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Tasty N’ Sons {Portland, OR}

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IMG_0133Last weekend, my little family and some friends headed into Portland for Saturday Brunch at Tasty N’Sons. You guys. AMAZING FOOD is HERE. IMG_0135I got some chocolate donut holes to start and only ended up eating half of one of these bad boys because I’m not going to ruin all my hard work with my trainer. The creme anglaise that was underneath these guys was pretty dreamy! The outside was slightly crunchy and the inside was soft. IMG_0147To counteract that sugar from the donut, I also ordered this meat board. Also, I heart charcuteries of all sorts. I had no idea what everything on here was, but the salami…and it was amazing. I ate it all, pretty much. IMG_0153I also ordered a salad. It was so-so. Pretty to look at, but so-so. IMG_0157My daughter got the french toast with blueberry maple syrup. I wanted to eat it all. Yes, that’s whipped cream on top 🙂 Mmmm….IMG_0160My friend Stephanie got this. I forget what it’s called {Tuscan…something?!} and it looked amazing. Crispy potatoes with greens and look at that piping hot fried egg! Talk about dreamy! IMG_0167Troy {Stephanie’s husband} got this as a starter. Homemade biscuits filled with lots of bacon, eggs and cheese.IMG_0175My husband got this beauty: a fried chicken biscuit with cheddar cheese and a fried egg. It was decided by everyone at the table that these biscuits were the best part of the entire meal. I wanted to trade my salad for plain biscuits. Seriously some of the best and most buttery biscuits ever. IMG_0183Troy also got this steak and eggs skillet with a jalapeño corn flapjack underneath it all.

Overall, a great meal with lots of yummy good for all. If you’re going to go for brunch, I’d recommend the biscuits. Just get all the biscuits they have and thank me later.

If you’re in Portland and need a place to go, try out Tasty N’ Sons.

3808 N Williams, Suite C
Portland, OR 97227

580 SW 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

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  3. Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    Just wanted to let you know your photography is (well always) AMAZING but especially in your restaurant photos. If I ever get to Portland I will know who to ask for restaurant recommendations 🙂