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Thanksgiving made Easy

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Lauren preparing groceries for Thanksgiving

Special thanks to BJ’s for sponsoring this post!

I’m taking it easy this Thanksgiving. While I am super thankful for things like food, diet coke and indoor plumbing, I am most thankful for the time I get to spend with my husband and children. Last Thanksgiving (and Christmas) Gordon had to work. Total bummer. But this year he has Thanksgiving off! So, I’m taking all the shortcuts and easy roads when it comes to preparing for our Thanksgiving meal so I can spend more time with my family.

What does this look like for me?

Logging onto delivery.bjs.com a few days before Thanksgiving, ordering all my Thanksgiving groceries from BJ’s same-day delivery service and having them delivered that same day. Instead of going to the store and waiting in lines with all three kids, I can select fresh or frozen turkey, stuffing, potatoes and anything else I need for our Holiday meal with BJ’s same-day delivery, select a time for delivery that works for me and pay.

Lauren looking at her phone in front of a building Lauren looking at her phone

Once my shopper arrives, I buzz them into the building and they deliver all the groceries right to my door. We’re in a walk-up, so anytime I don’t have to lug groceries up the stairs with my huge stroller and three kids is a good day. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but grocery delivery is one of the amazing things I love about city living. It’s so darn convenient. I love it!

Holding a pie

This Thanksgiving, I ordered:

Lauren holding a frozen turkey

BJ’s mantra this holiday season is “helping members live joyously”. Food brings me joy. Cooking brings me joy. Wasting time at the grocery store with other cranky shoppers? Not so fun. So, I took the digital conveniences BJ’s offered and ran with it.

For a city-living lady, I have come to rely on and expect same-day delivery. Before living here, I never thought I could have all my Thanksgiving meal fixings delivered to my door, but this is New York and I’m pretty sure there is nothing that couldn’t be delivered to you here. BJ’s knows this and basically allows its members to shop wherever, whenever and however they want, including the holidays!

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4 Responses
  1. Barbara

    What a great concept…,I believe Save On does offer this service to us here in Kamloops,BC I have not tried as yet….will have too try it one of these days… …it’s worth our time that’s for sure.

  2. Lena Boyd

    We do not have this Food Service here, but wishing .. Our local Grocery does a pre-order meal for a great price and is delicious, of course it is already cooked.. I really like your service, would like to prepare my own, just not the hassle of shopping and all that hassle,