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Ten Years Blogging!

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Lauren sitting on a park bench

Hi friends! 

I wanted to pop on here with a quick pre-holiday post to tell you all THANK YOU!!

This month marks TEN YEARS of blogging! I can’t even believe it. So much has happened with my life and this little blog of mine in those years.

We added three more kids to our family, we moved from Idaho to Oregon, back to Idaho and now New York, we’ve bought (and sold) two homes, Gordon got a great job, got laid off from said job, got his masters and landed his dream job, I reached milestones online, have made and shared thousands of recipes, have consumed even more calories (😬🙈🎉) and have found my place and my voice online.

I probably am not the most popular blogger you follow online with the largest following and that’s ok. My purpose and goal isn’t to be the most popular (though the more the merrier!) It’s to provide the highest quality, most reliable recipes so you can have more confidence in the kitchen.

So, for all of you who have followed along for however long, THANK YOU for trusting me to be a part of your day and for being wonderful and positive and supportive of me and my family. We read every comment, every email, every Instagram message and appreciate it all.

That’s it 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget to find me on Instagram for more NYC fun in real time.

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1,890 Responses
  1. Celeste Blinn

    Congrats on 10 years! I left a comment on your triple chocolate homemade brownies because they are literally the best. Love them, love you!!

  2. Nannettte Minchey

    I left a comment on the Cinnabun cinnamon roll recipe. Happy anniversary! It doesn’t seem like 10 years. Congratulations from Utah.

  3. Morgan

    I commented on your slow cooker beef stew recipe! Thank you for sharing your life online with us. You truly feel like a friend (even though we don’t know each other personally! 😉 )

  4. Emily

    Happy 10 years! I enjoy following you and look forward to many more! I left a comment on your sugar cookie recipe. They look like absolute perfection! Can’t wait to try!

  5. Emily

    Left a comment on your pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple glaze because they’re heavenly and everyone needs to make them! I love your blog!!

    1. Sara

      Left my comment on your family section, post from October 10, 2019; thank you very much for the opportunity to participate. Love from Argentina. 💕

  6. Kim Gates

    I posted a comment on the family post from October 10,2019. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome gift. Love all the post and recipes. 😊

  7. Madeline

    I posted on the chocolate chip cookie post. A family FAVORITE! Thanks for doing the giveaway and congratulations on 10 years of blogging!!

    1. Rosemary Burgos

      Morning, came across you years ago during a difficult time and have been following you ever since. Love all that you do. Posted on your lasagna recipe. 💖

    1. Catherine Morin

      I left a comment on your spinach artichoke dip recipe. I’m going to have to make that this weekend. Looks delicious!!!

    2. Megan Pickens

      Congratulations on your big milestone! I’m so glad I found your blog a few years back! Thanks for sharing your love of cooking. Commented on a different post too.

  8. Cindy Wilcox

    I posted a comment on your lemon bar recipe. They are a favorite of mine and my kids do not try to eat them all (more for me haha). Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! Lots of bloggers start out but few are able to make it a long term thing, I always love reading what you have to say and your recipes never disappoint! Thank you!

      1. Beatriz Rodriguez

        I left a comment on ypur Pecan Pie which is my favorite. The recipe looks so easy. It looks so yummy, can’t wait to make it.

  9. Jessica Lee

    Left a comment on your delicious banana bread recipe. Thanks for creating so many delicious recipes and being the first place I come to when I’m looking for a new recipe! Congratulations on your 10 year blogging anniversary!

  10. Katie L.

    I left a comment (with a horrible misspelling) on your Vegetable Minestrone with Pretzel Sticks recipe. It’s one of our family’s favorites.

  11. Lisa Vanner

    Left a comment on your homemade Alfredo sauce recipe. It looks absolutely amazing and great comfort food for the cooler weather. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Kara

    I left a comment on your (truly) Amazing Baked Ziti recipe. This is quite the giveaway 🤯 Love you and your sweet family so much, Lauren! I haven’t been here all ten years but what an accomplishment. Love following along with you and enjoying your recipes 🖤 Thank you!

    1. Miranda Headrick

      Can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I’ve made many of your recipes and love them! I commented on your candy cane cookie recipe and cannot wait to make them this Christmas! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with the world!