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A whole lot of medicine this week….

Here’s what happened this past week:

I think the biggest, most note worthy thing that happened this week is we learned that Blake is allergic to Amoxicillin. At first I thought it was Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease because he started getting this rash on his feet hands and around his mouth. But when he woke up the next morning and we found that the spots were literally everywhere, we knew we were in for a different ball game. Gordon was able to take a sick day at work and take Blake to the doctor (while I stayed home sick). Turns out the ear infection + medicine he had the previous week was the culprit and all we needed to do was give him some Benadryl. Four days of Benadryl later and he’s mostly cleared up. Still has spots, but they are very pale and faded. I think two more days and he’ll have his regular smooth skin again. To me, an allergy just didn’t cross my mind because it showed up about 5 days after he started taking it. I thought allergic reactions are quicker?! But I guess not. It was the strangest thing. But we are so SO glad he doesn’t have hand, foot and mouth disease and grateful that things are all back to normal thanks to a few quick doses of Benadryl. 

I have been battling some sort of cold this past week that just won’t quit. It started out as nasal drip and a wicked sore throat, it switched to a heaviness in my chest, congestion and a pesky cough and now, we’re heading back to nasal drip. UGH. I’ve been trying to take all the medicine to keep me at a functioning level, but I’m borderline not functioning. I’m exhausted and feel hot, then cold, then hot, on repeat. I’ve tried (and failed) to take 3 naps this week in the afternoons while Eddie sleeps, but that boy is certainly fighting all his naps these days. He turns three and all of a sudden he wants to be a big boy. Heaven help me.

Blake at the doctors

Saturday night, I mustered up enough stamina (and drugs) for a last minute date. Gordon and I went out!! We ended up in the east village at a restaurant called Au Za’atar. The most amazing fresh pita and hummus everrrrrr. The pita was freshly made and warm and the hummus was slightly tangy and so so delicious! I could have just eaten that for the entire meal. Oh mama was it good. This restaurant has a viral video floating around about its shwarma and mountain of fries that come with and we did end up ordering it, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. But the hummus was totally worth the trek down there.

Gordon had to work Sunday which was the SuperBowl (zzzzzzz).  I was playing with Eddie on the floor having a good time when he ran into me head first and bonked me right on the bridge of my nose. I thought he broke my nose because I had an immediate terrible headache and could taste blood. I took medicine and iced my nose until Gordon got home to take a look at it. He said it didn’t look crooked, so instead of going to the doctor to get an x-ray like a normal human, I decided to wait it out because I thought I read somewhere that doctors can’t really fix a broken nose. Kinda dumb thinking about it in retrospect but whatever. Anyways, its been two days and my nose still definitely hurts, but I feel like its getting better. I think its just really really bruised. I can’t wear sunglasses because it hurts to rest them on the bridge of my nose and I can’t kiss my husband comfortably because his nose grazes my nose and that hurts too, but besides that I really do think its getting better. Haha! Time will tell. If its still giving me problems by Friday, I’ll take myself into see the doctor. OK FINE.

Lauren holding a pouting Eddie
Look at that pout!!
Coming up this next week:

Brooke is turning 10 on Friday!! Howww is this even possible? Also, I need to amazon prime some stuff to my house asap.

I WILL get better!! (Here’s to hoping)

Snow in the forecast this week too!! Finally.

A Valentine’s Day party for Eddie plus more school (which he has come to love!)

A scheduled hair cut for me…FINALLY!! Still debating how short to go.

Lauren holding Eddie
He’s trying so hard not to smile!! Funny boy.

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10 Responses
  1. Beth Cook

    My daughter turns 8 on Friday! Happy birthday Brooke! She is also my kid with an allergy. Her penicillin rash looked exactly like that. She got it on the last day of treatment. Weird right?!

  2. Courtney

    Oh poor Blake, glad to hear he is doing better and looked he was still smiling his way through, What a trooper. I hope you are feeling better this week. I feel like I have been fighting the same cold, I’m sure Eddie using you as a tackling dummy didn’t help your cause. I can’t believe Brooke is turning 10. Where has the time gone. Loving that last pic of you & Eddie. Those are the best expressions from kids. When they try to stay sad but can’t fight but to be happy.

  3. Kara

    Lauren – Amoxicillin rash can occur from simply taking the medicine and typically starts on the 5th day. Appearance of the rash does not always mean an allergy exists, but is a side effect of the drug in 5-10% of children. If you prefer to still be able to prescribe amoxicillin for your son in the future, then you may want to look into getting him tested for a true allergy. I am not a medical professional, but do work for a health care provider, so of course always trust the advice of your provider. I just wanted to share this information because my son developed a similar rash after 5 days or so of taking it with mono and it is very common with mono. Here is a link for you from a top primary care group:

  4. Judy

    I found out when I was fifty that I’m allergic to penicillin. Went To ER with swollen ears and lips. Same treatment for me. Then I was sitting in a board meeting a week later and lips started itching and swelling and ended up in hospital for three days. No spots like Blake. I sure hope this week goes better for you. Thank goodness for Amazon. Trying to shop for kids birthday while your sick is not fun. Didn’t have that when mine were little. Hard to believe Brooke will be in double digits. Days go slow and years fly by. I put you all in my prayers.

  5. Lena Boyd

    The children seem to be enjoying your wonderful weather. We in Michigan are having Ice Storm, hate it, makes it impossible to get around. Schools and many business’s are closed.
    It’s great Blake is all better, he looks so happy playing with Eddie.
    You my dear need to see your Doctor, Pneumonia is a stinker, many of us have it and don’t realize we do. Please regard my suggestion as intending to be helpful not bossy or interfering.

  6. Susan Crawford

    You’re an amazing Momma, hope you are feeling better. Time goes so fast raising our little ones, enjoy all the moments. Can’t wait for your hair reveal. I have an appointment tomorrow for mine too. Can’t wait.!

  7. Deb Wacker

    We found out my son was allergic to Penicillin when he was about 2. He broke in perfectly round purple spots all over his body. He had been on penicillin for an ear infection for about the third time and he got a diaper rash. It just kept getting worse. We always kept him clean so they didn’t know what was causing it. They finally figured it out when the big rash broke out all over his body and he was starting to have respiratory problems. They put him on Benadryl and it eventually cleared up. All of our medical providers have this in his file and he is aware of it. You may want to get him a medical bracelet that says “allergic to penicillin” and make sure his schools are aware of it also. Luckily that is not something they would typically prescribe in an emergency if something were to happen when you guys are not around. Our doctor said that it is an allergy that builds over time usually and the reaction gets stronger over time and they have no way to know how much of a dose would kill a person or how soon. Very frightening.