This Season of Motherhood part II

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screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-10-44-33-pm Well, friends, I don’t know what to tell you. I meant to publish Part II right after I first published Part I, but I got preoccupied with yelling/cleaning/cooking/procrastinating/rushing/working {also known as Mothering} that I didn’t get around to it. What can I say?

I want results from everyone but myself. I’m trying to be better.

But I will say that THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT! {Probably not}.

Here lies my second installment of This Season of Motherhood:


When I wrote part one, I had a baby that was adjusting to life outside the womb. Well, he’s adjusted now and quite enjoys army crawling, food throwing and squealing {but really screaming} for no reason.

My floors of the carpet and hardwood variety are the exact opposite of clean. Crumbs, cheerios and baby food everywhere. Come on over and be horrified.

The baby only naps twice a day, but has started sleeping 10+ hour stretches at night. Halle-freaking-lujah. This has been a long time coming…like since I got a positive pregnancy test.

Even though my baby is now sleeping well, you’d think I would be better rested, but I’m not. I’ve got 2 other kids, ya know. Daylight Savings really screwed me over there.

Exhaustion is always imminent come 3pm. I mean 2pm.

This basically means that I’ve lost the will to do anything but eat. That diet of mine is going GREAT!

My three year old is getting really good at telling me “but Daddy said I could _____” or telling my husband “but Mommy said I could _____

That kid has eaten thrice as much Halloween candy than anyone in this house.

He also continues to surprise us with his knowledge of construction vehicles, his newfound love of sweatpants, his ‘tired walk’ and the amount of happiness he exudes at preschool and only at preschool.

The seven year old likes to be a drama queen at inopportune times. Basically, 10 minutes before any major life event, such as school.

I continue to struggle to keep my life together. On Monday’s I do amazing. By Friday, things get questionable.

I try to clean my house on Saturday’s. But I usually am too busy policing overseeing the kids’ chores that I only get around to Windexing half a window.

Speaking of chores, I’ve literally washed, dried, folded and put away ALL the laundry there was to do for the week exactly once since we’ve moved into this house. That’s since June, folks.

Dry shampoo and I are becoming BFF’s. My baby is 9 months old. I thought by now, I’d actually get around to showering more frequently?! WHATISEVENHAPPENING.

I’ve gotten smarter and instead of having library books with 17 months of accrued late fees, I just don’t go to the library anymore. #bestmomever

For date night, I literally just want to go to the Lazy-boy store and sleep. Why spend time together here when we can spend time together in another dimension? This is not a good argument, according to my husband.

Is it socially acceptable to ask for naps for Christmas? Don’t answer that.


Anyways, there you have it! Surely that made you feel better about YOUR life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hide in the pantry and eat some nutella.

Have a great day 🙂


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41 Responses
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  2. Barbara

    Oh Lauren….you have taken me back to the days. My children are 32 and 41, and those days shine brightly in my mind still. At 68, (yes, you will get there ONE day!!) I look back over those younger years with great joy! I remember asking my mother, when in her 60’s, if she felt old…and she replied…”of course not, I feel like I am 30! Her words fresh in my mind. And I, also, feel like I am 30 and I ready to hit the world running again. Thank you for sharing your family and your life with us. You are truly a great addition to our lives. Bless you and the family in your new life! Barb

  3. Kristin

    Lauren I echo the previous comment “keep up the good work”!!!! Here’s what I see… your honesty and humor are priceless!! You are telling the story of every mother who has walked in those shoes and wore dry shampoo to cover up the fact that you put others’ needs ahead of your own. Secondly, your children are smiling in EVERY picture so you must be doing something right!! Thirdly, there is NO shame in asking for a nap for Christmas!! For that matter you can ask more often. When I was in the trenches with a new husband and new baby 12 years ago life was pretty unenjoyable a lot of the time, we would always say “making memories!!” ???? Looking back I don’t remember much of the bad, but a whole lot of good. I’m thankful for that, and my child was smiling in most of his pictures too. I’m rambling but my point is time does go by SO fast so try to have as much fun as you can with those sweet little people! All of us older mothers of the world are cheering you on!!!

  4. Betsy Raymond

    Lol. Spot on. You’re like the rest of us oh my goodness! Loved this, made me laugh and brought back memories with the exception of dry shampoo. That wasn’t around for me so I’m a little jealous! Happiest of holidays!

  5. Heather

    This is me too! Your not alone! Exhausted momma of 3 here! With over flowing laundry baskets that we dig through for the days clothes 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving from Florida!

  6. Crystal

    As I was reading your post, I was flooded with memories of when my girls were little (they are adults now). I was laughing through it all remembering I felt that same way. Hang in there. You will eventually sleep 🙂

  7. Jenny Ledford

    Lauren, I think you are amazing with keeping your household running and coming up with these incredible recipes which I love and share with my friends. Ten years from now, nobody will remember if your house was clean and everything done but your kids will remember the wonderful Mom who gave them the attention you gave, just take one day at the time and it will get easier as your little one gets older

  8. Judy D.

    Lauren, when things reach the point where you’re headed for the pantry and giving into a nutella binge…think ahead, really far ahead, like when the kids will be all grown up. My kids were close together in years (1, 2 and 3 years old). There were times when my husband came home from work and I’d go outside and just sit in my car…I needed to “escape” The “kids” are now 40, 41 and 42 years old. I can barely remember those times I needed to escape. 🙂 It all turns out great…just keep taking deep breaths and feel free to visit the pantry as often as needed…you deserve it. xoxo

  9. Chrysti

    Oh my, how I can relate! My kids are 4, 2, and 10 months. Except my 10 month old still wakes up 1-2x every night. I never knew I could be so tired or that my expectations of myself could go so low, haha!! They can drive me crazy during the day, then when I see them sleeping soundly like cherubs, my heart could burst with love. Thanks for posting so others like me can know we are not alone! This too shall pass, right?!?

