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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

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Brennan Family at a NY Yankees game

Earlier this week, we were able to take our kiddos out to a Yankees game! Gordon had the day off work and got a steal of a deal on tickets, so off we went!

While it was so so hot in the direct sunlight, it was so fun! After we got some ice water and a few hot dogs in us (chicken fingers for me!) the clouds started to come with a light breeze and it became so much more bearable…dare I even say enjoyable! Blake loved following along on the jumbotron and watching the instant replays and Eddie was mostly just happy to be looking around, pointing out the airplanes flying by and clapping along to the people cheering ‘lets go yankees! clap clap clap clap clap‘. I wish I was able to find the helmet nachos I had previously heard about but alas could not find them/was too hot and sweaty to care. I was *this close* to getting a few helmet ice creams to share, but after seeing a few people around us get them (and get completely covered in a sticky melty mess) I decided otherwise. Did I mention it was boiling hot?!

Brooke understood most of the game and didn’t want to leave after 5 innings, even when the rain started pouring and the game was delayed. Funny girl! The boys were pretty much spent after 2 hours so we skipped out and took the subway back home. Got caught in the rain walking the 3 blocks home, but it felt pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Overall, such a fun afternoon. Glad we were able to check this off our bucket list!

Below are a few photos we snapped of the whole experience. Have a great day, friends!

NY Yankees game from the seats

Blake wearing a baseball hat

Brooke watching the baseball game

Eddie pointing to something at a baseball game

Gordon and the kids at a NY Yankees game
This photo makes my heart so happy!! I love my little family!
A young boy eating a hot dog
This boy ate his entire hot dog. He’s never done that before in his entire life. Nathan’s hot dogs are where its at.
A group of people sitting around a baseball field
Running out of room on my lap…but doesn’t seem to mind.

A group of people sitting at a baseball game

Eddie clapping

Eddie clapping

Brooke, Blake and Lauren at a baseball game

Eddie watching baseball

Brennan family at a baseball game

Gordon and the kids walking on the sidewalk

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5 Responses
  1. Micki Ladenhauf

    Absolutely beautiful family . I love how you guys are always doing everything together . Not many include the kids. It’s all about the memories no matter the age. #yankeesfan 🤗 -Micki

  2. Susan Crawford

    So cute…those pics of Eddie…his eyes just sparkle. Love the one with his sweaty hair showing under his cap …eating his dog! Those are the best. Your family is so cute…can’t wait to meet (see pics) of baby #4. Glad you got to Check that off your list and super excited that y’all know How to do the game! All the clothes Hats eats etc. I know they can be a snooze fest but I’m such a people watcher …keep me happy for hours.LOL

  3. Lena Boyd

    Your family is so precious, be very proud. To sit in the hot sun, Brooke is certainly a baseball fan, does she play, if not, wishing she could.
    You all seem to enjoy everything so much, I know the rain felt so good. Perfect ending to a perfect adventure…