The Bongo Room {Chicago, IL}

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IMG_0234While I was in Chicago, I went to several restaurants, but decided to only write about my favorites. First up: The Bongo Room! After looking at their menu online, I knew I had to check this place out. Amazing food, ya’ll!

Above is my Tomatillo Egg White Scramble: chicken, spinach, egg whites and tomatillo salsa! It was SO SO good. A little bit on the spicy side, but perfect with those fresh tomato slices and toast.IMG_0236My friend, Amy, got a Chorizo Potato Avocado Omlette with a side of these house potatoes. They were covered in dill, so I LOVED them. And pretty much ate them all off her plate. #mooch #dontevencare #friendsletfriendseatofftheirplatesIMG_0238And here’s a look inside the omlette. It was basically an egg burrito filled with yummy goodness. IMG_0252We also got some pancakes. Take a gander at these babies!! Can you guess the flavor of these ones? White Chocolate & Caramel Pretzel Pancakes! I saw these on the menu and DIED even before I ordered them. And then one bite was all it took to fall in love!! They were dreamy. The white chocolate sauce with caramel made these for me. So good.IMG_0253And, because I have no will power, I also ordered these Red Velvet Hotcakes. Also dreamy. The sauces on both these pancakes MADE them. So good and really decadent.

Believe it or not, between my BFF and I, we only ate about 1/8 of each kind of pancakes. They were huge.

If you want to check out The Bongo Room, I’d highly recommend it. Especially the white chocolate & caramel pretzel pancakes. For sure.

1470 N. Milwaukee – Phone 773.489.0690
Blue Line (Damen stop), #52 Milwaukee Bus (Hoyne stop)

5022 N. Clark – Phone 773.728.7900
Red Line (Argyle stop), #22 Clark Bus (Winnemac stop)

1152 S. Wabash – Phone 312.291.0100
Red, Orange, Green Lines

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2 Responses
  1. Amy d.

    “The Bongo Room” to be said with a British/Australian accent.

    I’ve been dying to go back since you left, I want to order just the white chocolate Carmel pretzel pancakes, and them all without shame. That was such a fun day. :-). Thanks tootz!