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Pregnancy Update {weeks 25, 26 & 27}

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How have you been feeling?

cannot for the life of me get enough sleep!! I can sleep for dayyyyzzzz. I’ve just finished up my 2nd trimester and find it amusing that I’m ALREADY TIRED. I had a few good weeks somewhere in the middle, but beyond that, this pregnancy has been tougher than my first two {from what I recall}. Maybe I’m just becoming more of a baby? No, no, that can’t possibly be it!

Also, the general ‘sick to my stomach’ feeling is back. Not nearly as severely as the first trimester, but it’s definitely a thing. I’ve tried to pin point certain foods that make me feel sick, but I can’t put my finger on it. Also, I had a touch of heartburn two weeks ago that lasted maybe 3 days? It was weird, but now it’s gone away. SO STRANGE.

Pregnancy in general is SO STRANGE.

Weight gain?

Up 24 pounds I think. I thought it was more, but according to my doctor that’s all I’m at…so hooray for that! Hoping to keep everything under 40 which seems totally totally doable at this stage in the game. As long as I keep my shiz together and keep on hitting the gym and doing my body pump I should be good!

Exercise? Yay or Nay?

Yes and no. I’ve still consistently made it to the gym every week, just not as frequently as I’d like due to my work and travel schedule I’ve been keeping. After this Chicago trip {I’m currently in the windy city as I type}, I’ll be done traveling until baby!! So I should be a regular at my gym again. I’m excited to get back to my regular schedule.

Belly Button in or out?

I’m holding strong with my innie, but it’s only a matter of time before it pops. You can see the outline of my belly button in t-shirts I wear, but it’s not fully sticking out yet…if that makes sense.


No. I don’t really crave anything anymore. Or so it seems. I’ve just been feeling blah. I find when I eat a salad, that makes me psychologically feel better, but that’s about it. Don’t know what’s up with that.

OH WAIT. One day last week, I was craving plain ruffles chips and chive and onion cream cheese. Together. Like, you dip the chips into the cream cheese. Very strange but GLORIOUS.

Baby Movements?

Ohhhhh yesssss. There’s a party in my belly all the time. He gets a little peeved when I eat, probably because I’m giving him less room to work with, but beyond that, he’s a relatively active baby. I feel definite movements and shifts at certain times of the day. Most active is in the evening. And he is also all up in my lungs.

Other Miscellaneous Thoughts

I was reading all my baby updates when I was pregnant with Blake and it is crazy to look back and slightly eery how similar everything has been! For instance, this past week I noticed the baby was head down. Well son of a gun that’s the exact week Blake flipped around and was head down too! SO NUTS. You can read Blake’s baby updates here if interested.

That’s basically it for now! 2 trimesters down, 1 to go!! January can’t come soon enough 🙂

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3 Responses
  1. Lynn

    Looking good Lauren! When I was pregnant with my daughter, yikes 25 yrs ago, I was nauseous from morning to night. Dr advised ginger ale & nibbling saltine crackers (no salt because I swelled up like a balloon). It worked! I actually enjoyed my 3rd round of growing a baby after that!

  2. Traci Crowley

    Keep up the good work, mama! You look fantastic. I also kept up with my usual gym routine throughout my entire pregnancy and it really helped me during labor and postpartum healing. Body pump is my favorite! Congrats to you and your sweet growing family 🙂

  3. Glory Gooding

    You looks soooo good. I also was extremely tired during my 3 pregnancies, you look great Lauren! Keep up the good work. That Baby will be her before you know it!