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Ten Years Blogging!

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Lauren sitting on a park bench

Hi friends! 

I wanted to pop on here with a quick pre-holiday post to tell you all THANK YOU!!

This month marks TEN YEARS of blogging! I can’t even believe it. So much has happened with my life and this little blog of mine in those years.

We added three more kids to our family, we moved from Idaho to Oregon, back to Idaho and now New York, we’ve bought (and sold) two homes, Gordon got a great job, got laid off from said job, got his masters and landed his dream job, I reached milestones online, have made and shared thousands of recipes, have consumed even more calories (😬🙈🎉) and have found my place and my voice online.

I probably am not the most popular blogger you follow online with the largest following and that’s ok. My purpose and goal isn’t to be the most popular (though the more the merrier!) It’s to provide the highest quality, most reliable recipes so you can have more confidence in the kitchen.

So, for all of you who have followed along for however long, THANK YOU for trusting me to be a part of your day and for being wonderful and positive and supportive of me and my family. We read every comment, every email, every Instagram message and appreciate it all.

That’s it 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget to find me on Instagram for more NYC fun in real time.

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1,890 Responses
  1. Erin in IA

    Congrats on 10 years!! Loved watching your family grow and found your recipes easy and yummy!
    I commented on the pumpkin bread, have it saved to make.

    1. Terri Hanway

      I posted on the Shortbread blog. Empire biscuits my all favorite. LOve & your family & watching your little ones gets bigger. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes, your my go too when I’m not sure what’s for dinner! 10 years & getting better ! You look wonderful! That smile speaks a thousand words 😊💜😊

  2. Holly Ivie

    I commented on your Super Mom Stir-Fry post. Thanks for all the delicious recipes over the years. They have been great additions to my family dinner menus. Some of them have become family favorites we make all the time.

  3. Betty Jo

    I commented on your pumpkin cheesecake dessert! It will be a new addition to our thanksgiving desserts this year! Congratulation on 10 years! Looking forward to following you for 10 more!

  4. Megan Otruba

    I posted on your Banana flax muffins post! It’s one of my kids favorite recipes, and it’s got great fiber for my little guy!

  5. Sherri Cohen

    I commented on the Halloween Oreo pumpkin cheesecakes!! Can’t wait to try them! Happy 10 years of blogging!!! Here’s to the next 10!!!

  6. Morgan Koontz

    I left a comment on your chocolate pumpkin bread recipe. I made it last week and it was so good! Thank you for having the best cooking blog! Every time I need a new recipe or in need of finding something to make for supper, I come here and find the best recipes. Congrats on 10 years of having a successful blog. I have no doubt you will have many more!

    1. Jacqueline Matteson

      I left a comment on your twice baked sweet potatoes. Those look amazong. A just found your page through a friend and surfing through recipes found this giveaway. Your amazing for doing this. Congrats on 10 years blogging.

  7. Lisa Shira

    Love your web site. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for all you do as a busy mommy ,of four growing hand. Your family is important to you, I can see it in all the pictures you share. Good luck to everyone, in the $1000.00 drawing.

  8. Ashley Schlatter

    I commented on the creamy tomato bisque recipe (which I will totally be making because, yum!) Happy 10 years! Loved following you for the last 5!

  9. Linda Brocki

    Hi Lauren,

    I just left a comment on your french toast sausage. My 2 year old loves them. I love all the recipes. Thanks for the last 10 years.

  10. Carol

    I posted on your All Butter Pie Crust post. I love your easy recipes. Congratulations on 10 years! And Congratulations on baby #4…love seeing your sweet family navigate life in NYC!

    1. Stephanie Whitaker

      I just love you!! I look at your page every single day because there are always amazing recipes I want to make. And you’re so fun and I feel like I would want to be friends in real life if we lived close. Haha not a creeper, promise!

      Oh and I left a comment.

  11. Sarah J

    I left a comment on your bruschetta post. Hands down a favorite app! Congratulations on 10 years! I love following you, your recipes and your growing family!!❤️

  12. Lyndi

    I left a comment on your pulled pork. Pulled pork is one of my go tos when I don’t know what else to make. I’ll have to try yours!

