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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie with a birthday cupcake

What a week, what a week!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I got together with a few girlfriends and we went to go see Live with Kelly and Ryan. Since they film just down the road, we walked over early one morning with our tickets and were front row audience members! Live TV is fascinating to me. I love how it all works together and it was interesting to see how close Gelman really is to them both and how he runs the show. The set is so much smaller than it looks on TV and us, the audience, is completely off center. I thought their desks would be in the center of the stage, but it is pushed way over to one side, so our seats, though front row, were not good because we were looking super far, off to one side. Also, Kelly wasn’t there and lets be honest, she’s the glue that holds that place together. It was a guest host. Womp womp. Ryan was nice though from the two times he talked to the audience. I’d totally go again, just because of the proximity and my fascination with television.

Floppy returned! Floppy is a stuffed dog that Blake has had since he was a baby. We lost him in the move and Blake has been on-again-off-again unhappy about it, so Gordon and I set out to find a new Floppy. We had no idea what the brand was or really any information about it since it was a gift from my sister-in-law. I texted her first asking about it and she couldn’t remember the store it was from, let alone that she gave him a stuffed dog for Christmas 5 years ago. Of course she couldn’t! I can’t remember what I got my own kids for Christmas this past year!

So I turned to google and amazon, trying to find something, anything that could help us find a new Floppy-dog. I even tried to google image search it, but it got us nowhere. Then came the really obscure ways to describe him to see if that would help and sure enough after 25 minutes of googling and scrolling through images, I FOUND FLOPPY. Where was floppy, you ask? On ebay! $23 later, he was on his way home. Blake was so surprised and since them, those two have been inseparable.

Saturday night, Gordon unexpectedly had to work late and I took the kids out for dinner because I didn’t want to cook and I was waiting for a grocery order. By the time it arrived, dinner time would have been long gone, so off we went to Chipotle. We love Chipotle!! Especially Eddie who devours their salads. He just mostly eats the rice and tomatoes with the occasional piece of lettuce, but that is a huge win in my book! And for those of you wondering, I get the chicken salad with brown rice, black beans, two scoops of pico (because ED), corn, cheese and the dressing. It is SO GOOD. You will thank me later!

One last thing definitely worth mentioning is our little Edward turned three this week! 3! We had a little party for him at home and I made cupcakes for a little celebration at school and he was just thrilled with it all! We got him his own nerf gun since he was consistently stealing Blake’s, a remote control car (from grandparents) and some of those magic coloring books where you have one marker that turns everything different patterns of blue. I will get around to posting all about our sweet baby of the family soon, but some of these cute pictures will just have to do in the mean time!

Eddie opening presents

A group of young children sitting at a table

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Two words: Polar Vortex. Its taking over my life. Ya’ll, stay inside and stay warm!

I will be testing new recipes this week and posting a few more new ones this week as well 🙂

I’m hoping Gordon will take me out on a date…its been a while and mama has a zillion new restaurants to try!

Brennan family walking to church

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6 Responses
  1. Mary Lotempio

    Times sure fly’s, it seems like just yesterday you were expecting Eddie, then he was this beautiful baby, a toddler, now he’s
    three, It went so fast I didn’t realize he was three yrs. old. Thank you for sharing your life and your wonderful family.

  2. Lena Boyd

    Oh how busy you all are and yet you found Floppy, so happy to read all this.( would love to see a picture of this famous favorite.)
    Thanks for sharing your week, I love seeing the pictures and reading about your adventures. Someday when you have the time, you should put all of them in a best seller book.
    Hoping you have the Date Night soon, you need a night out, just the two of you.
    Have a wonderful weekend..

  3. Courntey

    Happy belated birthday to Eddie, I just can’t get over how much older he looks. Maybe its the haircut. That is bummer that Kelly wasn’t there. I love dynamic she has with anyone she is sitting next too. Interesting that the audience isn’t center stage. Hopefully you’ll get good seats again next time. Stay warm in these temps, It can’t be easy in city . Don’t you love how your google description is the best way of finding something obscure. Have a great week.

  4. Jan

    I’m so happy for Blake, Floppy was able to come home! Eddie looked so happy celebrating 3!🎁. Those 3 years have certainly gone by quickly watching him grow as I watch from Arizona. I will be thinking and praying the Vortex will pass quickly. It was certainly hard for those we left back in Iowa! Have a great week!