Random Musings for a Friday

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Well, hello friends! I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, so I thought I would invade your newsfeed/inbox/life with what’s going on in my little realm. Also, see #10 and comment below!

1. So, my son isn’t a baby anymore. My husband took the above photos yesterday on the way to pick up Brooke from the bus stop. He’s officially an independent little boy who loves cars, balls and anything else he can throw. Baseball is in his future. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep until 2017.

2. Yesterday and today, we came to Hood River because last night I taught a class about my 72-hour kit at our church. And by taught I mean rambled and talked about how my husband think the world is going to explode. I perspired the whole time. It was grand.

3. Also in Hood River: my in-laws. Meaning–>impromptu date with my hunny and NO KIDS! Say whaa? That never happens.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 8.45.24 AM

4. So, obviously we went out at 4pm and got double scoop ice cream cones to ruin our dinners. Reckless adults, we are.

5. I think I got wrangled into seeing Disney on Ice again. I took Brooke last year with one of her old friends and ridiculous questions stemmed from the entire experience. “How come Ariel doesn’t have a fin?” If she had a fin, she couldn’t skate. “But how can she swim without a fin?” You do know we’re not UNDER THE SEA right? Bah!!

6. Speaking of Brooke, she’s doing fine and dandy in Kindergarten with Mrs. Disco. That’s not really her teacher’s name, we just call her that…because we are the annoying people that do that. Also, we’ve enjoyed meeting all the parents at the bus stop. NOT. I’m so anti-social/awkward in new situations.

7. Does that make me a bad person? No. Yes. Maybe?! UGH.

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 8.45.31 AM

8. Incase you were wondering, Brooke still knows how to do her crazy eyes. A skill she will never forget.

9. I’m running out of ideas on what new recipes to create. YOU GUYS. I never thought I’d see the day…

10. Needless to say, I’m taking any and all ideas or suggestions. Comment below 🙂

11. I think we’re going to see this movie this weekend. Also, I might attempt to recreate my grandma’s cabbage roll recipe. I have no starting recipe to work from, soooooo that should be fun.

12. I also will make ice cream too. Because lets be honest, there can never be too much ice cream. #doublescoopsfordayzzz

13. I somehow injured my left rhomboid muscle {the muscle right by my shoulder blade}. I thought that it was my scapula but alas, it was not.

14. I googled ‘pain under shoulder blade’ which led me to an article stating reasons there could be pain in my left shoulder blade. The #1 reason was ‘injury’. YOU DON’T SAY. Thanks for that groundbreaking discovery, google.

15. BUT, the #2 reason was aging. YOU GUYS!  Talk about a kick in the pants.

16. Back to crying myself to sleep. Oi!

17. Hope all your rhomboids are doing better than mine. Ouchie!

Anyways, hope you all have a fabulous weekend, friends! I’ll be back on Monday with that Bruschetta Chicken recipe you’re all dying to get 🙂 Yippee!

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29 Responses
  1. Bruschetta Chicken - Lauren's Latest

    […] other news, the rhomboid pain saga continues. Click here if you don’t know what I’m referring to. The pain is getting worse which is always fun. […]

  2. Emilee

    I have a three month old and he doesn’t care that there are four other people in the house that want to eat at dinner time. So lately I’m on the lookout for slow cooker recipes or things I can make or prep ahead to make the work at dinner time minimal while still getting a meal on the table. Otherwise we have “fend for yourself” which means cold cereal and snacks.

  3. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog

    Love this recap, you have an awesome way with words 🙂 For some reason I’m a totally slacker in the lunch department, I make dinner and we usually have leftovers for lunch, but I’d love some lunch recipes that I can make for my hubby and I to take to work, something that reheats well and doesn’t take a billion hours to prep 🙂

  4. Maria

    I mysteriously hurt my shoulder too a few years back, it brought tears to my eyes when driving the pain was so bad. Physical therapy with a little massage therapy did the trick. Sorry, it stinks to have any back/shoulder pain. More soup recipes would be great. I’m also trying to crack the recipe for the pumpkin muffins at Panera. I keep trying different ones, but they aren’t the same 🙁 they are a family favorite. PS – your kids are super cute!

