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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie sitting with a Valentines box

Birthdays and hair cuts galore!!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I can’t believe it but Brooke turned 10 this past week! How do I have a 10 year old? It doesn’t feel like I just gave birth to her, but it certainly doesn’t feel like 10 years ago either. We were originally going to take her out to dinner to her favorite restaurant but she ended up wanting to stay in and order Domino’s Pizza. There are so many amazing pizza restaurants in the city and she chose Domino’s. I don’t understand. Regardless, we got her Domino’s and she was able to open up her gifts. Gordon also got a half day and took her to the Lego 2 Movie right after school which was a fun surprise for her. I think it was a great day for her and she is thrilled to be one year older.

I took Eddie to a cute little Valentines Party for his little class of preschoolers. It was the sweetest thing seeing them all exchange valentines. We decorated valentines boxes, played in the big gym area, did an alphabet game, walked around in a Valentine Parade and ate lots of candy! Ed is so cute playing and chatting with and about his friends. He is learning and growing into the biggest little boy ever! Still find it hard to believe that he wasn’t talking a year ago. 

Blake’s hair was looking a little shaggy, so I gave him a quick trim over the weekend. I really like owning clippers and using the guides to just cut my kids’ hair when its convenient for me. Both my boys used to freak out about the feeling of the clippers so taking them to an actual barber was not a realistic thing. Also figuring out schedules and hair cuts is annoying to me, so I just do it at home. After several cuts, I think I’m getting pretty good at it. Blake has two cowlicks that swirl towards each other at the back of his head that make those hairs stick up, so trimming those hairs can get tricky, but I got it figured out, nearly two years in. Ha!

Brooke and Gordon at the movie theater

Speaking of hair cuts, I got a big trim on Friday, cutting about 5 inches off! What a difference getting rid of those dead ends makes! My hair feels so much healthier now! If you have any heat protectant spray that you use and love (that doesn’t leave a residue on the curling iron or straightener) please let me know! I want my ends to feel as fresh as they do now all the time.

Brooke also got a ton of hair chopped off and she couldn’t be happier about it. I’m not sure how I feel because I loved the french braids I could do to pull her hair out of her face, but she wanted it chopped so it got chopped. I can still do smaller braids, but she loves having it down for now. Sooo, to each her own.

I still was so sick with my cold this entire week, coughing like a mad woman and blowing my nose constantly. It was very very slowly getting better as the week went on, but it felt like everything was moving at a snail’s pace. I think I’m nearly nearly there. Maybe three more days and I’ll feel normal again.

Blake and Eddie on the couch
I spy our beloved Floppy on the couch with Blake!
Here’s what is happening this week:

We are getting ready for vacation! We leave on Saturday so will have to grab a few extra sunnies, sun screen and possibly shorts for our growing kids. Can’t wait to get to the Bahamas!!

No more birthdays this week, haha!

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday I think, so that’s fun.

I hope to be completely healthy by Friday, just in time for vacation. Cross your fingers! I’m nearly there, but still have a pesky cough and running nose.

Valentine’s Day is this week and we have zero plans. How romantic! Maybe I could find a sitter.

Blake’s Kindergarten class is celebrating 100 days of school and I have to come up with 100 non-food items and display them on a board. Lucky me.

I think that’s it for now. Hope you all are healthier than me! Have a great week!

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11 Responses
  1. Cyndie

    How about 100 fun shaped noodles (they are easy to hang onto to glue and they stay glued). 100 pieces of rice can very easily be scattered on a one inch square of glue on colored paper. 100 pieces of rice looks like hardly any rice.. 100 paper clips, or froot loops or other cereal, 100 Pom poms, 100 candy hearts or other candy, 100 pieces of popped or Unpopped popcorn. 100 small stickers, 100 buttons, 100 goldfish crackers. Buy a 100 piece puzzle at the dollar store put it together and then glue. Cut pipe cleaners into smaller pieces and glue 100 pieces. 100 paper hearts glued on one long string or piece of yarn. Soooo many ideas!!

  2. Sue

    For that pesky cough, I use Robitussin Long Acting Cough Gels. I love them!!!! They will stop your cough and last 8 hours. I usually get them at CVS or Rite-Aid. They also have the store brand which is called Tussin Cough Gels. No liquids to bother with when you fly and they don’t make you drowsy. Last time I needed them CVS and the grocery store were out which makes me think my secret is out so I ordered from Amazon Prime. Take 2 every 8 hours and you will be so happy not coughing your head off. Toss them
    in your bag when you go on vacation, even if I’m not sick when I leave home, I would rather have them available in my purse. There is only 20 in a bottle so I buy a couple at a time and dump them together. Plenty of room and no running out.