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Lauren and Gordon

Holy vacation guacamole!

Here’s what happened this past week:

We left for the sunny Bahamas last Saturday and arrived in Florida late that night. I ran into Target at 11pm for a quick (1 hour) trip with Brooke while the boys napped in the car. We made extra space in our suitcases for all the stuff I was planning on buying! Ha! By the time we got settled into the hotel room, it was 1am and we all fell into bed. The next morning, we had a killer breakfast and swam our morning away. Our kids are water babies after all! After that, we packed up and headed for Cape Canaveral to board our ship. 

We ended up doing a Bahamian Disney Cruise and it was the best thing ever! Everything, including the kids club for all three of my kids, is included in the price of the trip. So we were able to drop all three kids off to be watched so Gordon and I could either work out, sleep or eat without having the kids around. And that is the beauty of a Disney cruise. (I’m sure there are lots of amazing cruise lines out there, but we just have experience with Disney.)

The dinners were probably all of our favorite parts of being on the ship because our servers were the freaking bomb. Tiana’s was our favorite by far (mainly because of the beignets). Castaway Cay was our favorite port for the entire family just because its so easy! Easy to walk off the boat and right onto the beach. The food is right there (and included), float rentals were nearby too and the water was beautifully warm. We loved it last time and thoroughly enjoyed it again this time. Edward especially loved digging in the sand, then running back to the water, then back to the sand. That boy could play for hours!

Brooke with braids

The last night of the cruise, things were a little rocky and I got super nauseous as I was packing up our bags to get off the ship the next morning. Gordon took the older two out while I put Edward to bed and then packed but had such a hard time near the end because I wanted to hurl. I don’t recall ever being on a cruise where it rocked so badly. (Not that it was TERRIBLY stormy outside…just my body was revolting.) I got the packing done and went straight to bed to put myself out of my own misery.

Once we got off the ship, we loaded back into our rental car, went to visit the Orlando Temple, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch (because YUM)  and then checked into our hotel for the next night. I am so glad we didn’t rush this trip! We took an extra day to get to Florida and we took an extra day after our cruise to just take it easy. And lemme tell you, the Four Seasons at Walt Disney World is the freaking bomb dot com. They have splash pads, water slides, a lazy river and kiddie water slides. We could go from pool to pool all together as a family. It was so much fun! I think we spent about 4-5 hours that afternoon pool hopping because it was so fun. I told Blake I would buy him a new lego set if he put his face in the water and he said no! Then we upped the ante and said lego set plus ice cream and still he said no. Womp womp. Better luck next time.

Our flight home was pretty easy breezy and actually getting the Uber was particularly quick as well. Way to go Newark. From walking off the plane to grabbing our bags to getting into the car was mayyyybe 30 minutes total? It was really great.

But nothing takes you off of your vacation cloud 9 than getting home to a mouse-infested house. We found droppings everywhere and a live one scampering around like he owned the joint. Damn city rodents. So that was fun to clean up. Our super came over that night and plugged up some holes he found under the kitchen cabinets where the mice had chewed their way in. We’ll see if they hold but I’m just about ready to move. I know mice are pretty common for the city but not for this girl. Can I just opt out of the whole mouse thing? I’m kind of in a “wake me up when its over.” kind of state. Ugh.

So, that’s where we’re at currently…still wishing we were on vacation.

Gordon and Eddie outside of the temple

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Playdates galore for Brooke and Blake. I’ve really dropped the ball in the playdate department this school year, so I’m making up for it this week 🙂 Lucky them.

I’m hoping to get a date in with Gordon soon, but not sure we can make it happen this week. Cross your fingers we can find a sitter who’s available!

And I’ll be testing lots of recipes this week because the forecast says it’ll be just a little cloudy, so here’s to hoping for more sun this week!

people walking down a path lined with palm trees

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13 Responses
  1. Lily Medina

    ho when you cook do you sing normally i just put some music on or i make sure music is running throw my head but u know i am just a kid so it always works

  2. Adriana Sanguily

    There’s nothing quite like Disney. We did the Bahaminian Disney Cruise in Decemeber and booked our 2020 cruise before we even got off the ship 🙂 We’re heading to Hawaii in June and just had to stay at Aulani. and then heading to WDW in October. Once you do Disney, there’s no going back to any other way.

  3. Lynn

    I’m happy to hear fun was had by all. There’s nothing better than dropping the kiddos off and having grownup time!! It sounds like you had a true vacation!

    As far as the mice go (not the Mickey or Minnie type) I swear by “green bait block” it’s bird seed, held together in block form by something green & peanut butter. We had them so badly when the lot next door was mowed down. (Running amok all hours day or night). I put 1/2” cube of the block wherever I saw droppings, under cabinets, behind shelves in drawers. I had cats, (WHY??? one of them sat and WATCHED THE MICE run around the house, stupid cat) and had to keep the poison away from them. Within 24 hours I was rodent free 😊

  4. Lori

    What a fun trip! UGH So sorry about the meeses-mouses. I guess on the bright side at least they are not rats? Ok that probably didn’t help!! Are you allowed to have pets….maybe get a cat?

  5. Paula Hayden

    We went on the Disney dream a few years back. I have never forgotten. About a dessert I had called the grand Marnier soufflé. Some day I am going to make it

  6. Rachel

    I had a mouse problem in my Jersey City apartment, right after my son was born, and they did the same thing, just waltzed around like I wasn’t even there. It was horrible. A few tips that worked for us:
    1. ensure you have a door sweep on your front door. Some of ours actually came in from the hallway, under our front door. Ew!
    2. I rubbed peppermint oil all over everything and placed soaked cotton balls in small dishes around our beds. Apparently they don’t like the smell.
    3. I bought noise emitting plug-ins that supposedly help keep them away.

    Usually they come out when there’s construction being done. I hope you get rid of them soon! I’m still traumatized from that experience!

  7. Jerissa Clifton

    Check these out for your mouse problem. I work at a college and my department is occupying an older house. We had a mouse problem in one of the bathrooms. Not any more!!!

  8. Susan Crawford

    What a fun Cruise, We have loved getting spoiled on them. Ugh Mice, we got infested once when they developed the open fields behind our house. Those little suckers ran south to my house, needless to say I spent a day washing clothes,dishes, sanitizing everything in the house. Hope you got those bad boys. Definitely get those date nights scheduled!!!

  9. Courtney

    Glad to hear you had a great trip. There is nothing worse than feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. I am in your camp with the mouse thing. I am not a fan keep them outside and away from me, thank you very much. I can’t believe that Blake loves the water but won’t put his face in, even when you bribed him. That usually always works. Good luck with recipe testing this week. We are supposed to get snow tonight, Why has it waiting until the end of February to start snowing? I’ll take some of that warm weather your had last week. 🙂

  10. Amy Tong

    What a fun vacation! Disney sure knows how to run their cruise lines. We went a few years ago and loved it so much. Reading your post made me wanna go again! 😊 So sorry to hear about the mouse situation. That’s horrible and scary! On a lighter note, I can’t wait to see what recipes you whip up this week! 😋