  5. Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Hi Lauren, I love reading your blog! I’m a vegetarian with a meat loving boyfriend so I would love some more ideas of what to do with chicken drumsticks (these are his favourite) so that I can win best girlfriend points 🙂

  6. Marina

    Re-visit some recipes in the archives, dust them off, freshen or lighten them up, few new photos, add a new twist. That’s always interesting to me. Also, I’d like a recipe that incorporates a pound of multi-colored carrots which are languishing in my crisper right now!

  7. Alison

    I’d be interested in some healthier casserole/one dish supper ideas … also cake decorating tips, if that would fit with your blog theme!

  8. Kathyj

    Hello – love your blog. I missed the recipe for ‘chocolate dipped sweet treats’
    That was posted 2-3 weeks ago. It had Rice Krispies and several other ingred in the mix, then it was to be chilled before making into balls and dipping a mix of choc chips + one other ingred.

    I would love to have this recipe. Thanks, k.

  9. BusyWorkingMama

    Ahh, the google. Never a good answer to be had! In terms of recipes…it is fall…something with squash or pumpkin please! I didn’t discover squash until my 30s and it is one of my favorite vegetables!

  10. Glory

    No.1 That’s a baby! And he’s gonna be a baby for a few more years! And that girl, almost not a baby, but still baby-ish! Mine are big guys, 17 & 13, and I miss having a babies….so much!
    No.7 You’re not a bad person, just anti-social. Antisocial is not bad. I am antisocial and I’m a good (ish) person. I think.
    No.9 Soups. It’s that time of the year.

  11. Lynn

    Lauren you never cease to amaze me! I love your blog, and I can’t believe how handsome Master Blake is!! Look out girls, he’s gonna be a heartbreaker!
    I’d like to see you do crockpot food! Yes, I said food, as that gives you the entire spectrum from appetizer to dessert! I’m stuck in a recipe rut, so anything you make will be yummy!! Love your ice cream cone. It’s worthy of a spot in my screen saver!!

  12. Gina

    Thanks for sharing! How about recipes for those who are trying to eat more veggies – especially in the winter – but aren’t necessarily vegetarian recipes?

  13. Pennie

    Little Blake is so adorable!! And Brooke …. just like her momma … sweet and funny!
    I’d LOVE a Cabbage Roll Recipe!!
    Hope you have a great weekend as well!! It’s Thanksgiving over here in Canada!!

  14. Paula in Colorado

    I love the white shirt Blake is wearing. My little grandson is almost exactly the same age. He needs one. Where did you get it?

    How about some soup recipes? (Sadly, I only like the creamy, fattening ones!)

  15. mel

    How about breakfast bars or breakfast cookies? I have an oatmeal bar recipe from the prune growers website (no joke) but its a bit too much fiber to have regularly (lol didn’t intend the pun). Super easy and every time i make it i think “Lauren could make this better.” plus the prunes scare some people away but the basic recipe is easy and tasty. Its quick too.

  16. Sew Create It - Jane

    Getting older suck doesn’t it…Had a root canal today so I feel your pain…kinda… :o) Cabbage rolls sounds delicious haven’t had those in years…Haven’t had veal parmesan in years too…any take on that?

  17. Rachel J

    No recipe inspiration to offer, buuut just wanted to comment that like always this post had me cracking up. That ice cream looked amazing! Always opt for the double scoop (insert thumbs up and ice cream emojis here). Have a great weekend with your little fan Lauren!

  18. Carolyn Clack

    How about an old fashioned vegetable soup? With and without beef! My mom used to make it with potatoes and barley both. She also used some cabbage.