Snow Day!

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A large brick building

Last Wednesday, school was cancelled for my two older children because it was storming out! SO MUCH SNOW was falling (and fast!) that we just planned on hunkering down and waiting it out, snuggling on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn.

Just when our day seemed to be all planned out, Gordon’s work schedule got adjusted because of the weather and he was able to stay home too!! So we played inside and even braved the very snowy storm outside, up on our roof! It’s a little windier up there, but totally safe with deeper drifts that we wouldn’t find on the streets. So here are a few photos taken from our fun, family afternoon in the snow! My favorite part of these photos? If you look closely, you’ll see Eddie with one boot and one shoe on! We looked around the apartment for 30 minutes trying to find his other boot to no avail, so we just threw a shoe on him and called it good. Parenting at its finest!! For those of you wondering, we did eventually find his boot a few days later…under the triple bunk bed, behind our under-the-bed storage containers. How it got there, I’ll never know.

Lauren and Blake building a snowman

Lauren and Blake in the snow

Lauren in the snow
My husband threw a snowball at me and then immediately took a picture.

Gordon and Eddie in the snow

Eddie in the snow
I love his curls peeking out from under his hat!
Brennan family in the snow
The only problem with having a strong husband with big muscles…enormous snowballs that he can throw around like its no big deal.
Eddie sitting in the snow
Mr. Shifty Eyes.
Eddie sitting in the snow
Do you notice the shoe and the boot?! I laugh at this photo every time I see it.
Eddie and Blake sitting in the snow
Let’s add a brother to this photo 🙂
Brooke Blake and Eddie in the snow
And a sister!

Lauren and Eddie playing in the snow

Helpful Links

For those of you wondering, all three children and I have Hunter Boots. They are completely waterproof and with the fuzzy sock inserts, become really warm winter boots too. I love them! We use them in the rain and snow and would highly recommend them. The kids boots are unisex, so I fully plan on keeping them ALL and having every kid wear them as their feet grow. Mine are the shorter, non glossy red boots. I’ve had my red boots since before I was pregnant with Eddie. Still in great shape!! Brooke has the taller boots with the buckles in orange. Blake has the ‘classic’ pair in hunter green. Eddie has the cutest yellow pair too.

Also, Eddie’s snowsuit was $29 off Amazon. I already bought him a coat and didn’t want to have to spend a ton on something else he would only use a handful of times. Best investment ever. Seems to be really warm.

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