  10. Grace

    YES!!! All of this. Exactly what it looks/feels like. You still look amazing through it all! How on earth?? I’m so asking for naps for Christmas. So fun to see you on Jimmy Fallon!!

  11. Pamela Sorensen Stewart White

    You have such a beautiful family. It puts me back a few years, well maybe more then a few. I am a older lady that follows your blog and I love your recipes. I also enjoy hearing about your trips. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  12. Sue McKnight

    Well… they say, as long as you have a sense of humor, you can get through anything. And, honey… you’ve got it.
    Hoping it does make you feel better…I feel infinitely better after reading Part ll of your motherhood journey. I see Erma Bombeck in you❤️ (Still miss her)

  13. Barbara

    I am the mother of three grown boys….. I can relate to your every day when my guys were young…they were a handful….sometimes wonder how did I do it all work ,kids and sports….enjoy them now as time flys…you have a lovely family….it gets better

  14. Andrea Heinrichsohn

    In 20 years from now, you will sleep at night and the floors are not covered in crumbs. But the children will find something else that drives you mad. Like not telling you where they slept last night. Or joining a non-Christian group. Or are getting married with the wrong girl/man. But 30 or 40 years from now you will be trying to keep your thoughts to yourself and say: “They are grown up now.” I know, because I am 76 years old and I have been through everything you are talking about. But looking back, I wouldn’t miss a day in the girls and boys lifes. Thank you for telling me the troubles you are going through. Most people keep it to themselves and they grow old and feel like they are alone in this world. Keep me in the life you all have together. God bless you!
    Andrea Heinrichsohn.

  15. Karla Winsheimer

    I can relate 100% to this! Nice to know we are not alone in the world of motherhood. I have the 7 year old drama queen and the 3 year old candy-eating crazy boy also. I felt like I was reading about my life in your blog minus the baby. Thank you and have a good day!

  16. Nancy

    Oh I remember it well. When my third was a baby I was just sooo tired all the time. It became all I could do to just make sure everyone lived thru the day.
    It does get better.

  17. Tiesha

    Nutella makes all the problems go away! I love your honesty Lauren! Like you said, everything will get better when baby is sleeping. You rock!!!

  18. Sue

    Lauren you are 100% right on all aspects of motherhood. I wish I could go back to that crazy, exhausting days (my youngest baby is 25). It goes so fast except at the moment. But you will look back fondly & laugh about it all. The laundry & dirty house will always be there but not your babies.

  19. Elaine Gates

    You are so real, just love it. I was there once. I was fortunate to develope an extended family that helped a lot by pitching in. Hire or exchange sitting with a friend and take some ME and WE time with hubby, sounds like it is needed.

  20. Teri

    I love the article it gives me some hope and makes me feel better about my life. It’s hard to take care of a child with no help. You are lucky to have a wonderful husband that helps you out. I have a little question how did you get your son to sleep his nights? My son is now 13 months and wakes at least once or twice a night. I’ve tried the cry it out and it doesn’t work, honestly nothing works with this kid :(.

  21. Sarah Jane Jennings

    I so totally relate to this! I have two sets of twins (5 and 2 1/2). I go to bed every night wondering how people balance life. Taking care of kids, a house, being a wife and having a job (I have a small catering business). Life is busy, crazy, wonderful, beautiful and exhausting all at the same time! Glad I’m not the only one struggling with keeping it together????

  22. Lynnette Cahill

    That was great, and a fantastic reminder of my life not that long ago….well at least it doesn’t seem that long ago! When people tell you that you’ll miss those days…they’re lying or in denial! I have two in college and one in high school, you’ll miss the sweet and sloppy kisses, the chubby hands and cheeks, but never the messes and exhaustion! I love the relationships I have with my boys now that they are older, and I’m looking forward to the sloppy kisses and chubby cheeks of grandkids in the not to distant future! Hang in there, it does get easier, and funnier!

  23. Sondra Strahl

    You guys have a beautiful family….your kids have the greatest eyes…love all you are doing,what I read and try has all been so…good keep up the good work if you can stay awake 🙂 Sondra

  24. Nicole

    I’m simultaneously cracking up and crying in agreement right now! Motherhood rocks & sucks depending on the moment in the day. Yes to everything you said! I will keep reading for eternity!:)

  25. Becky

    Ohhh! I think you and I share a life! 🙂 Thanks so much for your honesty! #sotrue
    Blake and Eddie are both just a few weeks apart from my 2 kiddos, and I work as well, so I definitely hear ya! We are in this together! Eating virtual nutella with you 🙂