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This Week at the Brennans’

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Eddie and Blake looking out the window

Hi friends! What a busy busy week!

Here’s what happened this past week:

I think the biggest news that happened this week is that we moved into a new apartment because I’m pregnant with another baby! Whaaaat? Yes, the move and our pregnancy were announced this week on social media to you, my lovely readers.

Once we found out we were pregnant about 2 1/2 months ago, we started seriously looking for a new apartment to rent, though I’m always looking because I love real estate. Our lease was going to expire for our old apartment in April, so we wanted to be ahead of the ball and not feel stuck or pushed into renewing that lease again, especially because it would definitely not fit 4 children.

About a month ago, we stumbled across this apartment we eventually decided to rent. We met with our realtor who was going to show us a different unit. After looking at that unit and telling him about what we were looking for (3 kids, baby on the way, blah blah blah) he brought us down to a different unit that he thought would better suit us. Turns out he was right on the money. It was double the size of the other apartment we were looking at renting for only a few hundred dollars more. Plus he said the owner was wanting to rent it quickly so even though the asking price was $X, he would accept *this much* under asking. And also it was a no fee rental, saving us thousands! So we offered what the realtor told us to and got approved within 24 hours. It was amazing.

Brennan family

Our apartment is a four bedroom, three bath, 1700 square foot beauty. Newly renovated with a washer and dryer and microwave!! Yes, we finally have a microwave again 🙂 This is basically double what we had in our last apartment, not to mention new and nice and lovely.

Fast forward to us signing the new lease a few weeks ago and us packing and prepping to move all last week…all unbeknownst to you. Mwahaha.

We moved in Saturday morning/afternoon and have been unpacking boxes and cleaning and organizing ever since.

I’m working room by room and just finished the kitchen and playroom (yes, we have room for a playroom!) Brooke has her own room completely unpacked and organized with adjoining bathroom which she is just over the moon about.

We do have to order more furniture because all our living room furniture went straight down to the playroom. And, we need to order a queen bed because our king wouldn’t fit in our new bedroom. So, Gordon and I have different tastes and are indecisive people because furniture is expensive so we’ll get lucky if we can get this place furnished before the baby is born. Ha! We are currently sleeping on our sleeper sofa in the basement.

As soon as we get things where we want them, we will be sure to do a full tour when the time comes 🙂 I just hope that’s sooner than later.

So that was the big news this past week!

Eddie scooting down the sidewalk

Here’s what is coming up this next week:

Brooke and Blake start their new after school programs. Blake is so excited to start cooking! And Brooke says she’s excited but nervous for her running program. Of course, I expect them to just fly through these programs no problem.

We will also we hopefully find a bed frame and dining table this week too. Ha! Baby steps.

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20 Responses
  1. Vanessa James

    I want to print the recipe for the kitchen sink rice bake and cannot get it to come up to print. Can you email it to me so I can print. Thank you, Vanessa

  2. Courtney

    So excited for you guys, also did I read that you have a upstairs or is it a basement? You must be so excited for 2 floor living. Hopefully the furniture shopping goes well. Did Blake and Brooke have to switch schools? It didn’t sound like it. Also Brooke having her own room and adjoining bathroom, my childhood dream 😀 congrats on the baby/move/more space.

  3. Claudette

    So happy about the baby. . Such awesome news!! I have been following you since Brooke was a baby… I really enjoy your blog and your Instagram … it will be so fun to see pictures of your new home .. I was also so dismayed to hear you say that you’re getting hateful comments, I truly don’t understand what is going on😞 I follow several beautiful family blogs and Instagrams and they are saying the same thing!! If people don’t like what you’re doing, saying or showing. … then why do they follow you or other accounts that they don’t like… I don’t get it … just know there’s lots of us that do enjoy and appreciate all that you do and the effort that it takes💖

  4. Julie Taylor

    Excited for you. Have followed you for awhile and you seem to manage well. Congratulations on your #4 baby. 💕 always love to see your pictures.

  5. Bonnie

    I’m so happy for you and your family plus a new baby. I do not know how you do all that you do.I will be looking forward to seeing the new apartment .

  6. Hilary Daly

    Congratulations on all your exciting news! Thanks for sharing. Hope all goes really well for you all. 1700 sq ft apartment!!! In Ireland 1700 is a mansion 🤣. Look forward to photos.

  7. ChristyL

    I seriously want to live in the City! Maybe in 8yrs when I retire. My husband has been itching to get back there. Until then, I’m living vicariously through you. Congratulations on your new apt and baby B!

  8. Lori

    Oh my gosh the new apartment sounds fabulous!! So happy you were able to find it and everything worked out good! And super exciting about the new baby!!

    1. Lauren

      So, in order to rent an apartment in New York City, you have to work with a realtor. Most properties require you to pay the realtor a fee (usually 1-2 months rent) for helping you find the apartment. This apartment was a “no fee” which meant there was no realtor fee, therefore saving us lots of money 🙂