The Four Seasons Seattle

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Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Sign

If you follow my tweets or instagrams, you know that last weekend, we headed to Seattle to hang out with some friends, see Wicked and stay at this gorgeous hotel I like to call The Four Seasons.

We arrived around 6pm Friday evening and were greeted so warmly by the hotel staff. Gordon and I actually said to each other “Are they all this nice?” We only met a handful of the staff the few days we were there, but every last one of them was nicer than the next! It was amazing how hospitable, helpful and friendly they all were.

We ended up getting a room on the 6th floor with lots of windows! Come take a peek inside:


This is my husband doing his model walk down the hallway. Yes, there was this nice long hall around the corner from our door {which had a doorbell–>which my 3 year old took full advantage of….}

Hotel Bedroom

Walking into the room, we saw a number of things: this nice big comfy king sized bed {which was delightfully huge compared to our queen that we sleep on at home},

Hotel room table

some yummy late night snacks,Bed in hotel room

my little one’s roll away bed with her own robe, slippers and…

A stuffed animal sitting on a bed

a cute little monkey friend she carted everywhere! She rightfully called this little dude “Seattle”. I thought it suited him rather well. {Notice the ferris wheel lit up in the background!}

Couch in hotel room

Beside the bed was this chaise which would have been lovely to read on…if I had brought a book. Which I had not.

Hotel bathtub

In the bathroom, there was a ginormous tub,

Bath robes

a few robes for Gord and I,

Hotel Shower

a huge shower,

Hotel samplers

and these cute little soaps and shampoos. I don’t know why I love these mini bottles so much but I do.

Gordon watching the mirror tv

Gord’s favorite part? The TV in the mirror! How crazy is that? If we had this at our house, we would NEVER leave the bathroom. Like EVER.

Gordon helping Brooke put on slippers

My daughter wasted no time getting comfy.


These slippers were hard to get off her feet to go outside! She wanted to wear them everywhere!

Brooke in a bathrobe and slippers

She also made good use of that robe!

Brooke lying on a bed

It didn’t take us long to wind down and head off to dreamland. This baby girl was totally out within 6 minutes. Now, that is a good sign of a tired girl and a cozy bed!

Gord and I were feeling a little under the weather, so we went to the concierge to see if they had any airborne or Emergen-C. They didn’t, but sent up two glasses of orange juice at 11pm with a guy who said “I hope you feel better soon!” –>So nice, right?

Citrus Mint Tea

The next morning we headed down to breakfast at ART Restaurant which is right off the hotel lobby. I got a little herbal tea to soothe my throat and became obsessed with the tea bags. Aren’t these the coolest things you’ve ever seen?

Citrus Mint Tea

It really doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy. Clearly.

Brooke coloring

The server brought a bunch of crayons and a fun coloring book to the table which Gordon almost took for himself.

Lego eating utensils

They also brought these lego utensils too! How fun are these?

green smoothie

After the tea, we ordered some green drinks. This is a drink with apple, lemon and spinach. So simple and so yummy! This made me want to go out and buy a juicer right then and there. Behind this one was an avocado smoothie with a shot of protein powder. My husband feels manly when he has “protein shakes”. Is that a boy thing? Whatevs.

orange smoothie

Oh, and this carrot drink!! I stopped by the Four Seasons back in June for BlogHerFood and had this amazing carrot drink which they recreated for me! It’s not on the menu, but guess who buttered the manager up and convinced him to make it for me? Uh, THIS GIRL. So so good. I’ll be sharing the recipe soon 🙂 Promise!

cereal in a bowl

Now for the food! My little one couldn’t resist the fruit loops…haha! Just like her Dad!


We knew she wasn’t going to finish that whole bowl of cereal, so we got her some waffles too. Aren’t these so gorgeous for a kids portion? I was blown away.

Bagel sandwich

Gordon ordered a bagel sandwich made with a fried egg, lots of bacon and hollandaise sauce. Totally ridiculous and decadent!

Breakfast plate

I tried to be a little healthier and got some scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes {which were super juicy and sweet}, chicken sausage and hash browns. Of course I love potatoes in any form, so I just about fell off my chair after one bite of these hash browns. Crispy outside, smooth and creamy inside. HEAVEN.


All through breakfast, my daughter was being a ham…as per usual! So, these were taken within 1 minute of each other while I was saying “No, smile nice!!” over and over.


This sort of works….


this still looks relatively happy.


Yup, she’s getting fed up of her paparazzi mother.


And this photo is just unfortunate all together. I plan on printing it and using it for blackmail purposes in 12-17 years.

Donut Holes

After we were done our main courses, we got a few doughnut holes too. I do it because I can. And who can resist doughnut holes?

Donut Holes

These were fresh, warm and pillowy soft! I wonder if I could convince them to give me this recipe too?! These were divine.

Brooke with cotton candy

And, because the doughnuts were not enough, we got cotton candy! A certain someone was in heaven.

Monkey stuffed animal with cotton candy

Yup, it was Seattle! He went to town.

A view of a city

The view from our room was pretty stellar.

A building with a pool table

To the right of our room, we could look down at the year round *heated* pool and hot tub. This was a few floors down where the spa and gym were located. Next time I make a visit to Seattle, I’ll have to go down there…..and get a facial. Not work out.

A city street filled with lots of traffic

Here’s another view of that rainy Seattle morning.

A close up of a busy city street

And looking the other way down the street. I love all the trees lining the trees! So gorgeous!

If you are ever in Seattle and need a place to stay, I would highly recommend the Four Seasons. It’s everything you want in a hotel and more! When we go back, that’s where we’ll be! Here’s all their info:

Four Seasons Seattle
99 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
+1 {206} 749-7000
Twitter: @FSSeattle
Facebook: /FourSeasonsHotelSeattle

ART Restaurant
99 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101
+1 {206} 749-7070
Twitter: @ARTRestaurant
Facebook: /ARTRestaurantSeattle

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  3. Tracy

    Yes, we are all nice in Seattle and not just a the 4 SH. Glad you enjoyed our city even though I live across the Sound close to Bainbridge Island.

  4. Bryn Broussard

    Hi. Can you tell me what type of room it was. Partial-bay? Delux-bay? Suite? Thanks! I don’t want to book and risk my husband being bummed if his room doesn’t have the toilet tv!

  5. Jolene (

    Nice hotel, and what an amazing looking breakfast! I’d love to go to Seattle one day. Also, your daughter is funny 🙂

  6. Emily @ She Makes and Bakes

    I stayed in the Four Seasons in downtown Miami years ago for work, and it was the best hotel ever. I’m still dreaming/drooling over it. Love.

  7. Bonnie

    The Four Seasons looks like a nice place to stay. The food pictures look so good. I would love to have that omlet right now with the tea. I have never seen tea bags like that do you remember what kind of tea it was?
    You have a cute family and I’m glad you all had a good time…..Thank you for the pictures and review.

  8. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable . . I’m glad they put up with us photographing mommies. . but mine gets like yours after too many too! 🙂 Also, what a great review and post for the Four Seasons! Loved this!