This Week at the Brennans’

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Lauren and Gordon

Here’s what happened this past week:

We are settling nicely into our new apartment 🙂 Still have mayybbeee 5 boxes left that we just don’t know where to put so we haven’t unpacked them. It’s like the stuff you don’t want to throw out because at some point you will need it, but currently you do not need it. Travel pillows, large headphones, decorations, miscellaneous first aid stuff, etc. etc.. Currently these boxes are just in our empty living room because Gordon and I have yet to go out together to find the couch of our dreams for the living room. I think I have the sitting chairs, rug and photos for the wall picked out, I just need to pull the trigger on a couch. One day he won’t work late and the babysitter will be available so we can go the the freaking store to sit our little booties down to find a couch. But until then, we are loving the wide open space for running back and forth.

This past week, we got our new queen mattress, new bed frame, new dining table and IKEA dresser delivered (which took literally 6 hours to put together). I also found a good solution for our entry way to get all the shoes and coats off the ground for the time being. I still want to get a bench and hooks for the wall but I’m still deciding between four different benches and two different kinds of wall hooks, all of which are currently in my amazon cart. I’m so indecisive with this kind of stuff because it is totally not my thing. A part of me wants to care, but then the other part of me is like “oh well”. Does anyone know a good designer who could just do this all for me? Pretty please? Haha!

I got my office finally set up (mostly). Internet! Desk! Computer! Filing Cabinet! Gangs all here 🙂 Our new apartment has room for an office so I’ll be able to put my head down and work during the day while kids are at school and more importantly at night. Being able to close a door is so important, so I am thrilled with this new set up 🙂

On Tuesday, my friend Amanda snatched some tickets to go see Jimmy Fallon and so her husband and my husband skipped work so we could all go together. It was so so much fun! Gordon really wanted to go but was unsure of whether or not he’d be able to get out of work, but his boss was in a GREAT mood when he asked, so it was a super fun day date. We attended the taping with Julia Louis Dreyfus which ended up being amazing because one of Gordon’s favorite shows is Seinfeld. The only thing better than Julia Louis Dreyfus would have been Jerry Seinfeld himself. But, for Christmas I got him tickets to actually see Jerry Seinfeld in April, so he can’t be too mad about that.

Pregnancy wise, things have been trekking right along. I can’t believe how many ultrasounds and blood tests I’ve had so far for this little baby, but hey, any excuse to see this little one I’ll take! Not sure if it’s a New York thing or an age thing, but as long as my insurance is covering XYZ, I’ll take it all! Baby is super healthy, doesn’t appear to have any signs of problems and is as perfect as can be. At my last appointment, my doctor even said “what a model fetus”. So that’s fun. I continue to be amazed at how simple this pregnancy has been. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight, all in my thighs and boobs (much to the delight of my husband) and I can feel the small little baby in my tummy so things are getting real. I’ve noticed that my blood volume really picks up steam after week 10 because all of my veins become more obvious and prominent, so that’s another few pounds. A part of me is really bothered that my body gains weight in all these awkward and uncomfortable places, but thankfully I’ve been through this three times before and I know the process my body goes through. I’ll get pretty large in nine months, but after having the baby will also shrink right back again.

I’ve purchased a few maternity shirts and still wear my normal workout pants or leggings I have. I tried getting a few maternity pairs of pants, but they just weren’t flattering so I sent them back. I will most likely just stick with leggings for the next six months. Once summer hits, I’ll find a few t-shirt dresses and call it good. Meh. Things will be fine.

Kids on hardwood ground
I love this photo! Gordon stayed back with the movers and I walked the kids over to the new apartment before they showed up with all our stuff. Kind of gives you a view of just how large our new space is. Seriously so lucky to have found this gem.
Here’s what is happening this next week:

Maybe we’ll find a couch? Maybe unlikely but whatever.

More Easter recipes! Mainly the best ham glaze recipe. Man, do I love ham. And potatoes. That might be the pregnancy talking actually.

I have to renew Blake’s passport this week so we can get it back in time to travel to Canada for Easter. I’ve heard conflicting reports about crossing the border with passports that are about to expire, so we’re hopefully going to get it back in time. Fingers crossed! I almost don’t want to get rid of it because the photos is so darn cute from when he was a baby.

There’s a new restaurant a few blocks away I’ve never noticed and I’m hoping Gordon and I will be able to slip away one night before he has to leave for a work trip on Wednesday. Also unlikely, but a girl can dream.

Gordon pushing the stroller with Blake and Eddie

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12 Responses
  1. Deb Wacker

    I craved (and I mean almost daily) fried potatoes and onions when I was pregnant. Yum! Glad you’re doing good and your apartment looks great.

  2. Autumn

    Ohh your apartment is SO pretty!! Also, they shouldn’t take away the passport, they’ll just punch some holes in it. When I applied for my passport card, I made sure they would give it back to me because it was my college time passport and I traveled so much.

  3. Shelly

    As long as you are not flying Blake really doesn’t need a passport to cross the border. Passports are required when a child turns 18. You would just need his birth certificate. It might depend which border you are at but my brother-in-law uses his expired passport to go to and from Canada, he has never had a problem. But I completely understand wanting to be prepared so the border is as stress free as possible.

  4. Elizabeth Hanson

    You will get the old passport back with a little hole punched through. I love my kids’ baby passport pictures 😆

  5. Lori Cadmus

    Great space!! Considering how small most NYC places are, you have totally scored big with this one! Perfect for your growing family. Hope you get out to try the new restaurant and be sure to let us know how it is! My son is on the upper west side and we are always looking for new places to dine when i visit.

  6. Jenna

    Blake doesn’t need a passport to cross into Canada just a birth certificate (unless your flying) you can drive across with a birth certificate!

  7. Shelli Bender

    So excited for your new place! It’s beautiful! I just moved myself from sunny California to beautiful Vermont. Can seriously get twice the house for less amount!
    Curious what you use on your hardwood floors? Whole new game for me. I have animals instead of kids (kids are grown and the only reason I moved to Vermont lol)
    Enjoy your new place ♥️

  8. Amanda

    Hope you share more photos of your new place!! Gotta love that weight gain too. I am just as many weeks along as you (with #5) and I dont even dare step on the scale but I do know I’ll be dragging my maternity bins out shortly,eek!

  9. Barbara DeNault

    I’m glad that I get your website every day. Love your stories on you and your family. Enjoy your new home. I live in NC but I am from upstate NY. I lived 20 miles from West Point. Praying that you have a safe delivery when it is time.

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