    1. Salamonia Mametieff

      I left a comment on your pumpkin pie recipe that’s made with sweetened condensed milk, I’ve never seen a recipe like that before, I’m definitely going to be making it for the holidays, thank you for sharing your recipes. Congratulations to you on 10 years of blogging.

      1. Sommer Lynn

        Commented on the yummy Sunday meatloaf!

        Would love to finally win something for the first time ever! I have a new little baby I could shop my wishlist for! Thank you so much for the opportunity and if I dont win congrats to the winner 💕

    2. Erika Adkins

      I commented on ur b-q recipe along with your apple crumb breakfast cake. I made it with the apples we picked from our local Apple Farm. I love following your family pics and post. My husband and I have 5 boys. CONGRATULATIONS on the handsome little boy.

  13. Allyson Cathey

    I posted on the pumpkin donut recipe. I’ve always felt like donuts are a hard thing to make but those look so delicious I think I’m going to be brave and try!

  14. Lindsey Gaona

    Left a comment on the Baja fish tacos. Your dessert recipes have been a go to lately! Thank you!
    Congratulations on 10 Years!

  15. Kristen

    I left a comment on the strawberry, avocado and kale salad because I love all of those things! I’m also excited to try the pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving!!

  16. Lisa Cicchitti

    Love your blog!! I have enjoyed making several of your recipes in the past. 👍 I commented on the peanut butter & banana bread Facebook post…it looks yummy!! Going to make it soon! 😋

  17. Juju K.

    Congratulations on 10 years of blogging and sharing your wonderful recipes! I posed a comment on your shortbread cookies—I love that I have all the ingredients on hand—I’m looking forward to making them soon!

  18. Jessica Smith

    I left a comment under your Peanut Butter Fudge recipe. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and look forward to many more amazing recipes during the coming years!

  19. Tammy Trice

    I commented! I love the recipes that you share and they are always a hit with my family. Thank you for also sharing your family with us too.

  20. Jill

    I left a comment on your “Creamy Ranch Chicken Casserole” post. Although I use many of your recipes, that is my favorite one! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    1. Tina jones

      I commented on shortbread cookie recipe. Can you tell me where to find Lavender extract. I really want to try this suggestion. Congrats on your blogging anniversary.

      1. Kim Ellmore

        I left a comment on your Fail Proof Pumpkin Pie recipe from November, 2016. We love pumpkin pie.
        This is a great contest for all of your fans. Thank you for thinking of us.

      2. Liz E

        I was going back through your recipes and posted on the 25-MINUTE BAKED POTATO SOUP one. We LOVE it and it’s become a comfort food staple in our house for cold nights here in Portland. Thank you for being authenticity you and sharing your life through social media! It’s so much fun to follow along. 🙂

    1. Abigayle

      Congrats on 10 years and bany Porter. I have left a comment on chili recipe. Yumm, yummy yum!! Thanks for being amazing. I look forward to your post and awesome recipes!
      Abigayle Davenport

    2. Jennifer

      I left a comment on you Hungarian goulash recipe. It’s going on my meal plan for next week. Congratulations on ten years of blogging. That’s great!

    3. stephanie diaz

      I left a message on your Mac n Cheese recipe that I have been wanting to try for myself and for my 2 picky Mac n Cheese eaters… Just worried that I would be making it for 1 person.. Well maybe that wouldnt be a bad idea..😔😔😔

      1. Majda Kelley

        I left my comment on the no bake chocolate chip granola bar. It’s the best recipe ever and my girls love them. It was nice to see my comment there from 30 weeks ago. 😀

        1. Marci Cottrill

          I left my comment on which salad would you take to a picnic?
          I said I would take the broccoli salad! 😘
          Congratulations on 10 years! 😊

      2. Gisele

        Hey Lauren, congrats for your 10 years! I sincerely love your blog and your ideas, have been following you since 2012, have tried many recipes (and u certainly have saved many dinners 😂) Here is for another 10 years 🍾 😍 XOXO, from Brazil 🇧🇷

    4. Ryann

      I left a comment on your Maine trip! Loved all of your pictures and information. This is definitely a place my husband and I would love to visit.
      Thank you for sharing and for doing this giveaway!!

    5. Janet Walker

      Hi, I commented on the Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler. I love pumpkin and pecans. All of your recipes are mouth watering. Thank you for being thoughtful to your followers.