were born and we didn’t allow visitors at the beginning. Worked well for us.

  14. Ashley

    these are not exactly the same, but with a cheaper price tag http://compare.ebay.com/like/111007576483?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar
    http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dorel-Rocking-Chair-Choose-your-Slipcover/13229908?findingMethod=rr hope this helps some

  15. Lisa

    I was home in less than 24 hours with my 2nd child. I just had to get the pediatrician to OK it, due to slight jaundice. I just wanted to get home to my own bed! Everything is easier the 2nd time around…..except that the laundry seems to expand exponentially!

  16. Meghan Finley

    I say ditto to the Stork Craft. They are budget friendly and super comfy.

    Also read today about eating your placenta to beat postpartum. Some celebrity was boasting about it. Never heard of anyone I know doing it but it’s a different concept. (Sorry if I just really freaked you out)

  17. Amanda

    This isn’t exactly like the Potter Barn char you love but


  18. Katie Lynn

    Honestly anyone who is ‘annoyed’ at an obviously pregnant woman walking slow needs to get over themselves. It’s the one universal pass: old people and pregnant ladies. You’ve got a long time to go till you get to the former, so enjoy the latter while you can.

    As for depression, ask your doctor about taking vitamin D. It’s surprisingly helpful in keeping you happy. The other is to make sure you get plenty of sunlight if it’s available. Other than that I’ve got nothing.