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This Week at the Brennans’

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Brennan Family

Another crazy one for the books!

Here’s what happened this past week:

On Monday evening, Brooke and a group of her friends (and the mom’s) all headed to Serendipity to say goodbye to one of their friends. She and her family are leaving NYC so we wanted the gather the girls together one last time. Brooke had never been to Serendipity, so we got the frozen hot chocolate to share and it was just as tasty as I remembered! 

Way back in September, I signed up to be the mystery reader in Blake’s classroom. The email went out about signing up, I clicked on the link a few hours later and already ALL the spots for the first five months of the year were filled. Pretty sure I grabbed the third last spot, but good for me for making it happen. And lemmetellyou, it was all worth it when I walked in and truly surprised Blake, so much so that his jaw first hit the floor, then turned into a big smile and then he came running to give me a hug. It was the cutest thing. He was so surprised! I read the book Pigs by Robert Munsch. (All the Munsch books are in our library collection because they are ones I grew up reading. No one in Blake’s class had heard of the book before which I was thrilled about.) 

The children’s school celebrated their 100th day of school, which meant fun for me putting together Blake’s project/collection of 100 things late the night before. Wheee! Blake chose Legos, so I found some mini plastic bags that we filled with the random pieces and then hot glued those to a poster board. I had a cute sign made for the top too, but my printer is a real jerk sometimes and decides not to work. So, I just wrote it out onto the board and sent him on his way to school. 

Eddie and Blake with a school project

We finally *finally* had some snow in the forecast! Didn’t last long on the ground, but man oh man was it fun to see my kids excited for that! Eddie in his boots pointing to everyone saying very loudly “Snow! Snow!” and Brooke and Blake routing for a snow day. They must not realize that the majority of kids that attend their school are within a 2 block radius. Nonetheless, it was nice to get a little snow this winter. So many cities are getting snow and lots of it, (especially our family and friends in Oregon!) but we remain mostly snow-less. I don’t mind it at all because that means I’m able to push my stroller down the street easily. Maybe this means we’ll just glide into spring quicker?! Probably not. 

Valentine’s Day was also this week and I simply bought a little chocolate heart for each child and a stuffed animal. Gordon didn’t get me anything because once he got home, the line for the flower shop was super long. He said “I would have gotten you flowers, but because the line was so long, I thought you’d prefer me to just come home earlier.” And that is exactly right. Being married 11 years has its perks slash completely has lowered our standards. Haha! Things that used to bother me just don’t bother me anymore and for that I’m grateful. I got him a few Reese’s hearts which basically equates to his love language.

In between the school projects, doctors appointments and general craziness that is my life this week, I was trying find summer clothes in the middle of winter because we are/were going to be leaving for a warm, tropical vacation on Saturday. The effort was rather fruitless, so I ended up grabbing what I could find in New York and then stopping off at a Target in Florida in hopes I could find summer dresses and shorts that didn’t make my butt fall out the bottom. Literally straight from the airport, we drove to Target at 11pm at night. Brooke and I spent 45 minutes running around filling up our cart, grabbing all those extras we couldn’t find at home. We made it to the hotel at 12:30am Sunday morning and were all dead asleep by 1am. 

Brooke with a milkshake

Sunday we had a fabulous breakfast and swam at the most glorious pool at the Ritz Carleton in Orlando and then took a leisurely drive down to Cape Canaveral to board our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas (which is where I’m typing this from.) This next week will be us on vacation with limited wifi and tons of family time which is just how I like it. Gordon and I work crazy schedules, him 8-11 hours during the day and me, random hours through the day and then usually into the night. It’s so nice to feel like we can actually rest from our worries and cares and troubles. New York City certainly can get under our skin because from time to time it still doesn’t feel like home, (more so for Gordon than for me) but when we get away all together and are able to focus on our family relationships, things don’t seem so bad 🙂

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

More relaxing and trying to not get burned. Ever since Gordon and my trip to Aruba, we’ve been using this sunscreen and swear by it. It works so so well. We came back from Aruba just as pasty white as when we had left.

We are headed to a few more islands in the Bahamas and then heading back to Orlando before heading back home to reality. Man, was this a fun lead up to this trip but man its going to suck arriving back in the cold again.

Hope you are all having a great week! xo

Gordon and the kids on a plane

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8 Responses
  1. Shannon

    Snow day! That would be amazing for your kiddos. I live just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and our kids have not missed a day of school even with the temperatures being -35 degrees celcius and a windchill making it feel liike -45 degrees celcius. The kids just get stuck in school with no outside recess. This is the third week of bad temps. Although it is supposed to be -4 celcius on Tuesday, Feb. 19 but still feel like -18. The kids are jumping for joy.