Rockaway Beach Weekend

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A few weeks ago, my cute little family headed to the Oregon coast {in very similar fashion to last year’s trip, at around the same time} for a long weekend. We stayed at a vacation rental in Rockaway Beach, a teeny tiny coastal town, and fell in love! It’s small, but very charming. It had 1 small grocery store, a few ice cream and candy shops, lots of antique stores, a handful of great restaurants and some other fun little quirks like the pirate themed market on Saturday where at least half of the city was dressed in pirate clothing. Not even joking, you guys. We headed down to the beach Saturday morning and started seeing swarms of people pirates. We were like “what in the world is happening?” so obviously we followed them and realized that it was a Rockaway Beach thing. They even shot a cannon every 15 minutes and kept yelling “Y’arrrrrr”.

Oh the things we saw.

One thing I realized this weekend was that motherhood is exhausting but so very rewarding. Gord and I balance each other out and I very much appreciate that we are equal partners in this whole parenthood thing. There were very early mornings and very late nights because the kids somehow are hard wired to know that vacation means little sleep. But Brooke and Blake are such wonderful, happy, healthy, smart children. I’m so lucky to be their Mom. This vacation helped me realize that I am so grateful to have people call me wife and mother.

Here are some photos from the trip. All detailed recommendations for Rockaway Beach are at the bottom of this post. Yay, Oregon!



This boy could play all day in the sand…or as he calls it “trucks an’da dirt!”








Look at those baby blues!! This boy is already a heart breaker!



Fresh crab for dinner, cooked there on the spot for us! Oh how we love Kelly’s Marina!


I made Gord stop driving and pull over so I could take a picture of this sign….because I’m still immature. But, it’s funny, right? RIGHT?
Perfect summer dinner!


We tried getting more photos of all our ice creams together, but this boy couldn’t care less.
The view from our vacation rental. So gorgeous!
Brooke wanted to go to a brunch spot called Grumpy’s Cafe, but Gord and I wanted to stay at the rental for breakfast because we brought food with us! Didn’t want to truck it all home. So, I made her a perfectly grumpy breakfast. She did not think I was funny.
Blake however, did.


While the other 3 of us were freezing on the beach, this girl couldn’t be stopped. “It’s so hot out, Mom!” LADY, what are you talking about? She was boundless energy. What a ray of sunshine this girl is, especially at the beach 🙂




My new favorite restaurant. It’s a hole in the wall, but GLORIOUS. I’d drive 2 hours back to get the chowder daily if I could.





Our vacation rental was AMAZING by the way. This tub!!! Omg.







Driving home, passed out completely.
Of course we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory before our long drive back to Portland. We love this place 🙂

Rockaway Beach Recommendations:

Old Oregon Smokehouse–get the chowder and fish and chips. I’ve never had better chowder than I have here. It’s incredible.
120 US-101
Rockaway Beach, OR
(503) 355-2817

Kelly’s Marina–crabbing and fishing! Everything here is suuuuper fresh. I want to eat it allll.
29200 Hwy 101 N
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
(503) 368-5745

Sea Breeze Gifts–ice cream and salt water taffy sold here! {It’s the bright purple building}
102 Highway 101 S
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

The house we rented right here. Not good if you want privacy, but so beautiful and updated.

Polaroid photo of granola bars

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6 Responses
  1. Michele

    Hi Lauren
    We started following you on Twitter. ASO is a global meeting corp. & a 5 star travel concierge.
    We’re very curious about the state of Oregon. Paticularly Portland for group travel. Whats the weather in Spring/Summer What type of weather is it in Winter. Nov. – March? Thanks. You’re a great blogger. Congrats.

    1. Lauren

      Rainy and a little chilly in the winter months, less rainy and warm in the summer but completely bearable year round!

  2. Chels R.

    This has been my home away from home for most of my childhood. My family owns a beach house just like 2-3 blocks from the little grocery store. Please tell me you went to Flamingo Jim’s because that place is so fun! I can’t tell you how many times I wasted my allowance away in that store, lol!

  3. Kori

    I just love your travel posts. I live here in Vancouver, WA and your pictures really highlight the loveliest part of the destination and the food. Thank you for always sharing!

  4. Gabby

    We road tripped along the Oregon coast last year and loved every bit of it. We missed this little town but it sounds adorable. Love the pics.