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Summer Burritos with Pico and Guac

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Happy Monday, friends! I’m here with another Plated meal!

Oh my heavens, how my husband raved about these burritos. They required zero cooking and were filled with fresh veggies and guacamole with a side of pico.

Last week, I mentioned that since I got pregnant, I’ve started cooking with Plated boxes because they have been a life saver for me. You pick out a delicious recipe, and Plated sends you all the fresh, portioned food right to your door so you can recreate them with little time or effort at home.

Catch my first Plated meal blog post here…it has more details.

Anyways, here are a few photos of these fabulous burritos. You can see the recipe card in the background of a few of these shots 🙂 And keep in mind, I only used salt, pepper and a little olive oil from my pantry. Everything else was sent to me.






I was super impressed that this avocado was perfectly ripe!










This was such a fast and easy meal to throw together and between the four of us, we somehow managed to have leftover pico AND guacamole!! Amazing on our scrambled eggs the next morning if I do say so myself.

Anyways, if you’d like to try the Plated service use this link here! {Or feel free to recreate this recipe at home!} For the month of August, Lauren’s Latest readers are getting a buy 4 plates get 2 more plates free deal which is a steal. I know I’m taking advantage of it. Be sure to click through and check out what’s on the menu for this week to see if anything looks good. Brooke has already claimed the Chicken Vermicelli Bowls all to herself and they haven’t even arrived yet. Yes, she’s just a little excited. Lol!

Have a great day, friends.



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  1. Rebekah Smith

    I use Blue Apron but we cannot pick what meal we want. I want to try Plated and see what they have. This looks amazing BTW!